Whether anyone believe or not but backlinks still remains the backbone of every SEO project. As without your spinal cord you cannot stand on your feet, similarly without backlinks your website will never be able to get rankings in Google search. Now, the expensive question could be that how do we get quality backlinks for our site, whether we should buy backlinks from someone or hire a SEO agency to create backlinks for your website. If we discuss the first option which is buying backlinks then we need to understand that buying or selling links is against the policies of Google which means you need to be innovative enough to get links by following Google policies. Even if you go for buying backlinks then you need to make sure that those links are manually created for you and not coming from any parked domains. In the process of buying backlinks, you will have a choice to pay for each backlink and you can get 10, 50 or 100 backlinks by paying a certain amount depending on what is requirement. However, buying backlinks can be very expensive if your website belongs to a competitive industry as you need thousands of backlinks in order to get some rankings. Hundred backlinks could be useful for local business websites targeting a local region where the competition is low. On the other end, if you are targeting the whole country or globally then you will need to hire a SEO company to do link building for your website and you will be paying them on monthly basis. We suggest this option as paying for each backlink might not be affordable for everyone whereas it will be more affordable to pay a fixed monthly charge for the services and you will get as many backlinks throughout the month without any lower limit. We have customised packages for local business for getting backlinks and unlimited package for larger businesses to maintain their backlink profile. You should do your own research before buying backlinks as you do not want spam links generated by automated software as they will ruin your website rankings and you will be ripped off by paying for such spam links. You should always ask the SEO company that how and using what sources they are going to create backlinks for you and if they can`t convince you then you must be able to understand that they are just trying to trick you into their trap. A knowledgeable SEO company will always give you a detailed plan of action and will discuss its SEO strategies to make you understand what you will get for your money and in how long we will get the results. In conclusion, if we have to choose between buying backlinks or hiring someone then you should hire a reputable SEO company like Drida Infotech who knows the ins and outs of SEO and are compliant with Google policies to make sure your website is always showing up in Google searches.

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