10 exquisite Examples of Welcome Emails to encourage Your very own method

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we have all heard how essential it’s miles to make a terrific first impression.

display up past due for a activity interview? It’s a bad first impact. Consume a ton of garlic and forget about to brush your enamel earlier than a primary date? Additionally a terrible first impression.

It turns out that the “make an amazing first impression” precept holds genuine now not most effective in face-to-face encounters however email interactions as well. The result? The right welcome electronic mail goes a long manner to connect to capacity commercial enterprise contacts or customers.

when you send a welcome e-mail to a new blog reader, newsletter subscriber, or client, you’re making a first influence on behalf of your brand. To assist make sure you are making the first-class first influence viable, we have rounded up a few examples of standout welcome emails from brands large and small.

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free welcome Email Template to send to customers

As you will soon discover, every example underneath showcases specific procedures and techniques for attractive new electronic mail subscribers. Permit’s dive in.

The components of an impressive Welcome electronic mail

What makes a brilliant welcome email? Whilst there’s no person-size-fits-all layout, there are numerous key additives which can help your e-mail stand proud of the group and connect with your supposed target market. Those consist of:

Compelling situation traces

step one in making a amazing first influence? Make sure recipients virtually open your emails. Challenge lines are important — opt for quick and to the point subjects that make it clear what you’re sending, who it’s from, and why it subjects to capability customers.

content material hints

while the main reason of welcome emails is to introduce your logo, it’s additionally vital to feature fee through imparting the following steps for involved clients. An excellent place to start is through providing links to the exquisite content material to your website to be able to give your customers more context if they’re curious approximately what you do and the way you do it.

custom offers

Personalization can assist your welcome emails stand out from the %. With the aid of imparting custom designed introductory gives on merchandise consumers may also want — based on the records they’ve provided or statistics available on public, social systems — welcome emails can assist pressure ongoing interest.

clean choose-Out options

It’s also important to offer a clear manner out if customers aren’t interested. Make certain all of your welcome emails include “unsubscribe” alternatives that allow clients to select how a lot (or how little) contact they want from you going ahead. If there’s one issue that sours a budding enterprise relationship, it’s incessant emails that aren’t easy to prevent. Constantly supply clients a manner to opt-out.

10 Examples of Standout Welcome Emails

So what does a super welcome electronic mail look like? We’ve gathered some standout welcome message series examples that consist of getting started out messages, thanks emails, and offer templates that will help you take customers thru the welcome method from begin to complete — and make a exceptional affect along the manner.

1. Virgin the usa

sort of welcome: Get began

Virgin America welcome email with a red CTA to get started

A welcome email is an excellent medium for introducing oldsters to the traits (and eccentricities) that make your emblem precise.

For Virgin the usa, that means putting the “i really like you” hand symbol front and center. This small gesture alerts to the recipient that the oldsters at Virgin america care approximately their customers. The playful accompanying reproduction, “Welcome aboard,” and casual call-to-movement, “grasp a seat,” additionally assist to position Virgin america as a hip, amusing-loving logo proper off the bat.

2. Food52

type of welcome: Get started

Food52 welcome email with a gray CTA to get started

every so often the tiniest of factors in a welcome e-mail can communicate volumes about a brand. And in relation to Food52’s welcome e-mail, their preview textual content on the top of the e-mail, “We brought snacks,” without a doubt accomplishes this.

also called a pre-header or snippet textual content, the preview textual content is the copy that receives pulled in from the body of an e-mail and displayed subsequent to (or under) the situation line in someone’s inbox. So when you see Food52’s welcome e mail to your inbox, you get a taste in their brand’s character earlier than you even open it.


Food52’s welcome e mail additionally does an awesome task of constructing consider by way of putting a face (make that two faces) to their name. As quickly as you open the email, you notice a picture and message from the corporation’s founders.

3. Monday.Com

sort of welcome: Video

Monday.Com welcome email with a link to watch a video by CEO Roy Man

From the problem line to the conversational tone in the electronic mail body, the welcome e-mail above maintains it pleasant and simple so the focal point remains on the introductory video interior.

Monday.Com is a task control device for teams and companies, and the welcome e mail you get while you join up makes you experience just like the CEO, Roy guy, is talking directly to you. The e-mail even personalizes the outlet greeting with the aid of the use of the recipient’s first name — this is widely recognized for increasing email click on-through costs (in particular if the name is in the situation line).

The more you may make your e mail sound like a one-on-one communication among you and your subscriber, the better. If you have simply so many info you need to tell your new customer of, follow Monday.Com’s lead and embed them in a video, as opposed to spelling all of them out within the e-mail itself.

four. Kate Spade

sort of welcome: thank you

Kate Spade welcome email with orange envelope graphic saying thank you

let’s accept it: We, the net-the usage of public, are constantly bombarded with prompts to join and subscribe to all styles of email communications. In order a emblem, when someone takes the time to sift via all of the chaos to be able to deliberately sign on to your e-mail communications, it is a large deal.

as a way to well known how grateful they may be to the those who absolutely make an effort to subscribe, Kate Spade uses a simple — however effective — tactic with their welcome emails: they are saying “thanks” in massive, bold lettering. And with the aid of putting that “thanks” on an envelope, Kate Spade recreates the sensation of receiving an actual thank-you letter in the mail. (The 15% off cut price code would not hurt both.)

5. Lyft

type of welcome: Get commenced

Lyft welcome email with pink CTA to get started

If there may be a great “mind-set” that welcome emails ought to supply off, Lyft has got it.

The agency’s easy however vibrant welcome electronic mail, shown above, focuses totally on the appearance and sense of the app, turning in a layout it truly is as heat and smooth as the lifts that Lyft desires to provide you with. On the equal time, the e-mail’s branded purple call-to-action attracts your eyes towards the middle of the page to “Take a journey” — inviting language that doesn’t make you feel forced as a new user.


form of welcome: offer

IKEA welcome email with offer to join free membership

It might not be the most superbly designed e mail in this list, but that doesn’t suggest IKEA’s welcome e-mail isn’t effective.

instead of going for the difficult sell (e.G., “by stuff now!”), or explaining what it’s miles they do (that is something IKEA likely assumes most people already recognize), IKEA uses its welcome email to show oldsters onto its different, lesser-recognised applications and content material channels. For example, there may be a name-to-motion right on the pinnacle that explains the fee of its member benefits program. There also are activates to go to their design blog and to contribute to their collaborative “share space” website.

Of course, in case you’re now not inquisitive about any of that stuff, IKEA’s welcome e mail also makes it smooth so one can simply log in and start shopping (there may be a login field right up pinnacle).

7. Michaels

kind of welcome: offer

Michaels welcome email with offer of 20% off an entire purchase

The Michaels technique to the welcome e mail borrows elements from both Kate Spade and Virgin the usa. Similarly to expressing gratitude to the folks that took the time to sign on, Michaels uses its welcome e mail to exhibit the logo. And the employer does a high-quality job: The lengthy email seems like one huge arts and crafts task, complete with paint, yarn, and chalkboards.

some other standout function of this welcome e-mail is that Michaels makes it right now clean what cost its destiny e-mail communications are going to offer. After thanking subscribers, there is this first-class little bit of reproduction that sums it up:

“we’re going to ship a laugh stuff like DIY recommendations and tricks, invitations to in-shop events, and specific offers and coupons.”

8. Sphero

form of welcome: hi there

Sphero welcome email with BB-8 Star Wars Droid saying hello

Sphero’s welcome e-mail might in reality be the cutest one we’ve seen recently — and it become despatched from a galaxy a long way, far away.

in case you purchase a Bluetooth-managed BB-eight, the friendly Droid from superstar Wars, it was probably made via Sphero. And if it became, you’ll have an e mail just like the one above ready for your inbox whilst you set off your new rolling companion.

This e-mail’s concern line is what qualifies it for this listing — “a bit Droid informed us you wanted our emails.” by means of cleverly personifying the product, and being truly candid about its electronic mail marketing newsletters, Sphero develops a relationship with its recipients through the product you just sold from them.

besides showing you how to use your new BB-eight Droid with your cellphone, all this welcome email desired to do changed into say hello — much like BB-8 himself.

nine. InVision

kind of welcome: Video

InVision welcome email with link to watch video

when you sign on for InVision’s loose prototyping app, the welcome electronic mail makes it very clean what your next step have to be: using the app.

To facilitate this movement, InVision’s welcome electronic mail would not surely list out what you need to do to be able to get started. As a substitute, it indicates you what you want to do with a chain of short videos. Given the visual, interactive nature of the product, this makes a whole lot of sense.

10. go with the flow

sort of welcome: Get started out

Drift welcome email with link to get started

No fancy design paintings. No movies. No images. The welcome electronic mail glide sends out after signing up for his or her publication is a lesson in minimalism.

the e-mail opens with a bit of candid remark on the email itself. “the majority have truly lengthy welcome e-mail sequences after you get on their e mail list,” Dave from waft writes, earlier than persevering with: “exact news: we are not most of the people.” What follows is without a doubt a bulleted list of the organisation’s maximum popular blog posts. And the handiest point out of the product is available in a quick postscript at the very cease.

if you’re trying to craft a welcome e-mail it’s non-interruptive, and that is laser-centered on adding fee vs. Fluff, that is a notable example to comply with.

Bonus instance: HubSpot’s Welcome e mail Templates

need a bit help getting your welcome e mail efforts off the ground? We’ve got you covered with welcome message templates to streamline the relationship system. The example beneath is one in every of 4 templates provided in our unfastened kit (which also consists of forty+ consumer email templates) and showcases a trustworthy example of a great welcome email.

surely fill inside the info, tweak the text to mirror your brand voice, and begin sending.

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Now that you’ve visible some excellent examples of welcome emails, let’s dig into the technique of writing a awesome e-mail and catching patron interest.

1. Write a Catchy subject Line

research indicates that whilst greater than 90% of welcome emails are opened, just 23% are without a doubt study. Which means in case your welcome email doesn’t seize the eye of your new customer, they’ll not know you sent it at all.

The high-quality tool you could leverage to increase e-mail open fees is the problem line. A catchy and actionable concern line can draw clients in and make them curious approximately your content.

while writing concern strains, be sure to encompass what your electronic mail is promoting and the way it will benefit your customer. Take into account to be concise because the reader will simplest be capable of see a sentence or within the preview. An excellent rule of thumb is that your subject line have to provide sufficient facts to peak the reader’s hobby, but no longer enough so that they want to open your email for the total info.

2. Restate Your cost Proposition

although this can look like an pointless step to take, it may absolutely offer a few enormous blessings.

The maximum obvious gain is that it provides the customer with some reassurance that they made the proper choice signing up. It is in no way a bad issue to remind clients why they created an account with you, and it clarifies exactly what they could count on to obtain with your products or services.

This also gives you the opportunity to actually provide an explanation for any ancillary services or features which you provide that would create more stickiness together with your business. This is particularly real when you have a complex solution with particular functions that clients won’t realize approximately.

3. Display the subsequent Onboarding Steps

Now that you’ve reminded them why they signed up, get them completely installation along with your services or products. Normally, there are steps that users have to take after signing as much as get the most out of the platform. Examples encompass:

  • completing their profile information
  • putting possibilities
  • importing vital statistics (e.G. Contacts into a CRM, profile picture for a social media profile, and many others.)
  • Upgrading their account or finishing an order

four. Generate the “A-ha” second

that is one of the maximum essential steps to soak up a welcome electronic mail, and there is a statistics-subsidized cause behind that. Former fb head of increase, Chamath Palihapitiya famously determined that if you can get a person to accumulate seven friends within 10 days, they were more likely to look fb’s “core fee” and emerge as a returning lively person. That is called an “a-ha moment,” in which the client understands how they gain from using your service or product.

The intention is to get the user to this aha second as quickly as feasible so your product sticks and the client achieves success as soon as viable. This can produce a better overall customer experience and in the long run assist your commercial enterprise develop.

To get this completed, first become aware of your business’s “middle cost” and the limitations or stipulations clients need to entire to get hold of this value. Then you may use your welcome e-mail to guide new clients through these tasks.

5. Upload beneficial resources

As cited within the previous step, you want the person to look the value straight away. However, consumer fulfillment would not forestall there. Relying on the character and complexity of your product, customers may additionally need additional assist. As an example, clients might require steerage on troubleshooting, using superior functions, or getting the most value from your center features.

it is probably which you’ve already created assist content addressing not unusual questions from customers. Whether or not it is tutorial movies, an FAQ page, or helpful weblog posts containing pleasant practices, this help content material is critical to customer achievement. Why no longer consist of it on your welcome email? This gives them the equipment they need upfront with out forcing them to search for the information after a trouble arises.

6. Provide customer service touch statistics

The final step to putting your clients up for achievement is making sure that they know the way to contact you. You can spend all of the time in the international creating first rate assist content material, however you can not foresee each possible problem as a way to get up on your customers.

although you can, clients are handiest human, and no longer all of them can be willing to pore thru your help resources to find the solution to their question. So it is nice to be forthright with clients on how they could get in contact with you for additional help.

including this touch information in your welcome electronic mail is a excellent way to lay the inspiration of consider wanted for building a dating. It drives purchaser loyalty and reassures readers which you are to be had in the event that they need you. Avoid sending clients on a treasure hunt just to find a manner to ask you a simple question. This will result in frustration and ship them into the hands of your competition.

7. Conclude with a call-to-motion

You ought to wrap up your welcome e mail with a name-to-action that entices clients to begin the onboarding manner. After you have validated your employer’s cost and defined how you will assist them obtain their goals, customers will be eager to get began. So, make matters less complicated for them with the aid of offering a button on the give up of the email that triggers step one in the onboarding manner.

here’s one example of what this may look like.

picture source

making a wonderful First impact

bottom line? Whether it’s in-person, over the telephone, or with the aid of e-mail, first impressions depend. Your welcome e-mail is regularly the primary risk a prospective customer or contact has to peer what your logo is all approximately and if you don’t stick the touchdown, they’ll probable go some place else.

fortuitously, writing a extremely good welcome e-mail is easy. It’s no longer clean, always, but if you recognition on what subjects — compelling situation lines, excellent content, personalized gives, and constantly, continually a manner to opt-out, your first influence can assist lay the groundwork for long-time period relationships.

Editor’s observe: This post become firstly published in April 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

customer onboarding templates

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