How Google ranks pages with abbreviations

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Google’s John Mueller replied the question of the way Google’s algorithm handles abbreviations. John spoke back the question intensive and defined how those are essentially synonyms and that Google doesn’t do anything special with abbreviations.

How does Google manage abbreviations?

The person asking desired to realize how Google handles abbreviations like “e.G.” which means that ergo.

They said they’ve many such abbreviations on their internet site.

Google’s John Mueller spoke back:

“And the fast answer is that we don’t do whatever unique with such things as that.

essentially, we treat them as tokens on the facet.

And a token is largely just like a word or word on a web page.

And you’ll probable understand that they’re well-known synonyms for some of these, and remember that a little.

however we wouldn’t do something unique there, as we would really like to have a word list of what this abbreviation approach and deal with it in a special way.

So that is something in which our structures, mainly when it comes to synonyms, ultimately study.

And we mainly deal with them whilst humans search, not when we do indexing. “

John Mueller then recommends watching a video of Google seek engine Paul Haahr speakme at a seek convention published via the Google search middle, which talks about how seek works, wherein Paul discusses the use of synonyms to expand queries.

Mueller says:

“And in this video, it’s going via some of the synonymous challenges we’ve encountered in the past.

And i discovered this very thrilling to look at, and it in all likelihood additionally gives you some ideas on a way to handle a number of those extensions in terms of abbreviations. “

Mueller said the video is from December 2019 or 2020 and posted on the Google seek valuable channel on YouTube.

And there simply is a video from 2019 that was released in 2020, in which Paul Haahr talks about synonyms and expanding queries.

Paul discusses the subject of query and synonym extensions at 1:30 a.M .:

Google video of Paul Haahr discussing synonyms and query extension


“So i am going to speak about something in one in every of our language comprehension structures first, that’s the synonym gadget.”

The display behind Paul displays the following textual content:

    • "person vocabulary ≠ report vocabulary
    • device attempts to bridge the distance through automatically adding opportunity phrases
    • similar to the use of OR, however generally less essential than original terms
    • one in every of Google search's most crucial additives"

Paul Haahr explains the reason of the use of synonyms:

“So what is our synonym device?

this is something to bridge the gap between user vocabulary and question vocabulary – or person vocabulary and record vocabulary.

which means that whilst we see a question, it’s far regularly written in a language apart from the files used.

And we strive to match those matters.

How this actually works seems like we’re including a gaggle of phrases with OR.

Who used the CoR operator in the target audience here?

And the way our synonym gadget works is efficient, we take a consumer query and upload plenty of OR terms to it.

And it is truely one of the maximum critical additives of Google’s ranking … That it’s type of … It’s something we added approximately 15 or extra years ago, it is gotten lots better over the years. “

more films by using Paul Haahr discussing synonyms and question extension

there is every other video wherein Paul Haahr speaks at SMX West in 2016, where he also talks approximately increasing queries and this additionally sheds light on the subject.

Paul discusses extending the question at 6:35 a.M. In the presentation:

See how Google engineer Paul Haahr discusses synonyms


This is not the video John Mueller referred to, but it additionally has a few thrilling statistics.

Paul Haahr explains:

“We do a part of information the question, wherein we strive to determine out what the query way, do a search and score … And then do a little … Changes.

So, in expertise a query, the primary question is, will we know the named entities in the question?

San Jose convention middle, we know what that is. Matt Cutts, we realize what this is.

And so we label them.

and then, are there any beneficial synonyms?

Is trendy vehicles in this context … Does GM suggest trendy motors?

Does GM mean genetically modified?

And my factor is that context is vital.

We observe the whole query for context. “

Google and abbreviations

Mueller seems to be saying in his response that Google sees abbreviations as synonyms. So whilst we reflect onconsideration on how Google could understand a content page, the abbreviation can be condensed into a imperative that means that might be understood as synonymous.


How Google handles abbreviations

See how John Mueller answered the query at 48:43


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