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If you are a Gmail user and looking for GMAIL SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA then contacting Drida Infotech is your only hope. There is no Google or Gmail for you online or over the phone, only Drida Infotech can help you and once you call our GMAIL SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA; our technician will help you over the phone. Contact Drida Infotech now by dialing GMAIL SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA: 0261003579.


The best and direct way to contact GMAIL SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA is by calling on 0261003579 or by starting a chat session on our website. If you’re a Gmail email user and you’re not able to find your emails in your inbox anymore and if you have checked all the folders such as spam, trash and you can’t see your emails at all then you need to call Drida Infotech and our technicians will be able to check the problem for you. You might not see your emails because either those emails have been deleted by mistake by you or your account might have been hacked and the hackers might have emptied your inbox. In case, you have deleted your emails by mistake or accidentally then you can check your trash folder and those emails should be in trash. However, if you can`t find those emails even in the trash then that means they have been deleted from trash as well and that situation is most likely when someone has deleted those emails on purpose. So, if that is the situation with you where you can`t find emails in your trash then you can`t do anything from your end. You will need to call Drida Infotech and as per the policy we can restore all those emails which have been deleted or disappeared from your Gmail account in last 30 days. Our services are not free though and there will be charges involved in order to fix any problems with your Gmail account. Sometimes, you might see that all your emails are showing up in the webmail on your computer but the inbox on your phone might be empty. In that case, you need to check all mails on your phone and see if you can find all those emails there. At times, due to bugs in the phone`s software version, your emails might skip the inbox and go directly under all mails. You will notice your phone beeping once you receive an email but you won`t see anything in the inbox because it is going into all mail folder. To fix it, make sure your phone is updated to the latest version of iOS or android and your email password is correct. Gmail is the most used email service in the world and there are billions of users using Gmail and we can understand that you might have thousands of emails in your account related to your work or business. If you are a business then you can`t afford to lose those important emails and if you have tried everything with no success then Drida Infotech is the only solution to your email problems, call GMAIL SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA now: 0261003579.


My friend Mr. X woke up this morning and tried to check his Gmail account on his phone and he saw a blank white screen with no emails in his inbox. He quickly went to check his folders on the left side where he had saved his salary slips, ITR`s, pictures and other important documents but he notices everything is gone and disappeared now. He faces a shock for few minutes and his brain stops working that what has just happened and how is he going to get his emails and important documents back now. So, if you are also in the same situation as Mr X then what do you think you will do or how you will get your emails back. The fact is that you were not prepared to deal with such situation or you might have never thought that such thing can happen and you always trusted Gmail to work for you perfectly. To be factually correct, such situations can occur with any email provider being it Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail. But, now when it has already happened with you and you lost all the emails in your Gmail folder then how will you get them back. If those emails are not in trash then the only way you can get them back is by calling Drida Infotech and booking an appointment by paying the fees. We will be able to recover the emails which have been deleted from your Gmail account recently. Now, you might be wondering that you had thousands of emails and once we restore them then will they go into inbox directly or they will go back to their allocated Gmail folders. The answer to the question is that you don`t need to worry about sorting out those emails again from inbox to sub folders as they will automatically go back into those folders in which those emails were sorted earlier. However, the catch 22 here is that this is method only works for phones and webmail on the computer. In case, you are using an email client such as Outlook on computer and we need to delete the account from Outlook and add it again. In that case, you will lose those folders from Outlook and all the emails would show up under inbox only which means you will need to create the folders again in your Outlook and then sort out the emails which could be a lengthy process. Therefore, before you try to do anything on your own, it is better to consult with the technicians here at Drida Infotech so that they can guide you professionally and fix the problem straightaway. We understand that using Outlook sometimes can be a peculiar situation as Outlook error messages can be difficult to get rid of without troubleshooting the problem correctly which can be managed by our technicians easily, so call Drida Infotech now: 0261003579.


Gmail takes security of their email accounts very seriously and from time to time keep enhancing its security features for their Gmail account. However, with the advancement in Gmail security there is a challenge as well for a normal email user as at times you might come across with a situation in which you might be kicked out of your Gmail account and never be able to log back in rest of your life. We will discuss one such situation here right now in which even after knowing the password you might get a message on the screen saying that “You are using a device which Gmail does not recognize and you can`t sign in using this device“. Now, that happens normally when you might be trying to login on a new phone or computer or might be traveling and connecting to a different internet provider. In anyway, it is not your fault and you already had been using your Gmail account for years but you would still be locked out of your account and the only way to solve this is if you still have your old phone on which your Gmail is working or any of your old computer where you are still logged in. You will need to use one of your old devices in order to verify your identity on the new network and then only you can use your emails on a new device. Now, just imagine or think of a situation where you just gave up your old phone and have got a new phone and trying to set up Gmail on that but you saw that message saying we don`t recognize this device and you have no way to get your old phone back now. It truly means Gmail security is working against you and in other words you are screwed and no one in the world can fix this problem for you. Therefore, we recommend people to always use more than one device to login into Gmail account and not give up all the old devices together and at least keep one of the old devices where they had been using the Gmail account. For sure, you won`t know this thing until and unless you are reading this post or have become a victim of such situation already. This security feature is non controllable which means there is nothing you can do from your end or change anything in settings as this a default feature of Gmail security which we don`t agree with. Other extra security feature is the two step verification which 100% of the times work against the user as if you lost or changed your phone number then you will never be able to login into your own account without your old phone or old phone number. So, if you don`t know what to do in such situation then it is better to call our technicians now: 026003579.


So, you have been searching all day and all night for weeks and months and trying to find a number for Gmail or Google but you can`t find any other number than Drida Infotech then you probably need to know few things about Google first. To start with Gmail is not a different company as it is just a product from Google so basically you don`t need to look for a Gmail number instead you need to find how to call Google directly. However, before we explain you why there is no number to call Google or even if there is why you won`t get any support from them. It is simply because we are living in a business world and everything runs on money. Now, think yourself as you are using a free Gmail account so as billions of other people and in return are you paying anything to Google for a free Gmail account? The answer is NO, those billions of free Gmail users are not paying a single penny to Google. Let`s say if those billions of people start Calling Google for their problems then Google will have to employ millions of employees to attend your phone calls. However, the simple thing here is that why would Google employ millions of employees and pay billions of dollars of salaries to them to take your phone calls when you are not paying anything to Google. So, that must have cleared some business logics by now that why can`t you find number for Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo as all these companies do not have a phone support line for free accounts. On the other end, they do have phone support number for all the paid services such as Google Ads or G Suite account services because you pay for them. So, it is as clear as crystal that if you are paying for something then you are eligible for free phone support but if you are not paying for using Gmail account then when you need help you have no way to contact Google and Drida Infotech is the only company you can rely on. We provide professional and paid services which means if you are looking for free services then you can keep looking and grow old as you will never find any free service anywhere in the world. You can find out how a free service works in comparison to a paid service as Google gives you free Gmail account but in the time of need Google leaves you on your own. However, if you are using our paid services then you don`t need to rely or depend on Google, Microsoft or Yahoo as we know how a normal person feels when they are frustrated and not getting any help. We cut all the crap and provide the resolution straightway over one phone call, so all you need to do is simply call on: 0261003579.


If you have recently started using Gmail account and not familiar how the user interface or Gmail platform works then in this post we will guide you step by step. First of all make sure, you are logged in on Gmail website on your internet browser such as Google chrome, Microsoft edge, Mozilla Firefox or any other which you are using. Once you are logged in then on the top left side you will see an option which says “Compose“, you need to click on compose and then you will see a small window will appear on the top right corner of your screen and the cursor will be blinking in the first field. The first field which says “To“ is where you need to type in the email address of the person who is going to receive the email from you. The field below To which says “CC“ is where you can add email addresses of those people whom you want to include and be a part of that email communication such as your Manager or an employee. Below CC, you will find the subject field where you can mention the subject or topic of your email. Finally, below subject field you will have the blank page where you can draft your email and write the email content. If you want to add some attachments then use the upload link at the bottom of the email draft and add documents from your computer. Once you think your email is ready then click on the send button to send the email. Once the email is sent successfully then you can check it under sent items on the left side below inbox. Sometimes, you might receive a bounce back message saying that your email was not delivered and once you open that email you would see the reason. At times, it might say that email address does not exist in which case you need to check the spelling of the email address and correct it. If the spelling is correct then contact the email owner and confirm with them if they are still using that email address and it is active or not. 99% of the times you will not face any problems in sending or receiving emails from webmail in Gmail however situations can get complicated when you need to use your emails on phone or tablet or on the Outlook app on computer. So, if you are not familiar with smart phones or how to set up Outlook on your computer or if you are too old to deal with it on your own then contact Drida Infotech now. We have an expert team of professional who work on such issues on daily basis and have tens of years of experience in this field. The problem which you are facing for the first time, we fix those problem here every day, so call us now: 0261003579.

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