Rank Math WordPress Plugin reproduction sitemap errors

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The famous WordPress plugin seo Rank Math has been determined to have an mistakes that creates replica Sitemap files. This weird mistake in developing sitemaps is much like the only affecting Yoast, however the manner Rank Math treats it’s miles unique.


Sitemap is an important part of seo. It tells search engines which pages were newly brought to the website online and which pages had been up to date.

A Sitemap enables a seek engine prioritize a search by means of alerting it to new content material that desires to be indexed.

because of the importance of a sitemap for seo, it is good exercise to have sitemaps created efficaciously.

Google developer web page says about Sitemaps:

“A sitemap is a record that gives data about the pages, motion pictures, and other documents for your website online and the relationships between them.

serps like Google read this report to look your website online more efficiently.

A Sitemap tells Google which pages and documents you suspect is critical to your website online, and gives treasured information approximately the ones files. For instance, whilst become the web page closing updated and all versions of the web page in other languages. “

Rank Math XML Sitemap error

Rank Math also creates multiple sitemaps for XML. In truth, it generates perhaps an infinite quantity of XML sitemaps.

as an instance, a website with a unmarried sitemap for “posts” will create the following duplicate sitemaps:


however, it’ll not create a model with a 0 wide variety, /submit-sitemap0.Xml

The equal is going for reproduction Sitemaps created for pages:

/web page-sitemap.Xml
/web page-sitemap1.Xml

And once more, similar to for “submit” website online maps, Rank Math does no create a 0-sized version of the Sitemap: /page-sitemap0.Xml

Rank Math creates an endless wide variety of sitemaps?

whilst Rank Math does now not create a 0-quantity model of the Sitemap, Rank Math creates an nearly countless amount of numbered XML Sitemaps.

preferably, Rank Math have to generate a 404 reaction code for sitemaps that don’t exist.

but evidently instead of producing a 404 Rank Math reaction, it generates a reaction code of 200 (which means it’s far a request for a valid website) and then creates a blank XML web site map.

right here’s the URL I tested to peer what Rank Math created:


that’s what Rank Math says:

A non-existent sitemap created by using Rank Math

what number of Sitemaps will Rank Math generate?

reputedly Rank Math can generate many URLs, possibly an limitless quantity of XML Sitemap pages.

I created a clean Sitemap with this URL:


What’s frightening about producing the web page map above is that the server generates a reaction code of 2 hundred.

I checked to peer if Rank Math generated a reaction code of 200 over HTTPStatus internet site.

This suggests that Rank Math generates a response code of 2 hundred for pages that don’t exist:

Math head response code

ranking Math Redirect Sitemap

different seo plug-ins have an blunders that creates a replica Sitemap when a 0 quantity is delivered to the quit of the Sitemap URL.

Rank Math, but, does no longer create a replica sitemap with the range zero.

while you request a non-existent metropolis map with a zero quantity, the request triggers a redirect to the canonical city map.

Request for this non-existent Sitemap:


Redirect to canonical sitemap:

/web page-sitemap.Xml

but this is probably no longer the proper way to handle a sitemap that doesn’t exist.

the ideal server response should be to show a 404 now not discovered blunders reaction message due to the fact this took place, the page was not observed.

The Yoast search engine optimization plugin responds efficiently by using serving a 404 response code for XML Sitemaps that don’t exist (except for zero and 1 versions).

I requested Rank Math approximately this and that they explained to me that this isn’t a hassle in any respect.

type of arithmetic:

“that is much like how the WP middle handles on-web page search: you will get hold of an HTTP 2 hundred reaction for each seek question you pick out.

unlike a few Sitemaps plugins, Rank Math does not create physical Sitemaps files within the server’s root directory.

considering the fact that those non-existent Sitemap URLs aren’t gift anywhere at the web page, they’ll never be searched by Google and other search engines like google and yahoo, so this have to no longer reason issues from an seo point of view. ”

ranking Math reproduction Sitemap mistakes

curiously, Rank Math, like a few other seo plug-ins, has a replica Sitemap errors.

when it comes to optimizing a website for search engines like google, the intention is to be as entire as feasible. Anything that makes a site less than ideal can be considered a flaw if the aim is perfection.

much less than entire optimization can cause accidental results.

Yoast is aware about the trouble and is expected to work at the correction. One might desire that the problem with the dual Sitemap with Rank Math can also be constant.


study the Google Sitemap website

learn more about Sitemaps

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