Yoast Founder: IndexNow does no longer lead to greater site visitors or advanced crawl efficiency

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a few can be questioning why Yoast or WordPress did now not integrate the Microsoft-supported IndexNow protocol. Properly, Joost de Valk, founder of Yoast, stated he saw no proof that IndexNow enables sites benefit extra visitors or reduce crawling or enhance crawling performance.

right here is what Joost de Valk stated approximately it Twitter “As a long way as I realize, we nevertheless haven’t visible proof that (1) it in reality facilitates websites / website online owners get extra traffic and (2) it reduces crawling / improves crawl performance (and hence reduces electricity consumption). Joost went directly to said “as some distance as i will inform, it definitely works the alternative of two.”

He then explained that he desired evidence because he noticed no proof for it:

So Fabrice Canel from Microsoft stated on Twitter: “We remind all seo searchers that the main value of IndexNow is to quick mirror the modern changes in search engine content. Be listed first, as fast search engine optimization is vital nowadays. IndexNow on maximum web sites gives clear signal and we are dedicated to using it for extra efficient crawling. “

permit’s take into account, Duda, All In On search engine optimization and Rank Math search engine optimization lately delivered support for IndexNow, Cloudflare has been introduced aid, Microsoft has created its very own help WordPress plugin and Google promised try it.

If Yoast and WordPress add it through default, that might be huge. However, I’m not sure this would have passed off with out Google accepting it.

I find the efficiency troubles interesting because this changed into one of the predominant incentives for adopting IndexNow.

don’t get me wrong, i have IndexNow enabled for this website …

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