5 eCommerce SEO Trends You Need to Know for Holiday 2022


The important holiday shopping season of the fourth quarter is almost here. SEO will once again be an important channel for brands to increase their visibility and sales.

Ahead of the 2022 holiday season, enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge shared its latest research with Search Engine Land on what retailers, brands and publishers need to know.

The insights are based on the company’s tracking of 6,000 e-commerce keywords across 10 categories over the past three years.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brands and publishers are big competition for retailers. Retailers are no longer just competing for visibility with other retailers. They are now competing with brands that have adopted direct-to-consumer models. In addition, publishers offering reviews and product reviews have gained significantly in Google search results.

For the best eCommerce keywords:

  • Retailers owns 57%, down from 70% in 2020.
  • Brand occupy 23%, compared to 18% in 2020.
  • Publishers they have 11%, up from 4% in 2020.
E-Commerce Visibility: Retailers, Brands, Publishers & More, 2020-2022, BrightEdge Data

2. Content-driven e-commerce. It remains to be seen how it affects Google update useful content will, according to BrightEdge one thing is clear: now is the time for retailers to differentiate their content to rank in search results. In other words, offer more than just a product description.

Retailers who deliver better content experiences will ultimately win. how author:

  • Focusing on the content and context of the product.
  • Organizing categories in ways that make it easier for the user to shop for multiple related products.

3. Blue links matter. There has been much debate over the past decade that Google is much more than 10 blue links. According to BrightEdge, key e-commerce terms account for 70% of all clicks on these classic blue links.

It’s still common to find a local bundle of three e-commerce search terms on Google. However, the importance of local packages has decreased from 25% to 19% in the last two years. Also in decline: videos and image carousels. Meanwhile, People Also Ask has grown a bit.

Organic e-commerce real estate, 2020-2022, data from BrightEdge

4. The use of the scheme is increasing. The scheme is more in tune with shopping this year than ever before. Brands, retailers and publishers are increasingly adopting different types of schemes to mark their content around the shopping experience, such as

  • The product
  • ImageObject
  • List of subjects
Top Types of Schemes to Win Ecommerce Rankings, 2022, BrightEdge Data

5. Article and category pages dominate e-commerce. Category pages have the highest CTR 70% of the time. Note: According to BrightEdge, product articles have a higher CTR than product pages themselves.

Ecommerce CTR by Keyword, BrightEdge Data

Why do we care? Google search—and the way people search—is always evolving. In eCommerce SEO, it’s critical to keep up with what’s happening and understand what you can influence now for the upcoming holiday season, while constantly evolving your SEO strategy to ensure the types of content and user experiences that Google is likely to rewarded in the future.

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