How to Write a Press release [Free Press Release Template + Examples]

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In modern day global, brands should generate their own buzz. Consumers are not waiting for the day by day newspaper anymore to get their information. Alternatively, they are scanning headlines on Twitter, fb, and different social media systems.

One way to manipulate the narrative surrounding your emblem is thru press releases. Whether or not it’s sharing a new product release or modifications in your organizational shape, a regular cadence of meaningful information can assist a employer stand out and construct mindshare with journalists over time.

on this post, we will discuss:

what’s a press release/news release?

A press launch is an professional assertion (written or recorded) that an agency problems to the news media and past. Whether or not we call it a “press release,” a “press statement,” a “information launch,” or a “media release,” we are usually speakme approximately the same simple component.

whilst the heading have to include motion verbs, the primary paragraph need to answer the “who,” “what,” “why,” and “wherein.” the clicking launch need to also contain understandable language and a quote.

maximum press releases are succinct at only a page long – two pages tops. In the end, groups want to provide sufficient information in order that news retailers have sufficient cloth for publishing their personal stories about whatever the company is announcing in the launch.

One thing to bear in mind is that press releases live in the public area, because of this your stakeholders and clients can see them.

So, as opposed to taking into account a press release totally as a price ticket to incomes information coverage, take into account it as a treasured piece of advertising and marketing content.

at the same time as there is no cut-and-dried formula for what a press launch must encompass, right here are a few types of events to help you carve out a focal point for your press release and determine what content material could help you broadcast your information inside the excellent way:

Product Launches

The product release type of press release is treasured to get the phrase out approximately the brand new answers your business enterprise is offering to purchasers.

It should emphasize the product’s specs, pricing, availability, and some other details that can be precious to consumers.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Organizational change is noteworthy enough to warrant a press release, specifically for informing cutting-edge and future stakeholders about the boom and trajectory of a organisation.

To announce an acquisition or merger, consist of details about all businesses concerned, statistics approximately the merger or acquisition, and charges from the leadership teams.

Product Updates

similar to a brand new product release, product updates and expansions also are ripe for merchandising. Give an explanation for what the alternate is, why it was made, and the way it advantages the user.


Press releases are an crucial issue of occasion advertising to attract merchandising from news shops and different media sources.

you will need to consist of:

  • What the occasion is ready
  • Who have to remember attending
  • when and where it’ll be held
  • Pricing

Grand Openings

whether or not you opened up a new office, relocated, or are commencing for the primary time, announce the details with a grand commencing press launch.

Announce the date and region the grand starting could be held, who is involved, how the grand opening is being celebrated, and the motive for the flow (if relevant).

New Partnerships

similar to mergers and acquisitions, a press launch announcing new partnerships is a collectively beneficial marketing tactic.

To efficiently execute this type of release, make certain to write a summary about each corporation, why the partnership was created, who blessings, and any additional critical info for cutting-edge and destiny stakeholders.


Rebranding is a difficult issue for any business to do, and it can on occasion bring about confusion and awkwardness.

One manner to make the transition smoother is by saying the rebrand with a press release, along with details on what is changing, the purpose for making the change, dates the adjustments cross into impact, and fees from the management group.

government team adjustments

Executives often function faces of the enterprise, and a press launch features to kick off this position.

it can encompass biographical statistics to set up their credibility at the side of a image and other pertinent info.


in relation to enterprise excellence, it’s ok to brag. Press releases approximately awards and accomplishments serve to cement your enterprise as an expert for your area.

this kind of press launch consists of information about the organisation and why they have been given the award, information approximately the award itself, and details about the ceremony (if applicable).

while formatting a press release, you want to write down it in a newsy, trustworthy manner so a journalist who may write approximately it may consider it as an article on their news website online.

to begin, right here are the basics every press release have to encompass:

  • Your touch information placed at the pinnacle left nook
  • The phrase “for fast release” located on the top proper
  • A headline that speedy explains the assertion
  • Your enterprise region within the first sentence of the press launch
  • A brief bio approximately your employer at the cease of your press release.

you also may need to consist of “###” or another signifier to show the journalist that the release has ended. Inside the beyond, this avoided busy reporters from ready or flipping the page for greater information whilst there has been no more news. However, this lifestyle is nevertheless followed and relatively-respected today.

Now, onto the body of your press release:

  • Your first paragraph have to kingdom what the assertion even as presenting some context around your enterprise and what it does.
  • the next to three paragraphs have to encompass costs from a organisation spokesperson or commercial enterprise executive to provide an explanation for the “why” at the back of this assertion.
  • Your remaining paragraph ought to be an “approximately Us” segment that explains what your business enterprise is and what it offers.

In this situation, Catbrella Inc., a fictitious ad company that just received its 10th Twitter follower after years of paid social media efforts, pronounces its achievement in a press launch.

Sample press release format by HubSpot, with orange markers highlighting five key areas on the press release: headline, 3 paragraphs, about us section

*Disclaimer: HubSpot is absolutely responsible for the silliness of this faux statement.

Writing a press release to break essential company information can assist corporations grow higher, however doing it proper is simply as critical. Here’s a way to write a press launch, like the one above, step-through-step.

1. Write a compelling headline.

you have your declaration in mind, and now it’s time to get it down in phrases to share along with your community, enterprise, and followers.

much like writing the suitable blog publish name, putting in place your press launch for achievement starts with your headline. You only have one line to paintings with, which can appear frightening, but don’t forget your phrases carefully to make your headline charming.

here are some suggestions to make your headline stand out:

  • Use action verbs.
  • Be precise.
  • maintain it brief.

most importantly, make it thrilling: remember that journalists get dozens, if now not masses, of releases every day, so make investments the time to write a compelling headline.

clients, however, see news testimonies all over their timelines. As such, your headline desires to be exciting enough to reel them in.

2. Carry the news fee to the press.

if you want your press release to be newsworthy, you have to provide readers a reason to care.

a terrific way to make certain that is via using the reverse pyramid formulation whilst writing your press release: Going from the most essential records to the least important.

while the primary paragraph of your release have to give an explanation for the who, what, in which, the second one paragraph have to cover the why.

reporters do not have a ton of time to sift via info and fluffy history information — they simply need the statistics that’ll assist them tell your tale to a person else from a function of authority.

There shouldn’t be any new, important records blanketed after these sections because the readers may want to potentially pass over them.

three. Provide a tempting quote.

once you’ve got set the scene, it is time to convey your information to lifestyles with a quote that journalists can use for context around your announcement and assist paint a photo of the way your information impacts the given industry, client base, and landscape.

preferably, fees will be from key stakeholders in your company inclusive of your govt crew, venture leads, or those directly impacted by your declaration.

Quoting key figures and authorities underlines the importance of your improvement. The chosen quote need to form your narrative and emphasize the core of the declaration.

do not ask every body for your workplace for a remark or feel pressured to cite all 25 people covered in the acquisition. Select one or essential spokespeople and attention the prices around their precise attitude.

4. Offer treasured heritage statistics at the problem.

on this last paragraph, keep in mind that the reader have to already have key info they want concerning your assertion.

offer details right here that toughen your narrative, like creative or noteworthy ways your organization developed the project or announcement handy. Or, when relevant, comment on the destiny implications of your statement.

another true way to feature value to your press launch is by using the use of newsjacking. A manner of pertaining to your press release to something presently happening to make it more precious to the journalist and reader.

five. Summarize the “who” and the “what” in a boilerplate.

Twitter is chock-complete of newshounds lamenting press releases or pitches that do not actually provide an explanation for what the agency does or what the declaration is clearly about.

Describe what your agency does in clean, undeniable language and encompass a link to your business enterprise’s website early on.

if you cite facts, encompass a reference link for the information supply, and make sure each name inside the release has an associated name and enterprise as well.

To preserve yourself sincere on this the front, ask a colleague to examine the discharge without context and ask them to relay the statistics again to you. In the event that they cannot don’t forget the who, what, or why get again to the drawing board.

Press release Template

This template consists of press release templates based totally on the kind of declaration your business enterprise desires to make, whether it is a new product, a partnership, or a trade inside your organization.

press release template offer from hubspot

download This Press release Template for free

This template additionally gives innovative replacements for the conventional press release and a manual on the way to create a comprehensive promotional plan. You will have exactly what you want to power logo awareness and stand out among your competitors.

Press launch Examples

Many humans assume press releases ought to be chock full of buzzwords and branded phrases.

“big data,” anyone? 5-syllable phrases you have to appearance up on glossary.Com? Costs from each executive on the earth that go on for pages? We’ve got visible all of it. Lamentably, so have newshounds – and they’re now not fans.

instead of stuffing your subsequent launch with industry jargon, take a web page out of our ebook (adequate pleasant, e-book), The Newsworthy manual to Inbound Public members of the family, and brainstorm some innovative procedures to your next declaration.

can you consist of new facts? A great photograph or video? A shareable SlideShare? If so, a innovative attitude can help deliver your content material and boom the probability of social sharing.

Now, to get you questioning on the right music, check a few creative press launch examples beneath, the type of information each one is reporting on, and what makes the release unique:

1. Microsoft

kind of press release: Acquisition

snapshot of press release example from microsoft

photograph source

the primary thing that stands proud on this press release is the headline. It tells a full story with out being too lengthy: It covers who is involved (Microsoft and Activision), what’s occurring (an acquisition), and why it matters (to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone).

all through the clicking release, you get charges from leaders in each companies, helping provide an explanation for the gain of this acquisition and the way it’ll pass the enterprise forward.

towards the lowest of the click release, you get extra context surrounding each employer’s market percentage and the way this acquisition will effect the industry.

2. Flourish

sort of press launch: group and office expansion

snapshot of press release example from flourish

image source

Organizational changes can appear noticeably uninteresting. One way to generate some hobby is to include visual factors to add extra dimension to the story.

on this press release saying a team and office enlargement, assignment capital company Flourish shares snap shots of a few new hires right at the pinnacle, straight away drawing readers in.

the release dives into the reason in the back of the enlargement and the important thing regions of recognition transferring forward. Then, we get a quick bio for each lease featured in the photograph, that may assist build exhilaration surrounding the logo’s destiny.

the key takeaway here is: don’t be afraid to apply visual factors to your press release, as they are able to help draw readers in.

3. SuperCom

sort of press launch: event

snapshot of press release example from supercom

picture supply

because the shortest press launch within the bunch, SuperCom shows that much less is frequently more.

in this launch, safety solutions business enterprise SuperCom announced its participation in an upcoming convention.

with regards to occasions, the most important details are date and area. As long as you have got the ones key pieces, the entirety else is a bonus.

One aspect that would’ve extended this launch is a quote on who can advantage from attending this event and why, as a manner to reel in potential attendees.

four. HubSpot

type of press launch: application release

snapshot of press release example from hubspot

image supply

we have also crafted this complete, easy-to-follow press release template complete with a promotional plan and concerns on your subsequent statement. We use these equal hints when writing and formatting our releases here at HubSpot, and created a faux, sample release to demonstrate what content is going wherein and why.

recommendations for Publishing Press Releases

Writing a press launch is simply most effective half of the war. After you’re finished with production, it’ll be time to consciousness on distribution.

Of route, we are all familiar with the conventional distribution levers we will pull, which consist of publishing the click release on our website/blog in addition to sharing the press launch with our followers/subscribers thru social media and e-mail.

To get the most quantity of distribution feasible, here are some hints you can follow.

1. Reach out to unique reporters.

in place of blasting a press launch out to each journalist you could discover an e-mail deal with for, focus on some journalists who’ve enjoy masking your industry (and corporation, with a bit of luck) and send them personalized messages.

join the dots. Display why what you wrote connects to what they write.

2. Ship the release to pinnacle reporters the day before.

provide reporters some time to craft a story around your press launch through sending it to them — under embargo — the day earlier than it formally goes live.

“beneath embargo” simply approach they are not allowed to proportion the statistics inside the press release till the time you specify.

three. To avoid opposition, don’t post your release at the hour.

in case you’re publishing your press launch on a distribution provider like PR Newswire or enterprise twine, avoid publishing it at the hour (e.G., 1 p.M., or three p.M., or five p.M.).

The cause? Most agencies time table their releases to go out on the hour, which means that in case your release goes out at the hour too, it’s much more likely to wander off inside the shuffle.

as an alternative, try going with a more awesome time (e.G., 1:12 p.M., or 3:18 p.M., or 5:22 p.M.).

4. Proportion your media insurance.

If all goes in accordance to plan, and your press launch receives picked up via the media, your process nonetheless is not finished.

To keep the thrill going, you could launch a “2d wave” of distribution with the aid of sharing the precise memories that news outlets write based for your press launch.

you can additionally percentage the information on your digital channels, like social media and electronic mail, to bring cognizance to your assertion.

the way to Stand Out within the information

the important thing to retaining your PR approach new school is forgetting preconceived notions of what public relations is and rather focusing on developing notably terrific content material. Traditional press releases can still be truly precious when carried out well.

rather than ditching releases as a tactic, supply them a modern-day makeover to lead them to extra beneficial in your advertising.

reflect onconsideration on how you have used inbound methods to transform your advertising and marketing techniques to be more customized, approachable, and build relationships. The ones identical concepts observe on your PR approach: Create content material to craft your very own story and use tactful outreach to get the media familiar with (and enthusiastic about) your emblem.

Editor’s word: This post turned into initially posted in November 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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