Assessment of the pinnacle 8 Heatmap software program alternatives


Knowing how visitors engage with your website can provide invaluable insights to your brand.

Do users find what they are looking for immediately?

Where and what are they clicking? Do they fall below the limit?

Answering these questions requires one simple solution: heat mapping software.

What is Heatmap software?

Heatmap software can give your brand a clear view of which elements on your site users interact with the most, where they click, how far they scroll down the page, and even their mouse movements.

A heatmap tool can even record a user’s session on your website to see their entire journey with your website.

Heat maps can also help guide you SEO and web design strategy.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which heatmap tool is best for your business?

Comparison of the best Heatmap software options

In this post, we’ll explore the best heatmap software options, compare each, and discover the unique features each offers.

1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg gives brands deep insight into user behavior.

For example, its confetti heatmap feature allows you to drill down into individual visitor clicks and segment them using various metrics.

This granular level of user activity allows you to better help customers navigate your company’s website.

Unique features

Crazy Egg A/B Testing Page Editor functionality helps businesses test new designs before implementing them.

These design elements can include images, copy, or a CTA (call to action).

Although this may seem like it requires a lot of technical knowledge, this tool allows you to make these changes without a developer.


Crazy Egg offers a 30-day free trial that you can cancel at any time.

It also offers a $29/month* Basic plan which includes 30,000 tracked page views, $49/month* Standard plan which includes 75,000 tracked page views/month/month and $99/month* Plus plan which includes 150,000 tracked page views/month.

2. Mouseflow

Removing friction in user sessions starts with observing real customer journeys.

Session replays are a key feature Mouseflow focuses on identifying red flag metrics by observing the actual behavior of website users.

It also includes a conversion funnel optimization tool so you can tackle obstacles that may be preventing sales.

Unique features

Mouseflow also allows brands to create custom surveys to gain critical customer feedback.

These surveys can be customized so you can find the information you need to easily navigate your brand’s website.

Current Mouseflow users say, “Feedback is very easy to use and implement for any user.”


Mouseflow offers five different ones pricing plansdepending on the number of recordings, months of storage and websites.

Plans start at $0 and go up to $299 per month when paid annually.

3. VWO

Data is invaluable (and needed) to drive meaningful growth and improve existing processes.

VWO offers not only heat mapping software, but also an optimization experience with session recordings, testing, flows and form analytics.

You’ll understand how your visitors interact with you at every step of the sales funnel—from the moment they enter your website to where (or if) they leave.

Unique features

VWO gives end users the autonomy to run most tests without designer support.

This allows the product and marketing teams to focus on other priorities while increasing the number of growth attempts.

Some of these tests include A/B test, split URL test, and multivariate test.


VWO has three different pricing tiers that include Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Pro plan is recommended for small and medium-sized organizations, while the Enterprise plan is recommended for large teams.

Enterprise includes onboarding and training and a dedicated account manager.

4. Hotjar

Hotjar allows your team to prioritize what you want (and should) work on without the guesswork.

With the transparency to see where your visitors are searching and interacting, you’ll learn what your users love about your site and what elements they ignore.

Hotjar’s software also allows you to spot areas of opportunity or bugs hiding in plain sight as seen by your users.

This provides greater clarity about what your consumers want to see on your site, which can help you improve conversion rates and user engagement.

Unique features

One unique feature of Hotjar is its visitor snapshots, which show exactly how customers interact with your site.

You can see how individual users click, scroll, and move their mouse around the page.

You can also play recordings of their visits for further analysis of behavioral patterns.


Hotjar’s pricing model varies depending on the number of daily sessions you want to cover.

Its free version allows 35 daily sessions, Plus is $31/month for 100 daily sessions, and Business is $79/month for 500 daily sessions.

There is also a version of Scala for unlimited daily sessions.

5. Lucky orange

Lucky Orange equips brands with analytics tools to see their most visited websites, landing pages and where users are coming from.

Plus, you can see real-time activity and even start a live chat with them instead of just seeing snapshots of users’ previous activity on a heat map.

Recordings of visitor sessions and advanced features like auto-replies to live chat messages can help improve a searcher’s overall digital experience with your brand.

Unique features

Lucky Orange’s chat feature is unique and helps guide the user’s navigation path to create a more seamless experience.

You can give people the option to start a chat when they need help, or take a more proactive approach and create rules to automatically invite people to chat.

You can also ask people to chat directly if you think they need extra help navigating your site.


Lucky Orange offer free 7-day trial without credit card.

Plans start at $35/month for 40,000 page views/month, $70/month for 100,000 page views/month, $150/month for 300,000 page views/month and Business plans for 1,000,000+ page views/month.

6. The whole story

The whole story differs from other heatmap solutions in that it is primarily intended to utilize session recordings to identify bugs and potential obstacles.

The company recommends reviewing session recordings to see the bigger picture and determine how and if action is leading to the desired results.

All website visitor sessions are logged, giving your brand a comprehensive visitor analysis.

Unique features

FullStory can alert you to “frustration signals” that highlight areas where users are experiencing errors.

You can then review the session replay to see where the user went wrong and where you can improve the experience in the future.


FullStory offers two pricing models.

The first is the Enterprise plan, which FullStory classifies as “large, cross-functional teams that need complete clarity across their digital portfolio.”

The second is his business plan, “For teams that want to grow and need actionable data to discover trends, complete experiences and plan timelines.”

You can also opt for a 14-day free trial.

7. Smartlook

Smartlook provides session recordings to help you figure out what’s wrong with your brand’s mobile app or website.

It also provides funnel analysis to reveal loops in the user experience and discover what is stopping people from converting.

Traffic analysis can help you focus your optimization efforts by showing you the top exit pages of your website.

The company also offers heat mapping.

Unique features

Smartlook also offers mobile app functionality to ensure the best possible mobile app experience.


Pricing plans they are free for 1,500 sessions per month and up to three heatmaps, $39/month for 5,000 sessions per month and up to 10 heatmaps, and 15,000 sessions per month and up to 30 heatmaps.

8. Insight into attention

Keeping your audience engaged is a challenge.

It’s a challenge An insight into attention wants to save.

By identifying these potential issues during the design phase, you can ensure that your concepts are solid before you publish them.

This is where predictive attention heatmaps can help – and that’s where Attention Insight comes in.

Unique features

Attention Insight offers unique types of heatmaps, including AI Attention Heatmaps that use warm to cool colors to show which areas of your website are getting the most and least attention.

This information can help you determine which elements of your website attract the most visitors.


Solo prices starts at 19 euros per month and includes three months of storage and 1 user seat.

Team pricing starts at €399 per month, 12 months of storage and includes five user sites.

You can also try Attention Insight with a 7-day free trial.

Which Heatmap software is best for your business?

Now that you have more knowledge about the best heatmap platforms, it’s time to figure out which one is best for your business.


Each of the heat map platforms mentioned above offers different advantages.

Some offer better visitor analytics, including real-time analytics and visitor segmentation capabilities.

Others have a number of heatmap features that let you see exactly where your customers are using your site.

The price

In addition to visitor analytics, heatmap features, and other software capabilities, cost also plays a key role for many businesses.

As with most software, the most expensive heatmap software is not always the best.

Technical setting

Ease of getting started is also important to consider.

For smaller teams with limited development resources, you may want to opt for heatmap platforms that are easier to set up—or heatmap platforms that take care of the technical aspects for you.

The bottom line

The heatmap software solution what’s best for your business may look different than what’s best for other businesses.

Consider your budget, the heatmap and reporting features your business needs most, and the bandwidth of your development team.

All these aspects will allow you to choose the best software solution for your company.

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