A way to Write a terrific cost Proposition [5 Top Examples + Template]

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Your enterprise’s price proposition is the middle of your competitive benefit. It sincerely articulates why a person might want to shop for from your business enterprise rather than a competitor.

So how do you genuinely write a price proposition assertion that’s robust sufficient to boost conversion prices and income? In this text, you’ll analyze the definition of a fee proposition, what a fee prop is not, examples of a number of the quality fee props we’ve visible, and approaches to create superb fee props.

We’ll cowl:

prepared to dive in?

cost propositions are one of the maximum critical conversion factors. A super fee proposition might be the difference among losing a sale — and remaining it.

because of this, it’s vital to create one which as it should be represents your services and products and makes it clean why you’re the excellent choice. However, writing it from scratch is hard. Download our templates below so that you can follow in conjunction with the rest of the publish.

Your value proposition is a unique identifier in your commercial enterprise. With out it, consumers gained’t have a purpose to purchase what you promote. They may even pick out a competitor truely due to the fact that business communicates its fee proposition actually in its advertising campaigns and income manner.

That stated, you might think: Isn’t my value prop interchangeable with, say, my slogan?

Nope. It’s easy to confuse your price proposition with other comparable brand assets, along with your task declaration, slogan, or tagline. We spoil down the variations under.

cost Proposition vs mission announcement

Your value proposition details what you provide clients and why they need to choose you, whilst a challenge declaration info your objective as an enterprise. While the two may have factors in not unusual, a price prop is extra product- and carrier-oriented whilst a venture assertion is more goal-orientated.

here are two examples for HubSpot and our CRM platform:

cost Proposition: “An clean-to-use CRM.”

project declaration: “To help agencies grow higher.”

price Proposition vs Slogan

A slogan is a quick, catchy statement that brands use in marketing campaigns to sell a particular product. While your price proposition wouldn’t necessarily go in an ad (at least, now not normally), a slogan could. The most essential element to observe is that a company will have exclusive slogans for exclusive campaigns or products.

here are examples from De Beers organization:

value Proposition: “terrific diamonds, international-elegance designs, breathtaking earrings.”

Slogan: “A diamond is forever.”

value Proposition vs Tagline

A tagline is a brief assertion that embodies a certain element of your logo or commercial enterprise. At the same time as a price proposition is more concrete, a tagline can represent a idea or concept that your commercial enterprise stands for. Most companies have simplest one tagline this is instantly recognizable and connected to their brand.

here’s an instance from Apple:

value Proposition: “The fine reports. Most effective on Apple.”

Tagline: “assume exceptional.”

fee Proposition vs project statement vs Slogan vs Tagline

Now, let’s study an example of a commercial enterprise that has all four: Nike. Keep in mind that slogans can differ depending at the marketing campaign.

cost Proposition: “Customizable overall performance or lifestyle sneakers with unique colorways and substances.”

venture announcement: “To deliver inspiration and innovation to each athlete within the global.”

Slogan: “twice the heart. Double the respect.”

Tagline: “simply do it.”

TLDR; whilst your price prop have to help differentiate you from the relaxation of the enterprise, preserve in mind it is not a slogan, tagline, or undertaking declaration. The ones styles of reproduction are vital accessories to your logo, however your ability clients and personnel don’t select one enterprise over the opposite totally based on these elements.

Your price proposition is going deep into the issues you need to remedy for buyers, and what makes your product or service an appropriate answer.

Now, earlier than you write the statement itself, it’s crucial to create a price proposition canvas.

Taking those 3 elements into consideration, you’ll be capable of make your personal after you build a cost proposition canvas.

Value Proposition Canvas Visual

The price proposition canvas is made up of two fundamental components: the purchaser profile and the fee map.

here’s a way to make one:

Step 1: Create a purchaser profile to represent your target consumer.

The purchaser profile makes up the primary 1/2 of the cost proposition canvas. When appearing this exercise, you’ll want to start with this segment first in order that their needs and wants can have an impact on the overall value proposition canvas.

The patron profile includes three regions:

customer Jobs

what is the assignment your client wishes to complete or the trouble they’re trying to resolve together with your products or services? The answer to this query sums up the “client activity” or the reason of your services or products within the eyes of the client.

consumer expectations

“expectancies” are also known as “gains” — in other words, what your consumer is hoping to gain from doing business with you. No matter what you sell, your perfect customer can have an expectation of what that products or services will do for them. On this section, you’ll use studies to explain what your customers expect from you which will purchase your product.

customer pain points

As your consumer completes their “consumer job,” what pains do they revel in? Do they take any dangers whilst they do the client’s process? Do they revel in any bad emotions? Those pain factors must be taken into consideration so you encompass the most useful services and products at the price map aspect of the cost proposition canvas.

Step 2: Create a price map in your services and products.

on this segment of the value proposition canvas, 3 unique sectors help describe what the enterprise offers to the purchaser.

benefit Creators

these are features your services or products have that make the client satisfied. Assume creatively approximately the factors of happiness your customers experience. Do not forget their economic and social dreams as well as their psychographics.

ache Relievers

within the segment above, we discussed customer pains. This section will define precisely how your enterprise will help them triumph over the ones ache points.

merchandise & services

even as this phase gained’t listing every single services or products your business enterprise offers, it should include those that will create the maximum gain and alleviate the maximum pains in your customers.

Step three: determine value proposition-customer match.

after you’ve finished the value proposition canvas exercise, the subsequent step may be to decide how your price proposition suits within the purchaser profile. To do this, you’ll use a rating method that prioritizes services and products primarily based on how well they address the client profile.

All together, your fee proposition canvas should appear like this:

value proposition canvas example

next up, allow’s move over the elements you must encompass for your fee proposition when you’re developing it and publishing it in your website.

elements of a cost Proposition

Your fee proposition will most customarily seem to your internet site. While you could consist of it on advertising campaigns and brochures, the most visible region is your home page and, if you’d like, your product pages.

There are three important factors of a cost proposition: the headline, the subheadline, and a visual element.

The elements of a value proposition


The headline of your price proposition describes the advantage the customer will receive as a result of making a purchase from your business. The headline may be innovative and catchy, but it must be clean and concise, first and foremost.

Subheadline or Paragraph

The subheadline or paragraph ought to provide an explanation for in element what your company gives, who it serves, and why. On this section, you could tricky at the facts within the headline.

visual detail

In a few cases, a video, infographic, or photograph may additionally bring your price proposition higher than words on my own can. Beautify your message with those visible elements to capture your audience’s interest.

To better visualize those equipment, here are a couple templates to comply with when formatting a price proposition.

price Proposition Templates

hubspot 15 free value proposition templatesdownload without spending a dime

we have crafted 15 templates to help you create an amazing fee proposition on your logo — and pairing every of them with an instance of how they’ll look for a actual commercial enterprise. click here to download those loose value proposition templates to your enterprise.

Now that we’ve reviewed the elements, visible gear, and templates — let’s have a look at some emblem examples that efficiently become aware of and fulfill its patron wishes.

because price propositions are usually internal facts and infrequently stated publicly, locating a fee proposition example to version yours after can be tough. We’ve taken the freedom of using the value proposition canvas and making use of it to a few successful companies that have been identified by the American consumer pride Index (ASCI).

In these examples, you’ll see actual-international times of purchaser gains and pains aligned with famous products and services offered with the aid of those organizations.

1. HubSpot: “An smooth-to-use CRM.”

Headline: “An smooth-to-use CRM.” 

Subheadline/Paragraph: “HubSpot’s CRM platform has all of the tools and integrations you want for advertising, income, content material control, and customer support.”

visible element:

value proposition example: hubspot

maximum organizations can gain from using a CRM — even freelance businesses and small family-owned firms. The problem is that maximum systems are over-complex and cobbled collectively, not to mention expensive.

HubSpot’s fee proposition goals to goal energetic CRM users who are bored with managing over-complex structures, and beginners who are intimidated by way of legacy alternatives. To that quit, the product’s price proposition emphasizes its ease-of-use and capacity to synchronize one-of-a-kind teams throughout the business. The logo consists of an picture of a smiling lady to show what it’d be like to apply the product for your crew (trace: it’s so clean, it’ll make you smile).

HubSpot price Proposition Canvas

value proposition canvas example: hubspot

purchaser Profile
  • purchaser Jobs: HubSpot customers need to correctly permit their sales teams to do their pleasant paintings at the same time as heading off complex workflows.
  • gains: customers want to growth their income rep productivity tiers and increase sales.
  • Pains: There are masses of CRM options, however they’re often overcomplicated and create silos.
value Map
  • gain Creators: The HubSpot CRM platform gives streamlined touch control software and productiveness gear in an effort to help income teams do their nice paintings.
  • ache Relievers: The consumer-friendly interface and unified platform gives ease-of-use and excessive visibility across structures.
  • merchandise & offerings: The HubSpot CRM platform consists of income Hub, an business enterprise-degree sales software program that’s simple yet powerful enough to cater to the desires of businesses small and huge.

2. FedEx: “manage your private home Deliveries”

Headline: “control your own home Deliveries”

Subheadline/Paragraph: Sending and receiving applications is handy and secure for folks who want to ship thoughts and improvements throughout the globe.

visible element:

value proposition examples: FedEx

photograph supply

in case you personal a commercial enterprise, transport and packaging prpoducts is likely a enormous a part of your operations, however it can be a time-ingesting, exertions-in depth, and simple inconvenient manner. In case you’re a consumer, you’ve likely skilled riding to a delivery office to get your package deal after a overlooked transport. Each of those are great pain points for FedEx’s goal customers.

FedEx’s cost proposition makes it clear that it will make managing your deliveries much, plenty less difficult — whether or not you’re a business or a client.

FedEx value Proposition Canvas

value proposition canvas example: fedex

patron Profile
  • consumer Jobs: FedEx clients want to proportion thoughts and improvements with different individuals through transport items around the arena.
  • profits: clients need a trouble-loose way to return on line orders and are seeking out a secure and relaxed way to receive their packages.
  • Pains: Returning a bundle at a FedEx transport middle may be inconvenient, and handling home deliveries may be a trouble.
value Map
  • gain Creators: customers can drop off their FedEx packages at locations they store most like Walgreens or dollar widespread, and have peace of thoughts knowing wherein their package deal is at all times.
  • ache Relievers: thousands of FedEx drop-off locations across the us of a, receive notifications while a package is en route and tell the driver wherein to go away the bundle.
  • merchandise & services: FedEx Drop box locations make returning applications handy, and the FedEx shipping manager reroutes or reschedules deliveries to paintings with the customer’s schedule.

3. LG: “ultra-modern residing revel in”

Headline: “latest dwelling enjoy”

Subheadline/Paragraph: LG SIGNATURE gives you an progressive product layout that creates an first rate residing revel in for people who want to acquire a cutting-edge living experience.

visible detail:

value proposition examples: LG Signature

image source

The right domestic home equipment can make your at-domestic revel in easy and problem-loose — or it can quickly create complications with low energy efficiency and outdated capabilities. In its value proposition, LG targets customers who are inclined to spend only a little greater on the proper appliance in trade for a secure, hassle-unfastened, and costly experience.

Even the imagery allows you believe what your existence might be like after purchasing an LG appliance.

LG cost Proposition Canvas

value proposition canvas example: lg

client Profile
  • patron Jobs: LG clients need simple, yet progressive technology that enables them acquire a today’s residing experience.
  • profits: customers have an intuitive and responsive revel in with every appliance they have interaction with interior their homes.
  • Pains: There are too many useless buttons and capabilities on appliances that get inside the manner of a easy living revel in
value Map
  • advantage Creators: customers can use generation to beautify their home experience without needing to study a guide.
  • ache Relievers: LG gives a easy design that makes a speciality of the person and their lifestyle.
  • merchandise & services: LG SIGNATURE grants an innovative product layout that creates an remarkable residing enjoy.

four. Subaru: “The maximum adventurous, most dependable, most secure, quality Subaru Outback ever.”

Headline: “The most adventurous, most reliable, most secure, pleasant Subaru Outback ever.”

Subheadline/paragraph: The 2022 Subaru Outback takes drivers to the most adventurous places in style with the maximum advanced protection generation.

visual element:

value proposition examples: Subaru

image supply

Subaru is aware of that its target market uses its Outback SUVs for out of doors adventures. So in its price proposition, it makes it clean that the Outback will help its drivers burst off the road safely and in style. Even extra, it states as plenty proper inside the headline.

If I were a capability Subaru patron, I’d realize precisely what I’m getting from that headline on my own. That’s why it’s so critical to consider your wording, because it’s possibly the first issue capability customers will see.

Subaru cost Proposition Canvas

value proposition canvas example: subaru

customer Profile
  • customer Jobs: Subaru customers want to discover the arena’s most adventurous locations in a reliable and secure car
  • profits: clients need to explore the land in a stylish and spacious SUV and look for advanced technological factors in their motors that decorate overall performance and safety
  • Pains: The most secure motors aren’t the most visually attractive, and some SUVs aren’t ready for all-climate or all-terrain environments
price Map
  • advantage Creators: Subarus have a fashionable exterior and interior with adequate floor clearance that protects the automobile in opposition to damage from the environment and superior generation to reduce crashes and make lengthy road trips more secure.
  • ache Relievers: Subarus have a rugged blacked-out trim for fashion and safety, 9.5-inch ground clearance for better balance and performance, and driving force-help era that allows drivers see better, prevent crashes, manipulate cruise manipulate, and brake automatically in emergency conditions.
  • merchandise & services: The 2022 Subaru Outback with widespread eyesight assist era, automated pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-centering.

5. Samsung: “Get prepared to spread Your global”

Headline: “Get prepared to unfold Your world”

Subheadline/paragraph: that is the whole lot you’d want in a top class, durable, 5G cellphone. Then we made it unfold — revealing a big display so you can watch, work and play like by no means earlier than.

visual element:

value proposition examples: Samsung Galaxy

photograph supply

In its value proposition, Samsung correctly goals its most tech-savvy segment by the front-lining its maximum revolutionary design to this point: a foldable smartphone that can double as a mini-tablet. Even extra, it solves a not unusual ache factor for some customers: owning each a pill and a mobile device can sense pointless, so why now not get the fine of each worlds?

Samsung’s fee proposition for its foldable cell device is smart, nicely-targeted, and visually stunning.

Samsung value Proposition Canvas

value proposition canvas example: samsung

customer Profile
  • client Jobs: Samsung clients are tech-savvy and observe the modern day traits, pushed by using performance and aspirational existence.
  • gains: clients want an all-in-one manner to revel in media, paintings productively, and have a fun enjoy all inside the palm in their hands.
  • Pains: commonplace smartphones have length boundaries that stress leisure viewing, gameplay, and paintings talents.
fee Map
  • advantage Creators: Samsung offers a completely unique and expansive design with abilties beyond that of a median cellphone, supplying the maximum superior technology to assist clients perform duties to meet paintings and play.
  • pain Relievers: Samsung offers a smartphone that shows content in pill-like viewing and shows up to a few apps concurrently.
  • merchandise & offerings:The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G folding 6.2-inch phone with dynamic AMOLED 2X monitors, ultra-skinny glass with S Penfold version, and tremendous-sturdy light-weight armor aluminum body.

You’ve seen some tremendous cost proposition examples, now permit’s smash down a way to make your personal.

Step 1: identify your customer’s major hassle.

at the same time as this may require some prematurely research, you could get a head begin on this issue of the value proposition via speakme with exceptional participants of your team. Customer service reps, advertising and marketing professionals, and salespeople can fill inside the gaps approximately what problems your clients are looking to solve by the use of your product or service.

for instance, allow’s say your business sells tax software program on a subscription foundation and automatic templates are covered inside the software program package deal. Your ideal purchaser is seeking out an less costly and person-pleasant manner to get entry to complex tax documents for their enterprise. In this situation, your business’s services can be the solution they need.

Step 2: become aware of all the benefits your products provide.

This step can be as simple as listing out every product you sell and describing its number one benefit. The benefit ought to be concise and targeted on a unmarried patron need.

In our tax software program example, you’d listing every tax template, explain the benefit it affords, and why a consumer would need it.

Step three: Describe what makes those advantages valuable.

subsequent, upload every other sentence that explains why this advantage topics to the consumer.

the use of the equal example above, the cost would be that clients have low-priced tax documentation at their fingertips — some thing that would commonly value them heaps of dollars.

Step 4: join this cost in your consumer’s trouble.

subsequent, pair the consumer’s hassle to the factors that make your products or services treasured. Do they align? In that case, you’re prepared to refine your price proposition to differentiate your offerings from the opposition. If they don’t align, repeat the stairs above till you find a valid buyer want and a viable answer your commercial enterprise offers to meet that need.

There’re 3 templates we suppose do an fantastic job of connecting price to client ache points:

Step five: Differentiate yourself as the favored company of this cost.

in the end, polish your fee proposition to make it precise. Is there a specific customer service imparting your business gives that others don’t? Do you offer any additional offerings that different corporations rate for? Those elements can assist differentiate your cost proposition from competitors whilst preserving the point of interest on the purchaser’s desires.

when you apprehend those steps, you can without problems put into effect them into cost proposition templates as follows.

cost Proposition Templates

rather than focusing on the functions themselves, clean saw the want to emphasize the benefits derived from the capabilities in a easy sentence. With the aid of following this formula you’ll connect the target marketplace and their ache points to the solution:

“We assist (X) do (Y) by doing (Z)”

Moore provides a template that’s extra unique in figuring out the enterprise categories alongside the blessings clients fee. This makes a more clear fee proposition formulation as follows:

“For [target customer] who [needs or wants X], our [product/service] is [category of industry] that [benefits]”

  • Harvard business college method

according to HBS a price proposition is finished high-quality when it solutions the following questions:

what’s my logo supplying?

What activity does the patron rent my logo to do?

What agencies and merchandise compete with my logo to do that activity for the consumer?

What sets my logo apart from competition?

Now that we’ve long gone via steps and templates to comply with, there’s a few tactics we suppose you should maintain in mind.

1. Conduct studies to decide the fee proposition of your competition.

because your fee proposition is the differentiating component between your enterprise and the competition, it’s critical to research the propositions of your closest competition. You can use the value proposition canvas on this publish to decide how every company meets the desires of your consumer character.

Be honest right here — it’s tempting to cognizance at the areas wherein your opposition doesn’t excel, but you’ll have a higher idea of in which your services or products suits inside the marketplace if you key in for your competition’ strengths.

2. Give an explanation for the price of your products and services.

You’re probable familiar with outlining the capabilities and blessings of your product and provider offerings. This tactic takes that idea a step further. With the aid of matching the blessings of your services to particular values that your customers have, you’ll be capable of align what your business provides with what your clients need.

3. Describe the benefits your perfect client will enjoy when they pick out your service or product over the opposition.

whilst crafting this part of your value proposition, include details about how your products or services will gain the purchaser and use examples where you may. Movies, pics, and live demonstrations are all powerful ways to illustrate your cost proposition due to the fact they show the consumer exactly what they are able to count on out of your commercial enterprise.

four. Develop a unique price proposition for every purchaser persona you serve.

preferably, you’ll be focusing your advertising and marketing efforts on a selected target audience. You’ll also discover that this audience can have exceptional wishes based on their shopping for behaviors. Purchaser personas will let you phase your larger target audience into organizations of clients with comparable dreams, goals, pain factors, and shopping for behaviors. As a result, you’ll want a unique cost proposition for every personality. Extraordinary products and services you provide may remedy sure patron ache points better than others, so growing a fee proposition for every personality will higher serve every one.

five. Take a look at your fee proposition together with your target audience the usage of various marketing channels.

every of those techniques will probably be developed internally via your crew this means that you’ll need to validate your paintings together with your audience. Your cost proposition could be communicated through various advertising and marketing channels like your website, social media money owed, video, audio, and in person. Check your proposition with individuals of your target market (each present clients and non-clients) using every of these channels. Equipment like UserTesting assist you to streamline this feedback system so that you can put into effect adjustments quickly to finalize your cost proposition.

We understand the makings of a value proposition, so how can you are making it a great one? Here’s the last three hints we have for you.

What makes an amazing fee proposition?

clear Language

Your value proposition ought to intention to cope with a primary patron want. This restricted awareness enables preserve your value proposition clean and clean to apprehend. With simply one fundamental concept to realise, your audience will be capable of fast decide whether or now not your service or product will be the pleasant solution for them.

specific effects

next, you’ll need to communicate the unique results your patron can expect to get hold of out of your products or services. Will they keep time? Show how. Will their workflow grow to be more achievable? Display a before and after workflow diagram. The specific outcomes might be essential additives of your price proposition as they’ll exemplify exactly how your customers will use your technique to solve their problems.

factors of Differentiation

no longer simplest are your potential clients evaluating your business’s services based totally on their own desires, but they’re also evaluating what you offer in opposition to competition. As a end result, your value proposition will need to include designated points of differentiation. These key points will help customers understand exactly what sets your company apart.

Compose a super fee Proposition

The elements that have an impact on a ability purchaser to come to be a devoted purchaser are restricted. Whether your industry has a number of opportunities to distinguish (like retail) or truly no particular identifiers (like dairy), you’ll discover that a fee proposition will help you recognize your perfect customer and function your commercial enterprise as the great answer for their wishes. Use the tactics, guidelines, framework, and examples in this submit to craft your precise cost proposition.

Editor’s observe: This publish was at the beginning posted in June 2018 and has been up to date for comprehensiveness.



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