How to make a histogram in Google Spreadsheets [5 Steps]

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Google Spreadsheets provide loads statistics visualization gear within its platform, being one of the maximum famous histograms.

examine extra to discover exactly what a histogram is, what it is used for and how to make it Google Spreadsheets.

what’s a histogram and what is it used for?

A histogram is a graphical representation that indicates the distribution of facts factors that have been grouped into precise levels or categories.

let’s say you’ve got a weblog and you have weblog posts that variety from 1 to 500 words, 500 to one thousand phrases, and 1000 to 2000 phrases. You want to research which phase receives the most natural site visitors. You may use a histogram for this.

whilst the histogram seems like a Bar chart, each aren’t interchangeable. The histogram indicates the frequency distribution of variables inside the facts set. The bar graph, but, serves as a contrast between separate variables.

Now that you know how to use it, allow’s take a look at a way to make it.

how to make a histogram in Google Spreadsheets

  1. pick out your dataset.

    how to make a histogram on google sheets Step 1: Choose your dataset

  2. click on “Insert” after which select “Chart”.

    how to make a histogram on google sheets Step 2: Click on "insert" then select "chart"

  3. click the drop-down menu in “Chart kind” and scroll right down to the “other” segment.

    how to make a histogram on google spreadsheets Step 3: Click the drop-down menu in

  4. evaluation your histogram.

    how to make a histogram on google sheets Step 4: Review your histogram

  5. Edit the chart by way of clicking the three dots and then clicking Edit Chart.

how to create a histogram on google sheets Step 5: Click Edit Chart

Use the chart editor to make the maximum of your histogram. You can edit:

  • Chart fashion through displaying detail dividers or resizing a bucket, as an example.
  • Headlines
  • series
  • Legend
  • Axis (horizontal and vertical)
  • Gridlines

right here you have it – some other useful visualization tool that you may use to understand your data.

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