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People using Gmail accounts also must be looking for GMAIL CONTACT NUMBER AUSTRALIA as every now and then they might need help with their Gmail accounts. Let us assure you that there is no GMAIL CONTACT NUMBER AUSTRALIA however you can always call Drida Infotech on 0261003579 to get email support. You can call on our number and use it as GMAIL CONTACT NUMBER AUSTRALIA for getting help with your Gmail issues.


We all love smart phones and android by Google is the most used operating system in smart phones all over the world. As Google owns android operating system therefore Google forces every android phone user to link their smart phones with a Google or Gmail account. Therefore, every android user will always have a Gmail email address. The whole concept of linking their Gmail account with the android phone is so that their data such as phone numbers, photos etc can be backed up on Google drive. If your phone is getting synced with Gmail account then all the photos which you take from your phone they should also be stored in Google photos. Google photos is a cloud based platform provided by Google where you can store all your photos and download them on any laptop or computer by simply logging into your Gmail account from anywhere in the world. So, tomorrow if you lose your android phone or if it gets damaged then you do not need to worry about your photos as you can get them from Google photos on your computer however you will need to make sure that you are able to login into your Gmail account to do that. Similarly, once you buy a new android phone and login with your Gmail account then you will get all your contacts back in the phone as they were saved in your Google account. If you are in one of those situations where you think you lost all your photos with the phone then you might need to rethink about the situation and try to login in Google photos on the computer using your Gmail email address and password and you never know all your photos might still be there. If you don`t know how to access Google photos or how to download photos from there on to your pc then call GMAIL CONTACT NUMBER AUSTRALIA now and we will connect with your computer remotely and help you over the phone itself. We understand that it might get complicated for you handling Gmail account and other features on your phone and computer that is why we always suggest taking help from our certified technicians at affordable charges. If you are not sure what is your Google or Gmail account which you are using on your phone then contact GMAIL CONTACT NUMBER AUSTRALIA and we will help you to find your Gmail account from the settings in your phone itself.


As soon someone signs up for a Gmail account, they become eligible to access several other Google products and services for free. Some of those services are Google photos, Picasa and Google drive etc which are cloud based services where you can upload and save your photos and documents online. Google drive lets you upload documents such as word file, excel sheets, notepad etc and also lets you share links with your colleagues at your work place. Google drive is mostly used at work places between employees and it is a convenient way to share files online without the need of uploading or downloading them again and again. However, in order to use Google drive, one must have a Gmail account which he/she can use to login into Google drive on its website. Normal users don`t really use Google drive as their main purpose is just to send and receive emails and even if they would want to try it they might find it too difficult to deal with. In case, you have to use Google drive because of your work but do not know how to start or set it up then you need to call Drida Infotech now and our technicians will help you in setting up Google drive for you. If you are an existing Gmail user then it won`t take long to get started with Google drive but if you have been using any other email provider then first we will need to get a Google account for you. You can use your own email address as Google account or we can get a separate Gmail address to set up Google drive for you. Once you are all set up then you can download Google drive app as well on your phone so that you can have access to all your files and documents on the go. However, if you are just a normal user of your emails and do not need to download or upload or share anything online then it is better not to stay away from Google drive as it is mostly for businesses. Although, all those businesses or individuals who need help with Google drive can call us on 0261003579 and speak with our technicians to get help. It can be a very critical situation if you can`t login into your Gmail account or not able to reset the password due to which you will not have access to your Google drive and might lose those important documents. So, if you are getting any account or authentication errors while accessing your Google drive then contact GMAIL CONTACT NUMBER AUSTRALIA immediately to check if you need to get a new password and set up everything again. It is advised that you should always have the back up of your documents on your computer as well and not entirely depend on cloud storage websites such as Google drive as if you lose access of your account then you will lose your documents as well.


If you are using an android phone or a tablet and trying to download an app from the play store but getting an error message then you should contact us now. Most probably it might be asking you to login using your Google or Gmail account as every android phone needs to be linked with a Google account. So, you need to follow the steps on the screen and need to sign in using your Gmail email address and password. But if you already see an email address on the phone screen then it means it is asking you to put in the password of that Gmail account in order to download the app from the play store. If you have bought a new phone and have not signed in using the Gmail account then you will not be able to use most of the features in the phone except calls and messages. In order to use apps and things on the internet, you will need to login using a Gmail account. If you have been using the Gmail account on your phone all this time but all of a sudden now you are getting the error message that means you need to check your Gmail password if it is correct or if it has been changed. If you don`t know what to do or how to fix the problem then call our Gmail technicians now and we will check if your password is correct or if we need to get a new password for you. If your Gmail account is not signed in on your phone anymore then your contacts or photos will not be backed up anymore and you won`t be able to reset your phone as well. If you are signed out of your Gmail account on your android phone or tablet then that is not a problem as long you remember your Gmail password or we can get it reset. In case, you don`t know your Gmail password and your password reset options are not available anymore such as you still have your old phone number linked with your Gmail account which means you can`t reset the password now. Such situations are dead end because if your phone got factory reset and it wants you to login using your Gmail account then you won`t be able to login as you don`t have a working password and that phone can never be used. It is better to talk to technicians here at Drida Infotech before making any changes in your Gmail account and always make sure that you know your passwords and those passwords are working before you log out of your Gmail account. Also, you need to check in your account settings that your current mobile number and recovery email address is always updated. If you don`t take things seriously then it is no one else`s fault if you did not update your mobile number in the Gmail account.


If you started using Gmail account for personal use but now you are using it for business purposes as well but don`t want people to see your name when you send an email and want to change it to a business name but don`t know then contact us now. You cannot change your First and Last name which you used in the beginning while creating the account however we can help you changing the display name when you send an email. Gmail allows us to change the display name once in every 90 days so you should be confident and certain while choosing a name for your account as you can`t change it for next 90 days then. You can tell us which name would you like people to see when they receive emails from you and we can set up that name in your Gmail account. Apart from that, you might face some issues with the contacts saved in your Gmail. For example, when you start typing an email address in the `to` field then it starts showing you suggestions in the dropdown where you might see some unknown or random email addresses which you don’t recognize. You might recognize some of the email addresses but their name might be displayed incorrectly or in a weird way and you would want to change the display name of those contacts but don’t know how to do that. Normally, those weird names are being picked up from the contacts saved in your android phone as you should remember that android and Gmail are connected to each other. Any contacts which you save on your android phone, they get backed up in Gmail and vice versa. So, if you need to change such contacts or want to get rid of but you don`t see those contacts in Gmail then check your phone and vice versa. This process might not be that easy for you to execute and we don’t want you to mess with your contacts therefore it is wise to call our technicians and let them help you. Once your display name in Gmail and name of your contacts are updated then you will need to log out of Gmail account and sign in again after restarting your phone for the changes to take effect. If you are using your Gmail account for your business as well then we would recommend not to try anything on your own as if you do something incorrectly then you would not be able to change the name for next 90 days and that could harm your business or you might have to start from scratch with a new email address. You can contact us over the phone or chat and consult with our technicians online and book an appointment by paying the fees and get the problems fixed within minutes. If you think your business and Gmail account is important for you then let Drida Infotech take care of the Gmail problems for you while you concentrate on your business.


Gmail gives you lot of features inside the email out of which one is of contacts where you can add n number of contacts manually or by uploading an excel sheet. At times, we have seen that when you try to add contacts using an excel sheet then some of the contacts would disappear from your Gmail account after 2, 3 days. If that is the case with you that your contacts keeps disappearing after few days or you are not able to upload them or don’t know how to add them then contact us now on 0261003579. There can be several reasons that why you are contacts are not getting updated successfully or getting deleted after few days. One of the most common reasons is a glitch on the computer and also the security issue on your Gmail account. First, we will need to connect with your computer to clean it up and fix all the issues and then we will need to secure your Gmail account. Once we make sure there is no malware on your computer or in your Gmail account then we will try to upload the contacts again using the excel sheet after checking if it is correctly formatted. The excel sheet needs to be formatted correctly according to the Gmail contacts format before uploading it. If there are any errors in the excel sheet, you will need to get it fixed it first. After we have sorted out all the issues with the computer, with Gmail account and with excel sheet then check back after 2, 3 days and everything should work fine. If you don’t know how to place contacts in excel sheet according to Gmail format then ask our technicians and they will help you with that as well if you are using our paid services. If you are a business and have thousands of contacts to upload then let our technicians work on your Gmail account professionally so that you don’t face any problems as if you try to do it on your own then you might end up missing or deleting those contacts by mistake. Gmail is the most professional used email across the world and people uses Gmail for personal as well as for businesses purposes. No matter what is your usage, we always provide dedicated and professional services to all Gmail users and help them globally. So, if you are just starting with Gmail and learning its features and want to know how to add contacts in Gmail then contact us now on 0261003579. Our dedicated Gmail technicians will try to guide you the steps over the phone and if you find it difficult then we can also connect with your computer online and do it remotely. Drida Infotech is the best email support company to provide IT support in Australia, call us now: 0261003579.

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