Amazon Pricing study: The maximum steeply-priced products, class Volatility, and Seasonal rate Shifts

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As the arena’s largest ecommerce employer, Amazon frequently dictates the guidelines within the enterprise, whether or not it’s the website online layout, transport terms, or even pricing.

With other e-tailers following its lead, Amazon serves as the golden preferred inside ecommerce. This means that in terms of one of the maximum important aspects of any e-commercial enterprise—putting fees to a product—any on-line retailer should recognise Amazon’s pricing patterns and strategies inside out.

That’s why we decided to go all records-driven and use Semrush and Sellzone* intel to discover the general pricing panorama of the market, as well as precise strategies and methods. 

*Sellzone is a toolkit for Amazon seo and % designed via Semrush.

Amazon Pricing look at: Key Highlights

just as Amazon vendors trap you to shop for their products with lower prices, seasonal reductions, and different hints, we’ll unwrap some of the most exciting findings before you get into the entire study:

  • as it turns out, a number of the ones spectacular reductions we saw throughout the hottest income seasons aren’t that real: some companies artificially spike the authentic fee quoted, simply to show a extra fantastic discount.
  • In preferred (with some exceptions, of path), goods have the biggest reductions in the course of the Black Friday income have higher-than-common expenses all through the Christmas sales—and vice versa.
  • the largest sales seasons—Black Friday and christmas—truely don’t come with full-size rate drops. It could really be the classical supply and call for driving the fees up, but that’s contrary to what is typically anticipated within the season. Deliver chain issues we had been seeing for the past years, but, could have exacerbated this.
  • even as the common rate of all of the analyzed products did drop in the course of Black Friday (through a low four% margin), it absolutely grew via the very same 4% during Christmas.

these are just some of the discoveries, so read on as we’ve saved a number of the largest gemstones for final.

approximately the Amazon Pricing examine

With extra than 12 million products on Amazon, it’s close to to impossible to investigate each single product.

We installed the 700 maximum famous products on Amazon (primarily based on Amazon key-word* seek extent numbers from Sellzone’s keyword Wizard device) and positioned them into 10 classes to decide each product- and category-specific pricing styles.

every product search lower back from 20 to 70 results**, which we analyzed in awesome detail—all to get a practical evaluate of the pricing panorama of every product and category.

*We analyzed Amazon’s seek consequences for the top keywords, however similarly on, we’ll be the use of the time period “product” to both talk over with unique products or product kinds.

**the quest outcomes had been amassed every hour from November 18, 2021 to January 11, 2022.

the whole lot You wanted to know approximately Amazon’s Pricing styles

Our Amazon pricing have a look at reveals answers to some of the hottest questions about the top pricing strategies in the market—primarily based at the pricing styles of the maximum in-demand merchandise and product classes:

  • What’s the average product/category charge and the way does it change over time (if at all)?
  • Which merchandise are more risky in phrases of pricing?
  • Are there any excessive- or low-charge days on Amazon?
  • What’s the fee distinction between ‘normal’ days and the most up to date sales seasons (e.G. Black Friday, pre-Christmas, January sales, etc.)?
  • Is there a difference among the unique rate referred to and the actual charge of a reduced product?
  • Are there any particular pricing patterns for the highest-fee hours and/or weekdays?
  • What are the maximum famous coupons or offers, and are they category specific?

Curious to look the solutions? Study on.

Is It ok to sell better-Priced items on Amazon?

Our examine showed that the common product fee throughout all classes is $142.Seventy four. However even as Amazon is frequently loved for its lower-priced goods, our listing of maximum popular merchandise additionally functions items which might be on the high-charge stop of the spectrum.

15 most costly Amazon items (a number of the most famous merchandise list)

Product / Product type

average price

rtx 3080


gaming laptop


rtx 3070


computer gaming


gaming pc


samsung television




photographs card


macbook seasoned


65 inch tv




lenovo computer


4k television


amazon gift card




other than the Amazon present card, all the products inside the maximum costly class are tech-associated, with gaming merchandise dominating the list.

because the beyond yr has been marked by means of growing prices for computer components, the top 15 capabilities 3 forms of photographs cards.

in case you need a more nuanced appearance, here’s a list of the maximum highly-priced merchandise on an ASIN (aka product list) level:



average fee***


Sony VW1025ES 4K HDR Laser home Theater Video Projector VPL-VW1025ES



Fly YUTING Boss office Chair recreation Cockpit,Gaming Chair Ergonomic workplace Chair computer Chair with rub down Lumbar support, PU leather high again with Footrest,C



JFF sport Cockpit,workplace Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic office Chair computer Chair with rub down Lumbar help, PU leather-based excessive returned with Footrest, White



JFF sport Cockpit,office Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic office Chair computer Chair with rubdown Lumbar aid, PU leather-based excessive back with Footrest, grey

$38,one hundred


Fly YUTING Boss office Chair game Cockpit, Gaming Chair Ergonomic office Chair laptop Chair with massage Lumbar aid, PU leather-based high back with Footrest, B



Ecobot smart automatic cleansing robotic for commercial smart Vacuum robotic purifier



Sony 4K HDR Laser home Theater Video Projector (VPLVW995ES)



TOPESEL 256GB Micro SD Card SDHC reminiscence playing cards usaI TF Card class 10 for digicam/phone/Nintendo-transfer/Galaxy/Drone/dash Cam/GOPRO/pill/computer/laptop(C10 U1 256GB)



MZDJDM Gaming Chair, zero-Gravity Scorpio computer Cockpit, Gaming front room Chair, included Gaming desk and Chair area tablet with Footrest Ergonomic office pc Black



MZDJDM Ergonomic Gaming Chair excessive again pc Chair PU leather-based Gaming Cabin with Adjustable Armrest Footrest with Headrest and massage Lumbar Pillow (Black)



Panasonic PT-RS11KU 12 000Lm/ Sxga/ three-Chip DLP Laser Projector



Sony VPLVW885ES 4K HDR Laser domestic Theater Video Projector



LG SIGNATURE OLED88Z9PUA Alexa built-in Z9 88″ 8K extremely HD smart OLED tv (2019)



WLGQ Gaming Chair, zero-Gravity Scorpio pc Cockpit, Gaming lounge Chair, included Gaming desk and Chair space tablet with Footrest Ergonomic office pc Black


***The desk above features pricing for specific products. The common pricing means that we would have noticed a distinct fee level over numerous time durations. 

once more, we will see that the most expensive merchandise are all gaming associated, with video projectors and gaming chairs topping the list.

Amazon’s most expensive Product classes

whilst we’ve hooked up that tech/virtual merchandise, and gaming particularly, make up the maximum high-priced category, what about the relaxation?

sports goods are the second one maximum high priced class, observed via home & lawn. 

The real decline in pricing takes place after the fourth priciest class—enjoyment. In fact, tech and virtual products typically fee greater than the goods inside the 5 cheapest classes combined. 

Does the Product rate change All That often?

We analyzed product charges each single day over three months. This helped us pinpoint a few day by day pricing exchange patterns.


With the average product fee being at $142.74, we did see some versions during the months. 

On December 2, 2021, the common rate went down to $132.Eighty four. On January 2, 2022, it jumped to $157.22.

although sure days in December did function particularly decrease charges for the analyzed products, the graph above suggests that there was no notable price drop throughout Black Friday or the winter excursion season (we’ll get to that a chunk later).

Does Amazon Have Any happy Hours / glad Days?

even as the pricing volatility doesn’t look dramatic, every day and hour-to-hour stats can mirror greater substantial shifts.

A glad hour/day on Amazon would look exceptional to dealers and shoppers—the former would need to know whilst the pricing hits its top, while the latter would like to find out the “cheapest” options.

We analyzed the pricing for all the products and managed to pinpoint sure days and hours that repeatedly function the highest and lowest expenses—all to apprehend whether there are any set pricing styles. 

five pm–2 am income deliver in the maximum cash

in case you want to promote your product at the highest fee, try to inspire post-New year income.

Our analysis showed that the most ‘highly-priced’ days for most people of products had been between January 1 and January 10, with January 4 featuring the highest expenses.


And in case you control to drive nighttime sales—everywhere among 5 pm and a couple of am—you’d be in for the largest win.


Morning income include decrease Pricing 

As we’ve unwrapped the maximum favorable days for Amazon sellers, we can also display the worst.

Days around Black Friday (November 26)—in particular a few days earlier than (November 21–23) and some days after (November 28–29)—came with the bottom charges throughout the board. 


A curious notice: our evaluation indicates that the 2 days that preceded Black Friday, November 24–25, didn’t make it to the listing of the cheapest days.

Time-sensible, we spotted that morning income aren’t the exceptional as the lowest product expenses typically occur among four am and 12 pm.


if you need something more unique than time ranges, check the graph below.


when we averaged the price over all of the goods for every hour of the day, we spotted that the very best charge occurs at 6 pm EDT and the bottom in the dark.

The most ‘highly-priced’ Days on Amazon for diverse Product classes

The data above reflects the first-rate purchasing and income time throughout diverse Amazon products. Now, are there any styles particular to each category?


five% of the goods noticed peaking fees on January 1–2 and January 11, making them the most ‘pricey’ days across the analyzed period.

The ‘cheapest’ days were November 18 (nine.Four% of the goods had the bottom common fee), November 30 (five%), and November 29 (4%).

normal, the majority of categories seem to have the bottom expenses around Black Friday. The pinnacle costs typically occur after the wintry weather vacations.

Browse through the table beneath for a greater granular view of the most high-priced and most inexpensive days for every class.

The maximum & Least expensive Pricing Days throughout various Amazon Product categories

Product class

maximum fee

Lowest charge

beauty & fitness

January 10, 2022

November 30, 2021


January three, 2022

November 30, 2021


November 29, 2021

November 22, 2021


January eleven, 2022

November 28, 2021


December 29, 2021

December 12, 2021

domestic & garden

December 28, 2021

December 6, 2021


January 2, 2022

November 29, 2021


January 5, 2022

November 18, 2021


January 2, 2022

December 1, 2021

tech / digital

January 2, 2022

December 2, 2021


“I tend to discover that lower-priced merchandise sell better on Tuesdays while the expensive promote higher on Friday evenings or Sundays. Evening time—whilst most of the people have simply were given domestic from work—is a 2d screening time at home, so we will assume better demand during those hours as well as a upward push in expenses.”

Which Amazon products’ charges Are greater volatile?

We answered the “while” aspect of pricing volatility, so now it’s time to deal with the “what.” 

To find out the most rate-risky merchandise on Amazon, we’ve calculated a variant coefficient that reflects the extent of price dispersion round every product’s suggest charge.

From a short observe the table underneath, you may straight away spot that it’s gaming products another time that dominate the listing.

Product / Product kind

Coefficient of variant

switch games

one hundred forty five%

nintendo transfer games


gaming chair


ps5 playstation five


animal crossing nintendo transfer




vinyl statistics



seventy three%

xbox controller


xbox series x

seventy one%

masks disposable




led lighting fixtures for bedroom

sixty three%



ps5 console


the goods you spot on this desk replicate anticipated deliver and call for adjustments. 

on the time, those gadgets were out of inventory in shops and that extended demand drove up the expenses. As items come back in stock, the costs would drop quick to suit the retail pricing.

The graph beneath depicts the fluctuation of the pricing of the ten most charge-turbulent products: 


Are vacation/unique deals just a fantasy, and Does the price definitely pass Down during hot Sale Seasons?

Now that we apprehend a few traditional pricing styles, it’s time to unveil what takes place at some point of the most up to date sale seasons.

As customers see fees with strikethroughs and “unique deal” labels, it’s intuitive to count on that the largest reductions take vicinity at some point of unique occasions. 

however does the fee absolutely drop all that a lot throughout the largest discount dates? We checked out the pricing shifts throughout Black Friday and yuletide to locate the solution.

are you able to really Strike a good buy in the course of Black Friday?

Our analysis indicates that it doesn’t appear to be the charge drops lots for warm sale seasons.

permit’s do not forget pricing variations for Black Friday. We checked out the expenses one week earlier than certainly one of the largest cut price days (19–25 November) and compared them towards the charges within the following week (27 November–three December).

The average product on Black Friday fees $137.46. That is most effective 4% lower than the common rate general ($142.Seventy four). 

additionally, in comparison to the week proper earlier than Black Friday, the Black Friday costs are most effective zero.Five% lower, and then they seem to drop a bit bit greater (1.Five% for the subsequent 7 days).

here’s a depiction of the common pricing fashion at some point of the complete Black Friday length (19 November–three December):


As you could see, there’s no huge fee drop even at the day of the largest sales, Black Friday itself (November 26).

merchandise That noticed the most important discounts at some stage in Black Friday

searching at specific products, the following had the largest charge drops throughout the Black Friday duration:

Product / Product type

BF/ordinary Drop

micro sd card

−seventy six%

walkie talkies






alexa devices



−fifty three%

books for three yr olds

−fifty three%





lavatory organizer


animal crossing


entire ingredients




nintendo switch games


hair dryer


As you could see, this set is now full of fewer tech/digital merchandise, with extra everyday objects topping the listing—walkie-talkies, books, binoculars, rest room organizers, and so forth.

Do the expenses move again Up at once After Black Friday Is Over?


because the graph above indicates, if the product has a considerable rate drop all through Black Friday, it doesn’t go back up right after it.

products You Shouldn’t buy on Black Friday

Black Friday’s buying craze allows a few products to capitalize in this by surely increasing the pricing.

we can’t be sure whether vendors suppose a buying-busy customer received’t be aware the increase, however those products’ prices had been truely higher on Black Friday than at some stage in the rest of the analyzed period:

Product / Product type

BF/usual boom

video video games


hdmi cable

seventy six%


fifty eight%

apple watch bands 40mm


playstation four



forty four%


forty three%


forty two%

christmas decorations indoor




oculus quest 2


in case you had been looking forward to Black Friday sales to buy a PS4 or Amazon Echo, our information says that became a horrific idea. 

a few merchandise do include BF-stimulated discounts (one week before) however without a doubt growth the fee at the day itself:

Product / Product kind

BF/before BF boom

video games


xbox one video games


transfer games

fifty nine%



apple watch bands 40mm



forty seven%

led lighting for bedroom


celebrity trek






rest room decor


if you had been searching out a number of the goods in the desk above, you have to have taken into consideration buying them one week earlier than Black Friday.

The graph beneath suggests products that saw peaking prices on Black Friday if we evaluate the pricing one week before and after November 26. This implies that these vendors may have artificially extended the fees only for Black Friday: 


All in all, anything gaming typically comes at a higher fee around the Black Friday duration, so don’t expect an excellent good buy there.


In most of the people of instances, dealers were taking Black Friday as an opportunity to win new clients, benefit visibility, and attain income velocity without lots cognizance on earning profits.
some dealers, however, are the usage of strategies that also assist to capitalize on income— they increase the costs of products 30 or forty five days before Black Friday after which observe high discounts. We are able to see this within the ancient price movements of Keepa or CamelCamelCamel, for instance.
however as a minimum for the dealers I understand and the goods i have in pricing monitoring, I suppose that Black Friday remains no longer seen as a duration to bill a lot or make money, but as an possibility to get extra visibility.

a few products saw peaking charges during Black Friday, however decreased the fee directly after that:

Product / Product kind

After BF/BF trade

video video games

−forty seven%

hdmi cable



−forty one%



masks disposable


xbox one video games


apple watch bands 40mm




christmas decorations clearance






lavatory decor


Do Christmas sales come with better deals?

If Black Friday as a minimum got here with a few rate drops—four% to be particular—Christmas income caused even deeper sadness from a client angle. 

To our marvel, our records showed that…the average product rate best improved for the duration of Christmas—via a whopping four%—leaping to $148.Fifty seven. 

On Christmas itself, costs had been four.7% better than at some stage in the week earlier than and a couple of% better than in the course of the week after.

here’s an average product pricing trend during the Christmas length (17 December–2 January):


only the following merchandise got here with a more or much less excellent fee drop (evaluating 24–26 December costs to the whole analyzed duration):

Product / Product type

Christmas / standard Drop


−forty six%

ps4 video games

−forty four%

playstation 4

−forty two%

ps 5 console


apple watch collection 3




christmas decorations clearance




hdmi cable


christmas decorations


christmas stockings


oculus quest 2


xbox one controller


led christmas lighting fixtures


outside christmas decorations


in contrast to Black Friday, Christmas sales look like a terrific time for anything ps as well as Christmas-associated goods (mainly decorations that gained’t usually sell at any other time earlier than the following vacation). 

For a last-minute good buy, right here’s a list of products that noticed more big fee drops for the duration of Christmas itself compared to the average rate from a week earlier than:

Product / Product kind

Christmas/earlier than

ps4 games




covid 19 check kit at home


harry potter


playstation five console


christmas decorations out of doors


xbox collection s


nintendo transfer console


xbox controller


playstation 4


xbox series x


right here are the products that got here with the lowest price lower at some point of Christmas if we compare the pricing just a week earlier than and after Christmas:

All in all, not like Black Friday, Christmas looks as if the exceptional time to purchase gaming products.

merchandise That saw the most important fee increase at some stage in Christmas

simply as with Black Friday, some merchandise’ charges even grew for the duration of the iciness vacations.

here’s a list of items that noticed peaking costs over Christmas compared to the entire analyzed length: ​​

Product / Product type

Christmas/overall boom

switch video games


bathroom decor


mask disposable

ninety five%

walkie talkies


micro sd card


books for three yr olds

fifty five%


fifty two%

kitchen gadgets






bluetooth headphones



forty nine%

gaming chair


xbox one games


If normal products saw the biggest rate drops throughout Black Friday, over Christmas, they came with better prices. 

for instance, the very same binoculars that were discounted through greater than 50% on Black Friday came with a 50% better fee on Christmas. The identical with books for 3-year-olds, walkie-talkies, and a few different merchandise.

because of this we are able to see a counter-pattern: merchandise that see the biggest discounts on Black Friday usually cost extra than traditional at Christmas, and vice versa.

some other curious notice is that if ps merchandise noticed the most important fee drops at Christmas, Nintendo doesn’t follow its competitor’s footsteps. “switch games” showed the largest fee growth.

What happens to costs After Christmas?

We mentioned that a number of the Christmas staples remain affordable at some stage in the holiday as a few fees of normal Christmas merchandise move up straight after the holidays are over.

Product / Product kind




christmas decorations clearance


ps4 video games



sixty five%

apple watch collection 3


alexa devices


ps five console

forty nine%

ps 4

forty eight%




forty two%

but there are a few dates when buying Christmas-related goods would be a large no as we noticed two fee peaks right earlier than Christmas—December 22 at 3 pm; and December 27 at 4 am.


A more exact tackle Black Friday fees

As Black Friday came with more awesome price drops, we determined to take a greater nuanced look in terms of product pricing—to pinpoint merchandise that come with the best bargains.

because it grew to become out, most effective 1.6% of all of the analyzed products feature the lowest fees on November 26 itself.


reputedly, the pleasant things to shop for on Black Friday are popsockets and girls’s underwear. 

The table under suggests product categories with the most important charge drops on November 26: 

Product / Product type

average rate

rate on BF

% exchange

air fryers satisfactory seller top




child alive




bluetooth earbuds

$seventy two



jeans for women








underwear for girls





$ninety one



mens sweatpants








shark vacuum








Are the reductions Even actual?

As for specific merchandise (aka product listings), customers rely plenty on notions like “excellent fee”—a label that shows how a lot a product became well worth before the decreased rate. 

right here’s a run through of the maximum discounted merchandise customers have been seeing this Black Friday:



Base value

real fee (on Black Friday)

% difference



SAMSUNG seventy five-Inch magnificence Terrace full sun outdoor QLED 4K clever television with Alexa integrated (QN75LST9TAFXZA, 2021 model)






SAMSUNG 85-Inch elegance Neo QLED QN90A collection–4K UHD Quantum HDR 32x smart tv with Alexa integrated (QN85QN90AAFXZA, 2021 model), TITAN Black


$three,747.Ninety nine




SAMSUNG seventy five-inch magnificence QLED The Terrace out of doors tv–4K UHD Direct full Array 16X Quantum HDR 32X clever television with Alexa built-in (QN75LST7TAFXZA, 2020 model)

$6,497.Ninety nine

$four,997.Ninety nine




Bowflex Treadmill collection


$2,199.Ninety eight




Matterport Pro2 3-D camera for developing expert 3D digital reviews with 360 views and 4K images




$1,2 hundred.00


SAFAVIEH Evoke series EVK256D Oriental Distressed Non-losing dwelling Room bedroom eating domestic office area Rug, 10′ x 14′, grey / Ivory

$1,four hundred.00


−seventy three.Sixty four%



Bowflex Treadmill collection



−37.Fifty two%



SAFAVIEH Monaco series MNC255M Boho chic Oriental Distressed Non-losing dwelling Room bedroom dining domestic office region Rug, 9′ x 12′, Blue / mild grey



−seventy five.08%

$972.Ninety nine


Razer Blade 15 advanced Gaming computer 2020: Intel center i7-10875H 8-middle, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 exceptional Max-Q, 15.6” FHD 300Hz, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, CNC Aluminum, Chroma RGB lights, Thunderbolt three


$1,599.Ninety nine

−46.Sixty seven%

$1,four hundred.00


Safavieh reflection series RFT665D antique Distressed location Rug, 9′ x 12′, Cream / Ivory



−72.Fifty eight%

$940.Sixty seven

A $3,000 discount for a Samsung tv seems like the most important bargain. But…our statistics indicates which you must be wary of such ‘offers’.

In fact, some of the “base values” aren’t real—the average pricing for some of the products was an awful lot decrease than the original rate indicators at some point of the cut price.

let’s comply with up on our Samsung television instance:

The common rate of this product on Black Friday became $9,997.99, and the sellers quoted $12,999.99 because the base fee earlier than the sale. Our dataset suggests that the average price of a Samsung tv over the analyzed period become definitely $10,0.5.Fifty three, with $10,997,ninety nine as the highest rate (on January 2d at 8 pm).

this means that the listing for the Samsung tv in no way got here with the rate the vendor categorized on Black Friday as ‘authentic’.

some other correct instance is the second one product, every other Samsung television. The common charge during BF is $three,747.99, but the dealers declare that earlier than reductions it was $4,999.99. In our database it looks as if the common rate additional time turned into $3,453.15 (so even decrease than at some stage in BF) and the best charge turned into $4,197.Ninety nine.

identical case we have with Matterport Pro2 three-D camera (asin: B08B2Q3S85). The average rate at some point of BF is $2,195.00, however the dealers declare that earlier than reductions it become $3,3950. In our database it seems like the average charge extra time was $2,320.08 (so slightly higher than at some point of BF) and the highest rate was $2,795.

identical with the 6th product in our table (asin: B01GS1SC54). The common charge all through BF is $369.02, however the dealers claim that earlier than reductions it became $1,four hundred. In our database it seems like the common price beyond regular time was $364.Ninety six (so even lower than during BF) and the very best rate became $369.02.

here’s what the real pricing image for the reputedly most discounted products on Black Friday looks as if:



Base price (on Black Friday)

common charge (on Black Friday)

common price (typical)

Avg price usual–avg price on BF

Avg price usual–base fee


SAMSUNG seventy five-Inch elegance Terrace full sun outdoor QLED 4K smart tv with Alexa built-in (QN75LST9TAFXZA, 2021 model)

$12,999.Ninety nine



−$17.Fifty four



SAMSUNG eighty five-Inch elegance Neo QLED QN90A series–4K UHD Quantum HDR 32x smart tv with Alexa integrated (QN85QN90AAFXZA, 2021 model), TITAN Black


$3,747.Ninety nine



−$1,546.Eighty four


SAMSUNG 75-inch magnificence QLED The Terrace out of doors tv–4K UHD Direct complete Array 16X Quantum HDR 32X smart tv with Alexa built-in (QN75LST7TAFXZA, 2020 model)


$four,997.Ninety nine

$five,286.Forty five

−$288.Forty six



Bowflex Treadmill series




−$215.Forty two



Matterport Pro2 3-D camera for developing professional 3D digital experiences with 360 perspectives and 4K images





−$1,074.Ninety two


SAFAVIEH Evoke series EVK256D Oriental Distressed Non-dropping dwelling Room bedroom eating home office region Rug, 10′ x 14′, gray / Ivory







Bowflex Treadmill collection




$a hundred and twenty.35



SAFAVIEH Monaco collection MNC255M Boho chic Oriental Distressed Non-losing residing Room bed room dining home workplace region Rug, nine’ x 12′, Blue / mild grey







Razer Blade 15 superior Gaming computer 2020: Intel core i7-10875H eight-center, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 top notch Max-Q, 15.6” FHD 300Hz, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, CNC Aluminum, Chroma RGB lighting, Thunderbolt 3


$1,599.Ninety nine

$2,030.Fifty eight

-$430.Fifty nine

−$969.Forty one


Safavieh reflection series RFT665D vintage Distressed vicinity Rug, 9′ x 12′, Cream / Ivory



$340.Forty five




Pricing on Amazon is normally affected by deliver and call for a lot greater so than seasonality.
frequently fees on Amazon can move properly above or below MSRP (producer’s cautioned retail price). Commonly, Amazon will suppress objects whose pricing goes appreciably beyond what can be discovered on other big sites, however it will do nothing to prevent falling expenses. However ultimate year, so much inventory become in brief deliver that we noticed even extra charges above MSRP. But, it’s a more not unusual pattern throughout the maximum popular and trending objects.

Amazon product listings frequently feature unique deal badges or a few extra labels. 

One product can even have one deal, however several labels.

even as most of them can be controlled through dealer important, some can’t unless Amazon itself chooses to award you with a unique badge (e.G. Great vendor).

Our evaluation showed that the maximum famous deals are:


share of merchandise with the coupon

restrained time deal


Cyber Monday Deal


Black Friday Deal


save 20%


store 25%


keep 6%


store 10%


keep 5%


store 13%


save 7%


shop 11%


store nine%


shop 17%


store 15%


The most popular labels are:


percentage of merchandise with the label



excellent dealer


shop 5%

three.Seventy eight%

limited time deal


Lowest fee in 30 days


save 10%


save 20%


excursion Toy listing


vacation present guide

zero.Eighty five%

Amazon’s choice


store $10.00


save 15%


keep $2.00


shop $five.00


store $three.00


It’s now not surprising to see that an awesome majority of dealers have the Amazon prime label—because it approach loose and speedy transport, the 2 things Amazon customers recognize the most.


The “prime” label will become even more vital for the duration of the freshest income seasons as delivery becomes more challenging.


proportion of merchandise with the label on November twenty sixth



Black Friday Deal


first-rate seller


save 5%


Lowest price in 30 days

2.Eighty five%

save 20%


shop 10%


vacation Toy list


vacation present guide


Amazon’s preference


store 15%

zero.Sixty two%

keep $10.00


store 25%

0.Forty two%

shop $2.00

0.Forty one%

shop 30%


We observed out that in Black Friday, the “top” label became assigned to seventy nine% of all the products. “Black Friday Deal” and “pleasant supplier” badges had been the second one and 0.33-most popular labels on November 26.


The Amazon prime Badge is definitely the maximum useful for dealers. Now not most effective as it allows with click on-via and conversion quotes, however additionally because so many high contributors truely clear out by unfastened 2 Day transport. Coupons and discounts also can help with CTR and conversion increase, but we want extra records to be analyzed to recognize not best the effect on the bottom line but additionally the lengthy-time period impact on ROI.

Amazon professional, Speaker, Avenue7Media

Amazon Pricing have a look at: maximum crucial Insights for both dealers and buyers

We’ve controlled to unwrap a whole lot of special pricing patterns across Amazon, and most of them are of hobby to each sellers and buyers.

but we understand that this is lots of statistics to digest, so to wrap up, we need to say the important thing discoveries you ought to be being attentive to—both as a dealer and as a consumer.

Key Takeaways for dealers

if you’re an Amazon vendor, or want to simply get started out together with your first actual ecommerce gig, understanding about the general pricing patterns on Amazon can be just what you want to prevail.

while we encourage you to soak up all of the insights we’ve shared in this examine, here are the key things to maintain in mind:

  • Don’t be afraid to promote higher-priced gadgets

at the same time as the common product price (a few of the most in-demand items) is $142,74, we saw loads of higher-priced objects inside the listing of the maximum popular Amazon products.

that is specifically genuine for tech/digital goods that usually come at a good deal better prices than products in other classes.

  • inspire post-New year evening sales

Product charges go up after the end of wintry weather holidays and inside the evenings (5 pm–2 am), so on every occasion you’re running promotions or are making an investment in increasing your sales, don’t forget the exceptional days/instances for better expenses.

  • Be clever about discounting your pricing during the freshest cut price seasons

as it turned out, the fees don’t drop all that a whole lot, even at some stage in the biggest sales intervals. If Black Friday expenses fell by means of 4%, the Christmas period prices grew via the same margin. 

while it won’t sound too purchaser-centric, don’t rush into discounting your pricing by large margins due to the fact, as our research showed, it’s no longer what dealers absolutely do at some point of the freshest income seasons.

with regards to Black Friday or different similar sale seasons, ensure your rate drop is significant. Over the previous couple of years, BFCM has grow to be less and less impactful due to the fact shoppers realize that that’s not once they’re likely to get the great rate. Clients are becoming savvier and savvier and tune fees more than most of the people comprehend. If you’re going to drop your charge, make sure it’s sizable sufficient to get consumers’ interest but no longer too much to make your product unprofitable.

Dan Saunders eCommerce Channel supervisor at Stanley Black & Decker


From a emblem attitude, it’s typically a terrific time to run a promoting all through vacations or other key periods as Amazon consumers are searching out deals throughout those busy intervals. The growing fee of advertising and multiplied cost on Amazon make it difficult to offer rock backside pricing in the course of busy shopping durations. Something else to preserve in mind is how relevant the holiday is to the product. Black Friday/Cyber Monday goes to be terrific for present-able gadgets. No longer as great for standard merchandise like cleansing substances, pet meals, or other consumable/normal products. The Toy class is another example wherein you may expect to find higher reductions in the course of high Day or Q1/2 as dealers can be liquidating unsellable inventory from the vacations.

Key Takeaways for consumers

while some of our findings (and recommendation) may seem cynical and not very purchaser-pleasant, as a client, you have to additionally be aware about the pinnacle pricing strategies of dealers. This may help you strike a actual good buy in preference to fall for a myriad of marketing tricks.

here are the top belongings you have to preserve in thoughts whilst doing your Amazon buying:

  • keep in past due November–past due December among 4 am and 12 pm. 

this era functions the lowest prices for most of the people of products.

  • Gaming products’ pricing is very volatile.

if you’re into gaming, you have a higher risk of having a real good deal, due to the fact gaming fee adjustments are greater tremendous than the ones of other products. 

if you’re in for a ps, set your buying aside for Christmas time—because, all through Black Friday, the charges skyrocket.

  • Don’t expect to look the lowest-ever costs in the course of Black Friday.

only 1.6% of the maximum popular Amazon merchandise have the lowest expenses on Black Friday. So until you’re looking for popsockets or girls’s undies, pay closer attention to the pricing at some point of specific time periods.

gear like Keepa can help you hold track of the pricing for products or even installation rate drop alerts.

  • Don’t accept as true with the rate strikethroughs.

you can fall for a huge discount featured on a given product listing, however it’s quality to review the unique fee labels on similar merchandise to double-test if the seller is exaggerating the rate simply to lure you to buy the product. Although Amazon has been seeking to crack down on such practices, they may nevertheless come up.

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