What is a media package – and how to make it [+ Press Kit Examples]

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Your competitor releases a brand new products or services. You offer some thing comparable – however of route an awful lot higher.

Then abruptly it is the made of your competitor anywhere. Information, on-line rankings, satisfactory lists, consumer courses, even television segments.

How does this occur? And your real query: why isn’t this happening you?

To compete along with your competitors, you want one element to your manage space: a media kit.

here we can explore what a media package is and the way it will let you increase emblem attention and in the long run sales.

besides, a way to make it in your brand.

Media kits can paintings completely on-line as responsive online page printing. Or, organizations may also select to make their printing kits to be had as downloadable static sources, inclusive of a presentation package.

Whichever layout you choose, it’s clear: groups of all sizes advantage from a professional, without difficulty available media kit. This essential resource is the key to received media insurance all businesses crave – from large Fortune 500 companies to individual influencers and sole owners.

A comprehensive media kit have to consist of an outline of the enterprise or man or woman, touch data, social media facts, case studies, information on partnerships and cooperation, and testimonials from beyond customers.

essentially, this is all of the facts a journalist could want to offer your logo in the news – without the headache of inquiring for records on the remaining minute.

the way to make a media package: what to include

So, you need media and partnership reporting (which brand doesn’t?). And also you apprehend how a media kit facilitates make all of this feasible. However how are you to do media package?

right here’s a few properly news: most of the content material and innovative resources you need to create your print kit likely exist already.

Key factors of the media kit encompass a biography or approximately Us page, social media records, case research, partnerships and collaborations, and testimonials. To make the print even less complicated to cover your paintings, you’ll need to encompass super brand identification pics (assume logos and different brand photographs or product / carrier pics).

it is as much as you to (1) discover this statistics, (2) make it appearance dazzling, and (three) make it painfully clean to find in your web site. The rumors you’ve heard about journalists and the way overwhelmed are they? Honestly proper.

if you want to get a person’s attention within the brief time period with a web complete of tale possibilities, you’ll want to simplify that. Most brands pick out a direct web page name, which includes “Press” or “Media” –– or, if they’re without a doubt fashionable, “Newsroom” –– and allow get entry to to it without delay from their domestic web page (regularly within the footer).

Even if you choose the net model, having a downloadable media kit or package is well worth the time invested. A few media users may additionally choose the conventional format of this useful resource, which offers you the first-class opportunity to govern the presentation and tailor the content to all audiences.

Biography or approximately us

let’s begin with the famous person of your media kit: you. Gift your name, your emblem, your assignment here. Make sure your media package design enhances your standard brand identity by the usage of the colors, fonts, and different visual cues listed on your brand manual.

Evernote is versatile on this phase, inside the wider “approximately Us” section in their website there may be information about their press kit. All of the necessities also are for newshounds and partners, but the values ​​of the company are at the middle of attention.

Evernote's homepage of the media kit

Social facts

For social data you’ll need to carry out a social media audit or collect this information from folks who control your social channels. Bear in mind your target market for the click package: media and public family members specialists.

Your media package desires to successfully present your brand to individuals who specialize in getting people’s interest. So show them which you are able to beginning a conversation – and show them which you exist or an audience eager for stories about you and your paintings.

Kickstarter offers a completely unique stamp to this section of their web page with a media package and highlights a number of the great metrics that display superb collaboration with their service.

Kickstarter media kit social media statistics

Media kits for partnership and collaboration have to receive precedence stages of engagement and comparable measurable measurements similarly to bread and butter information consisting of the number of followers. Experienced marketers need to work with brands and influencers who inspire humans to take action.

[word: in case you are a HubSpot Social consumer, you can use reviews to research the overall performance of your social posts and decide how nicely your social media efforts are appearing.]

Partnerships and case studies

This section is your possibility to permit beyond partnerships and collaborations with manufacturers talk for themselves. The oldest proverb “to reveal; don’t tell“Be your guide here. Offering the proper partnerships – thru emblems or quick case studies – is a diffused but powerful tool for positioning your emblem.

international soccer influencers F2 spotlight beyond campaigns, highlight official brands and emblems. In addition they notice key information on engagement for these movements

F2 Media Kit Home Page


Testimonials are every other amazing manner to to expose media specialists impact and effectiveness of your emblem or product.

permit this segment be concise: just one testimony is enough. Only some traces of text (even a unmarried quick quote) and one associated picture emphasize the essence, which gives your presentation greater credibility thanks to social confirmation.

Briogeo does a superb process of highlighting testimonials on its Press & Buzz web page, simply under the clean access Rewards section:
home page of the briogeo media kit with testimonials

visible aids (transferable)

Your media kit is not a fashion guide, but it need to consist of the maximum vital factors of your visual brand. Do you need your brand and this clean screenshot of the product to show efficiently?

Specify exactly the images and documents you need to display. Do you’ve got a killer statistics visualization, infographic, or product video? Encompass that as properly.

reporters will mainly appreciate the photos of your control group. They will most probable cowl stories that involve people, so show them the human beings they need to write approximately.

Birchbox make it less difficult. They spotlight “print material” and hyperlink it to a quick but comprehensive set of sources. Having everything in well-organized folders within the cloud is a pleasing touch – specially for people who browse on cell gadgets.

birchbox media kit home page

without uploading or unpacking a massive batch of pics, traffic can fast verify that you have the visible approach to make their publish look good. Remember the fact that the target market to your media kit is particularly busy and juggling quite a few competitive priorities. Leap to the pinnacle in their pile of “capability jobs” to make their task as easy and painless as viable.

(added bonus: your external media assets are smooth to replace – saving you the fear of previous media kits and picture documents that misrepresent your brand.)

Media package design

Now that you realize what to include to your media package, you will be wondering the way to put all this treasured data collectively in order that it is easy to navigate and smooth to apprehend. You will do that via the index.

The look of your index may vary relying on how you design your media package. On Slack’s internet site, his media kit has a table of contents that incorporates summaries of every section with hyperlinks that lead customers to a separate page, as proven inside the photo under.

the content of the slack website media kit

image supply

if you down load Slack’s media package as a PDF, the desk of contents lists the web page variety for each section, so visitors can quickly navigate to the web page they want or input the web page wide variety within the seek bar.

table of contents of the downloadable slack media kit

photograph supply

regardless of the way you gift your package, it should be designed for smooth get right of entry to. The goal is to create separate sections for the content material you encompass, and create a form of navigation that facilitates individuals who make inquiries quick locate what they need.

allow’s test a few first rate examples of media kits that you could use for idea in developing a package to your enterprise.

Examples of media package

1. Direction

directionThe courting app has a easy and clean printing kit that allows those who inquire about the media to quick get entry to crucial data inclusive of internal press releases:

Example of a printing kit: a media kit with courses

picture supply

in addition to outside articles with information, worker profiles, enterprise history and picture downloads (brand, screenshots, and so forth.).

Example of a printing kit: a portable media kit with hinges

image supply

2. Spotify

Spotify has a unique media kit, one which helps certainly one of its key features – Streaming Intelligence. The media and different customers can study the kit, apprehend the specifics of the tool, how it works, overall performance facts, as well as partnerships with important assets that support its effectiveness.

Spotify suggests us that preferred printing kits are amazing to your business, but they’re also important for things like product launches or unique business gear.

3. Delta airlines

Delta airlines‘the click kit is hosted on his internet site and incorporates all the factors you assume from one. As it’s one of these big company, each section of the print package is on the alternative side of the website that customers navigate to by way of clicking a link.

Media kit example: delta press kit table of contents

image source

in case you click on at the link for, say, awards and recognitions, you may come to a web page that includes noteworthy accolades about Delta and the offerings it offers.

Media kit example: delta press kit statistics

photograph source

Now you recognize what in how developing a media kit to gain beneficial insurance of your logo. click on right here to down load our unfastened media kit template and get started out.

And pat your self on the lower back whilst this functions tale comes out. You won’t see your call in the author line, however we each know who actual the hero is here.

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