9 creative business enterprise Profile Examples to inspire You [Templates]

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What do your clients honestly recognise approximately you?

Do they recognise which you sell products and have a website? That’s now not sufficient to build a logo identity that resonates with consumers and establishes your emblem as the right desire.

within the digital world, an impactful first influence could make you stand out a number of the significant quantity of content material obtainable. Being memorable is hard, but really worth it in case you want a emblem in order to resonate with clients, colleagues, and buyers.

folks who discover you on line want to recognize approximately your corporation’s task, vision, and, of direction, how you can assist them remedy their issues.

how will you ensure that they have got all that facts at their fingertips? Nicely, a company profile is the best device for the task.

In this text, we will speak:

A corporation profile serves a couple of functions , and two of its primary purposes are to attract buyers for funding possibilities and to connect to the customers.

Why employer Profiles are important

organization profiles pass a step beyond the standard “approximately” page. They percentage how your organisation were given commenced — and why you still serve customers.

right here are a number of the motives why having a agency profile is essential:

1. A business enterprise profile differentiates your emblem.

A corporation profile describes what makes your corporation specific. It robotically differentiates your emblem due to the fact no different organization has the exact identical founding tale and motive for existing that your business does. Your records and values are necessary components of your logo positioning strategy, and a employer profile is wherein you may mention this records with out it feeling extraneous or out-of-region.

2. A company profile can also justify a better fee factor.

you can justify a higher fee factor on your services and products, if you pass into information about your production values or ethically-sourced materials.

for example, Starbucks’ espresso may not be necessarily higher than Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee, however because Starbucks is going into details about its extraordinary substances, it right now creates the feel that you’ll be paying a touch more for a “better” product.

3. A enterprise profile builds your popularity.

What do you want your company to be regarded for?Is your company the one that began as a small own family-owned store then grew into one billion-greenback corporation? Or is it a organisation that upholds sustainability and places ethics at the leading edge of its emblem? You could build your popularity thru advertising, service, and sales campaigns, however all of it begins with a properly-curated first influence.

Now which you recognize the significance of a business enterprise profile, it’s time to learn how to write one. Developing a company profile doesn’t ought to be nerve-wracking. In reality, it could be truthful given the right steerage.

here are 10 steps to guide you on how to write your enterprise profile.

1. State the purpose of the organization profile.

this is the most crucial component whilst writing an effective agency profile. You need to ensure that the announcement aligns with what you are attempting to accomplish. As an instance, in case your intention is to draw buyers, you may encompass:

  • Your business’s performance
  • The price of the goods you sell
  • The company’s sales

however, if you need to draw customers, it is high-quality to feature the agency values for your profile.

The cause of a organisation profile should act as your manual for the duration of the procedure, so take a while on it.

2. Determine on the format or style.

how you gift your profile considerably impacts how successful it’s miles. It’s critical that the style offers outstanding clarity and encourages the audience to interact with it.

This depends to your audience – for instance, it’s quality to paste to the conventional layout for an accounting company. This is, list the company’s achievements and awards.

then again, if you’re in a style or social media advertising and marketing company, it’s advisable to be creative and visual.

do not be afraid to test or cross wild with your ideas as long as they resonate with your audience.

three. Tell your story & be actual.

There are possibly one million different groups that promote what you’re promoting, however nobody else shares your tale. Your tale is what makes you particular. Don’t just write numbers and dates; permit your potentialities recognise who you genuinely are. Be vulnerable and inform them why you commenced your business.

What inspired you? Percentage the horrific and the good – it would not should be glamorous. It simplest has to be authentic.

4. Upload your organization’s task declaration.

in case you don’t have a challenge statement, it is time to craft one. Writing a challenge declaration to your company isn’t always as scary because it sounds, and there is no need to overthink about it. You best need to invite your self those 3 questions:

  • Who you serve – this is your goal purchaser
  • How do you do it – what services or products do you provide to clear up their troubles?
  • What makes you special – why ought to your consumers buy from you or accept as true with you over your competition?

five. Write your corporation’s history.

This desires to be in chronological order; otherwise, it’s going to confuse your readers. You may do it in a paragraph or a timeline format, as long because it indicates a drift.

another tip to have in mind is that, “much less is greater”. As tempting as it is to proportion all your milestones, keep on with the major ones to avoid overwhelming the reader.

6. Describe the goods and offerings you provide.

the subsequent step is to describe what your company offers. You could select some of your pleasant products or services and provide an in-intensity description or absolutely listing down the entirety your business offers.

7. Name the awards your company has received.

if you have received any awards or recognition, add them in your profile and describe them. They show off your enterprise’s values and provide the network a motive to trust you.

eight. Add your consumer’s testimonials.

Your customers may additionally take the entirety you assert with a grain of salt, however they may agree with different customers who’ve used your products.

this is an awesome manner to promote your commercial enterprise while not having your products or services come off as difficult-sell.

in case you’re a B2C business, surely encompass some of your purchaser’s nice charges, tied along with your great cost merchandise. If you’re a B2B enterprise, have a testimonial from the most prominent customer for your profile.

9. Include a name to action.

This isn’t always obligatory, however it’s a pleasant contact for your business enterprise’s profile. What do you want the readers to do after analyzing the profile? Visit your branch, check out your website, or call you? Absolutely encompass it at the end of your profile. This brings us to our closing step.

10. Upload your corporation’s touch statistics.

this is one of the maximum crucial parts of the enterprise profile. Encompass all the possible approaches your possibilities can attain you. This could include however is not constrained to; social media profiles, website, smartphone number, fax, email, and a bodily cope with.

ensure it is seen to every body who reads your organisation profile.

enterprise evaluation Template

Now that we’ve got gone via all of the essential steps you need to create a organisation profile, it is time to place all that into action. Here is a simple organization overview template to help you get started out.

Our story

[Company name] was founded in [Year], and we’ve achieved a lot over the years. To create a international wherein [ the solution your business solves] has always been our aim.

Our Founder and CEO [Name] was stimulated to begin this company by using [ one or two sources of inspiration].

At [Company Name], we inspire our network to [ a positive statement related to your brand].

Meet our crew

[Photo] [Name] [Job Title]

[Photo] [Name] [Job Title]

[Photo] [Name] [Job Title]

Our mission, imaginative and prescient & Values


Our intention is to provide our clients with the quality [ service or product] on the high-quality viable market charge without compromising nice.

imaginative and prescient

To be the maximum dependable [ service or product] issuer and decorate [what your product or service does].

center values

[List your company’s core values]

What Our clients are saying

[Insert customer’s testimonials]

touch facts


website URL

Social Media Pages

cellular range

enterprise Profile Examples

1. Starbucks

Company Profile Examples: Starbucks

Starbucks’ organization profile has it all — the employer’s venture, historical past tale, products, shop atmosphere, and even folklore concerning the call. Pleasant of all, they by some means manipulate to tug off sounding each true and grandiose. I do not know many different espresso stores that might declare that their task is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit.”

Starbucks’ organization profile is a amazing instance of a store with a common family product, which is coffee. Starbucks controlled to stand out from the competition via their undertaking and values.

2. Wales Bonner

Company profile example: Wales Bonnerif your corporation has an interesting and intellectual history, you would possibly keep in mind growing a organization profile like Wales Bonner’s. The profile reads like an essay from the first actual line — “informed by huge studies encompassing critical concept, musical composition, literature and history .WALES BONNER embraces a multiplicity of views, featuring a wonderful perception of luxurious, through a hybrid of ecu and Afro-Atlantic techniques.”

After sharing the emblem’s highbrow heritage, it describes the owner’s adventure in building the enterprise, beginning from the time she become a university scholar. With an awesome balance of photo and textual content, the timeline serves as a reminder of Wales Bonner’s balance and boom.

3. Diehl group Architects

Company profile example: Diehl Group ArchitectsFor both cleanliness and ease-of-use, test Diehl organization Architects’ enterprise profile. The web page makes use of clickable bins to split topics, permitting customers to choose which challenge they’d want to research extra approximately. Moreover, the entire design — together with the page’s heritage, which displays a ground-plan — mirrors the organization’s purpose.

four. Bloomberg

Company profile example: Bloomberg

almost 9 out of ten human beings file wanting to see more films from brands, so that you may don’t forget the use of a compelling video to carry your employer’s tale, like Bloomberg does in their organisation profile.

Bloomberg’s profile proves the enterprise knows its audience, due to the fact they provide some quick records, after which link to other areas of the web page, consisting of Careers and Tech. At the same time as other organizations would possibly do nicely in imparting a innovative, lengthy-shape story, Bloomberg’s common demographic is possibly greater analytical.

five. Nike

Company profile example: Nikeyou can get a sense of Nike’s primary purposes nearly instantly — health and people. While you first open their enterprise profile, you are greeted with movies of people of different a long time, gender, and nationalities playing sports.

additionally, their preliminary introduction is this: “bring notion and innovation to every athlete* inside the world.” The asterisk implies, “when you have a body, you are an athlete.” As you scroll, you may see data on their inner range and inclusion initiative, their international community impact, and their sustainable business program, with very little point out of their merchandise.

Nike’s corporation profile portrays a larger, grander imaginative and prescient, compelling an audience to agree with of their brand even earlier than they purchase a product.

6. Seattle Cider

Company profile example: Seattle CiderSeattle Cider employer’s profile is minimal and engages the consumer through compelling animations that exhibit the organization’s cider choice. The page flows seamlessly, and presents crucial facts concerning the product earlier than displaying the business enterprise’s mission and values. This profile is a great instance of a organisation that is aware its customers’ concerns (in this case, best components), and addresses the ones troubles whilst nonetheless showing persona and aptitude.

7. Delta

Company profile example: Delta

Delta’s page is properly-prepared by way of topic, and showcases the enterprise’s values, together with efforts to engage with the community and sell sustainability. They have got covered quick meta-descriptions underneath every class. The design allows for users to click-via if they need to research extra. Common, Delta’s enterprise profile is straightforward and uncluttered, however consists of all of the important facts to demonstrate why Delta is precise.

eight. Roam Loud

Company profile example: Roam LoudDo you have got a personal tale in the back of your corporation’s founding? Roam Loud’s example is the one you could just need to copy or get inspiration from. The brand’s corporation profile is straightforward but effective, starting with a friendly greeting “good day there!” and finishing with a list of values. In between, the founder makes it clear why she created this brand, and why its existence is so vital to her and searching for what you offer.

nine. MAD Architects

Company profile example: MAD ArchitectsFor simplicity and informativeness, test MAD Architects’ agency profile. The profile isn’t shy about the company’s numerous accomplishments, and it offers readers the possibility to dive deeper with the aid of listing the firm’s exhibitions, lectures, awards, and publications, all visible on exclusive tabs in the same page. In case your enterprise is a frontrunner in its subject, it’s important to establish that during your organization profile. Recollect developing one similar to MAD Architects’ profile.

With this in mind, the outline serves to align with the prospect as they may be comparing which companies are proper for them. By leaning into a sturdy brand voice and imparting details about what makes your company particular or superior to the possibility’s alternatives, customers will accept as true with for your logo and want to do commercial enterprise with you.

Examples of company Descriptions

right here are a few examples of agency descriptions that decorate their groups’ corporation profile.

1. HubSpot

Company description example: HubSpotOn HubSpot’s employer profile page, you could find a short description of the corporation’s venture and what it does. In just a few phrases, HubSpot explains that the employer’s aim is to help organizations develop thru its specialized inbound software.

2. Landed, Inc.

landed inc company description

Landed, Inc. ‘s about Us web page begins with their vision assertion: “If we need more potent colleges and more secure groups, we need to aid folks that make it feasible.” From there, they speak approximately their history earlier than launching into their challenge declaration and organisation description. The latter is summarized succinctly in bullet points in its own separate segment, making it smooth for potentialities to discover and apprehend.

3. H&H Wealth

example company description: h&h wealth in the “Why Us” web page in their website, the founder of H&H Wealth gives a short introduction of what she believes in and encourages her customers to stroll the journey along with her. She also makes a promise to her customers, which sets the expectations and the tone for the carrier being brought. As a end result, the tone comes throughout as that of a accomplice as opposed to a seller.

four. Tesla

example company description: Tesla

on this description, Tesla explains while it was founded, the organisation task, and what varieties of merchandise it specializes in. It also provides brought facts approximately the history of the business enterprise and how it has persisted to develop with the same values.

five. Authentique employer

Authentique organization offers a number of records up front for their clients due to the fact they realize that partnering with an business enterprise (and deciding on which one on pinnacle of that) is a large decision for scaling groups. It does not only offer data approximately its values, it also tells approximately its lengthy-status experience in the enterprise as well as their number one desires when they work with customers.

6. The Cru

example company description: The CruThe Cru is a provider that connects individuals with like-minded girls to fuel personal and expert increase. They use an “Our tale” web page as their enterprise profile, wherein the founder information how the company become shaped and the way she owns “Cru” (a play at the word “crew”). This summary is a testament to the fee of the provider. The “letter from the founder” fashion additionally feels very non-public and alluring.

7. H.J Russell & enterprise

Company description example: H&J Russell

H.J Russell & corporation opens up its description with its history and specialities: “H. J. Russell & company, based over 60 years in the past, is a vertically included service company that specialize in actual estate development, production, application management, and belongings control.” It additionally makes its values clean in the closing sentence, so that you get a snapshot of the enterprise’s values, key cost proposition, and leadership fame in only some sentences.

eight. Carol H. Williams

Company description example: Carol H. Williams

Carol H. Williams, an advertising employer, doesn’t have an “approximately” page or a formal business enterprise description. However, it presentations a picture of what the organisation is all approximately in its “group” page. It emphasizes its middle values and uses modern day language (“#squadgoals”) to establish that it maintains up with the modern tendencies.

company Profile Templates

Company Profile Template

down load these Templates without spending a dime

  • agency call
  • installed date
  • physical cope with according to place
  • touch records

approximately Us / Our story / Our starting

in this a part of the organization profile, you’ll need to encompass a short introduction to your company, which include in which, whilst, and by using whom the organization turned into founded, the organization’s mission statement, and/or the business enterprise’s vision and reason. You don’t necessarily should encompass services or products on this phase yet, however cognizance on your bigger which means, and how you stand proud of competitors instead. Tell your tale in a compelling manner. As an example, HubSpot begins their about Us phase with, “more than ten years ago, we had a vision — an inbound global”. HubSpot doesn’t mention their merchandise until in addition down the page.

in case you want to feature your agency records in a more compact way, recall including a agency timeline, like this one:

Company Profile Template: Company History

down load This Template

Our task / Values

right here, you want to say what your corporation stands for on a larger scale. You can kingdom your remaining goal, and your hopes to your products or services. Test these inspiring agency vision and assignment assertion examples for thoughts. Here’s an example:

Company Profile Template: Mission & Values

download This Template

Our team

offer a photo or quick paragraph describing your tea.You can focus on leadership, or offer an explanation of your company’s lifestyle. Ultimately, this segment need to assist users understand how your employees can uniquely serve them.

Company Profile Template: Meet the Team

down load This Template

Our Product / services

Describe a excessive-level assessment of what your product is, and how you desire it will positively effect the consumer’s life. You may link to a Product page if essential, so keep this segment fairly trendy.

start Your business enterprise Profile today

There are some elements that could make a contribution to a stellar business enterprise profile, and through adhering to a template, you could build one fast and efficaciously.

Editor’s word: This post was at the beginning posted in January 2019 but has been up to date for comprehensiveness.Discover videos, templates, tips, and other resources dedicated to helping you  launch an effective video marketing strategy. 

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