Google: Indexing problems can be related to antique spam, however probable now not related to grownup content

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troubles with Google indexing your net pages? Google’s John Mueller said that while Google won’t index pages which might be unwanted, it’s going to index pages that are supposed for adults. John said that if your domain has antique spam and you’ve downloaded and removed junk mail, you can nevertheless see that your new website online isn’t indexed as fast. However, if the site had antique person content material, you probable wouldn’t have observed the indexing issues associated with grownup content.

In other phrases, it may make the effort for Google to believe a website that has a history of junk mail. Google has been claiming it for a decade does now not like to index junk mail. Google has said this many times indexing troubles may be associated with exceptional with the complete internet site. It’s miles important to index the page perform satisfactory exams. And if you see yours the website online is deindexedthis may be a signal of a quality trouble.

however on the subject of person content material and the SafeSearch clear out, it may not usually cause indexing troubles. Google will index grownup content, it just does not like indexing unwanted content.

John said at rating 51:forty two “generally, the index page of things could no longer be related, as an example, if the site had formerly had adult content material. The indexing web page might be affected if the content that became there before turned into very undesirable. This will be something that makes us rather comparable in phrases of indexing, which takes a while to figure out, oh, this new site isn’t always definitely spam at all. “

right here is an embedded video wherein he stated this:


discussion board discussion on YouTube network.

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