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Gmail is the most used email service in the world and at times when you need help with your Gmail account then you will need to call GMAIL CUSTOMER SUPPORT AUSTRALIA PHONE NUMBER. Drida Infotech gives you a dedicated GMAIL CUSTOMER SUPPORT AUSTRALIA PHONE NUMBER and you can call us on 0261003579 for Gmail problems. So, if you have been looking for a number to fix your Gmail problems then call GMAIL CUSTOMER SUPPORT AUSTRALIA PHONE NUMBER now.


If you were at a party last night or travelling or for some reason you lost your mobile phone or it got stolen and you want to track it now then contact us immediately. The best and direct way to contact GMAIL CUSTOMER SUPPORT AUSTRALIA PHONE NUMBER is by calling on 0261003579 or by starting a chat session on our website. All the android smart phones and tablets are linked with Google Gmail account so if you are able to use and login into your Gmail account on the computer then we can use it to track your phone. In order to track your phone, the phone must be switched on and connected to the internet which means if the beneficiary of your phone takes out the sim card out of the phone or switches off the phone completely then you will not be able to track it. We just have to hope that your phone is still on and the internet is working and your Gmail account is still logged in on the phone in order to track it. We need to login into the Gmail account on the website on your computer and then go into the settings. In settings under security, you will see all the devices on which your Gmail account was recently signed in. If you see your phone in the list then click on it and then click on find my phone in order to trace its current location. You should be able to see its exact location depending on the condition that it is switched on and connected to the internet. You will have the option to set a password on your phone so that no one can unlock it. You can also factory reset your phone from your Gmail account and delete all your personal data and information so that no one can misuse it. This is the standard procedure if you are using android phones however in case of iPhones, you will need to login using your Apple id and password and then track the iPhone using find my iPhone feature under iCloud. You will have the option to lock your iPhone or iPad with a password, erase it or leave a message on phone screen with your phone number so that if someone finds your phone they can reach you. If you have lost your phone as well and want to track it, call now: 0261003579.


If you are a regular Gmail user or use Gmail emails for your business and receive lot of emails on daily basis and face problems in sorting out the emails and want a solution to your problem then call us now. We can understand that if you are a business and receive hundreds of emails maybe from your customers or suppliers and from other sources then it must be difficult to locate those emails easily as your inbox will be already mixed up. To overcome this situation, we suggest sorting out such emails under different labels or also called as folders. For example, if you receive regular invoices from your suppliers then you can create a label with the name “supplier invoice“ and then move all the emails from your supplier into that particular folder. Similarly, you can create many other folders as per your needs and move emails from your inbox into those folders so that you can find them easily whenever you have to read them. You will need to be logged in the webmail on Gmail site on your computer in order to create a new folder. Once you are logged in then on the top left corner below compose option you will a menu with lot of options such as inbox, chat, sent, spam etc and if you keep going further down you will see an option which says create label. You need to click on create label and then give it a name and click on save. Once you hit save, you will see a folder with that name in the left side and it will be blank once you click on it. Now as your new label is ready, you can start moving emails from your inbox into that folder. You can also set up some filters so that your particular emails can go into the label directly skipping your inbox. If you are not sure how to create labels or folders in your Gmail account or do not have a computer then you can contact GMAIL CUSTOMER SUPPORT AUSTRALIA and we can create folders in your Gmail account which you then can use on your phone. Also, it is important that you do not try to do anything on your own if you don’t know how to do it as in that case you might delete all your emails and lose everything. You might need an expert advice if you want to create folders, want to move emails within the account or want to set up some filters in your Gmail account as it involves some troubleshooting. So, if you have not dealt with such problems then it is best to call our Gmail helpline and talk to our technicians so that they can help you. Our technicians are well trained and certified and they deal with such problems on daily basis and have years of experience behind them. So, call our Gmail support helpline now.


If you have been using your Gmail account for years then it is quite obvious that you must have thousands of emails in your inbox as well. The reason for that is because in the beginning when you start using emails then you don`t pay attention on cleaning up your inbox by deleting emails. The emails get accumulated in your inbox on daily basis and you are not familiar with the concept of unsubscribing them, blocking them or deleting them at that time. After few years you realize that you have lot of unwanted or rubbish emails in your inbox and you want to get rid of them. But, by that time their number reaches to thousand which means you give up deleting one email at a time as you don’t know how to delete multiple emails at the same time in your Gmail account. So, if you are in that situation and wish to clean up your Gmail inbox but don’t know any efficient way of doing it then you need to call our technicians now. There are few ways we can delete multiple emails from you Gmail account either by deleting 50 emails at a time or by selecting all the emails of the inbox and deleting the whole inbox itself. If you know which emails you want to delete such as if you know the email address from where you get lot of junk then we can type in that email address in the search at the top of your Gmail account which will show us all the emails which you have received from that particular email address. We can then select all the emails at once and delete them and then go to trash to delete them from there as well. You can repeat this process by finding all those email addresses from where you have been getting those junk emails. If you are not able follow the steps theoretically then no need to worry as you can call our technical helpline at 0261003579. Our technicians can connect with your computer remotely and show you how to delete multiple emails from your Gmail inbox. We recommend that you use our technical services as the technician knows all the troubleshooting steps. If you try to delete emails on your own then chances might be there that you might end up deleting your important emails as well if not done correctly. If you already have deleted your emails by mistake, still you can call us and we can try to recover all those deleted emails which were deleted in last 30 days. There are certain features of Gmail account which you will not know or would not have used as a regular email user. Therefore, only a technician knows what to do in certain situations as they get training for all the possible issues which a user can face with their Gmail accounts. So, if you need help, call now: 0261003579.


If you are an email support person or your job is to write many emails per day or respond to so many emails on daily basis then it is recommended that you compose and save a default draft. A draft in an email means saving the content of an email in a folder which you were trying to send to someone or want to send in the future. You must have noticed a folder with the name draft on the top left corner of your Gmail account when you login on the computer. A draft folder is a place where saved or unfinished emails which you haven’t sent are saved. You can also save a prewritten email or content which you want to send to someone in the future. For example, if you have to send an email to someone after two days but you will be travelling at that time or will not have time to write an email then it is better to write that email before two days and save it in drafts. Now, after two days all you will need to do is to go into the drafts folder and send that email to the concerned person. This method will save you the time of writing the email when you are busy as you had that prewritten email saved in your drafts. In order to draft an email, you can either click on drafts folder on the left side or simply start composing a new email. As soon you start writing something in the email, it saves that particular email in drafts which means you do not need to click anywhere to manually save the content. You can use draft feature to pre write emails or save your notes or passwords or anything in the text format to access it on the go. Let`s say you have a diary at home which has got all your passwords but you can`t carry that diary with you everywhere you go so in that case you can save your passwords in the draft in your Gmail account which you can access on your phone all the time. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you know your Gmail password all the time and no one else uses your Gmail account apart from you. You can imagine if your Gmail account gets hacked then people might get all your saved passwords from the drafts. So, it is entirely up to you how you want to use the draft feature of your Gmail account. To understand more about how to draft an email in Gmail, you can connect with our technicians online on 0261003579. We can explain you how to draft emails so that it can save time for you especially for businesses as they might need to send the same email to every customer. So, it is better to have that email written already instead of you typing it again and again.


Hangouts is a social messenger app by Google which you can use to chat with people or to do audio or video calls with them. In order to use Hangouts, you will need to sign in using your Google account. A Google account is normally your Gmail address however you can use any other email address as well as your Google account. In case you don`t use a Gmail account then first you will need to go to the Gmail website and use your own email address to create a Gmail account. Once your Google account is ready then you will need to go to the play store on android devices or into the app store in Apple devices in order to download the Hangouts application. Once the app is downloaded then open the app and you will see a screen where it will ask you to login or choose your Google account. Once logged in then you will see all the contacts of your Gmail account who are already using Hangouts. If you don`t see anything then you might have to search your contacts from the list and send them a message. You contacts will see the message from you if they are using hangouts and if they are not using then they will get a request from you to download and install hangouts to receive chat messages from you. You can also use hangouts for audio and video call with your friends and family especially in cases when they are abroad and you can`t make normal phone calls. You might not be able to use Hangouts if your Gmail account is not working or the password has been changed. You can imagine a situation where your Gmail account has been hacked and the hackers have got into your hangouts and they can chat with your family members and friends. They can pretend that you are in some trouble and need some money urgently and your friends or family members might fall in their trap and end up paying the scammers. Therefore, you need to make sure you know your Gmail password and your recovery phone number and recovery email address is always updated with the Gmail account. In case, if your family member or one of your contacts have contacted you already saying that they have received an email or message from you which you did not send then contact us immediately as your account might have been compromised. Someone might have been using your Gmail account to send emails from your account to your contacts demanding money from them. We will need to secure your account and check the activities on your Gmail account to find out from which all places your account has been accessed recently. If we find your account has been accessed from unknown places then we will need to sign out from unknown devices and unknown locations. Contact GMAIL CUSTOMER SUPPORT AUSTRALIA now to secure your Gmail account.

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