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You can call GMAIL HELP PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA on 0261003579 if you need any help with your Gmail account. Drida Infotech is an IT Company which provides email support and we have a dedicated line for GMAIL HELP PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA. Whether you are not able to send or receive emails or need to reset the Gmail password, you can call on GMAIL HELP PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA now.


The best and direct way to contact GMAIL HELP PHONE NUMBER AUSTRALIA is by calling on 0261003579 or by starting a chat session on our website. If you are a new email user or have started to use Gmail emails recently and wondering how to attach a file or a document within the email to send then you can contact our technicians and they can help you online. You will need to login on the Gmail website first and once you are logged in then you need to click on the compose option on the top left and draft your email. At the bottom of the email, you will see an attachment symbol where you can click and then select the file or document from the computer to attach it. You can repeat this process if you have to add multiple files within the same email. Once your email content is completed and you have attached the file successfully then you can click on send to send the email. This was the standard procedure through which you can send documents and files in an email. However, the situation might not be straight forward sometimes and you might get some error messages. Error messages might occur while attaching and uploading files or while sending those attachments in the email. If you are getting error message while attaching or uploading the file then check your internet connection and make sure it is working and then try again. You can get error messages while attaching the files if you are offline or lost internet connection in between or lastly if those files have viruses or malwares in it. Gmail scans every file and document before uploading it so you need to make sure they are not infected or malicious. In cases where the files and documents are already uploaded and attached but you are getting error message while sending the email then you will need to check a couple of things. First, make sure your internet is connected and then check if the total file size of your attachments does not exceed more than 25mb as Gmail only allows files up to 25mbs to be sent in an email. However, you can send those files one by one in multiple emails as long they are less than 25mbs. If you are not able to solve the problem on your own then it is better to give us a call on Gmail Help and connect with our technicians over the phone: 0261003579.


If you have received an email or a document such as salary slip or an invoice or a bill in your Gmail account and want to print it out but do not know how to do it then contact us now. In the modern world, you can use your smart phones, tablet and computers to print anything you want from your emails. However, with our experience we have seen that people still prefers the traditional way of printing by using their computer and printer at home. The problem or the complexity which you might face while printing with your phone or tablet is that you need to first find out if your printer supports wireless connectivity or not. If it does support the wireless connectivity then you will need to perform the troubleshooting steps in order to connect your smart phone or tablet with the printer which might not be easy for every age group or to people who are not very good with the technology. So, we go back to the more traditional and less complicated way and use a computer and assume that you already have your printer connected to it. In case, your printer is not connected to your computer then call our technicians to get help with your printer to get it going first. Once your computer and printer are able to talk to each other then we can do a test print to make sure your printer is taking the commands from the computer and printing all the letter and numbers correctly. Now, you need to login into emails on the Gmail website and open the email which you want to print. If it is a plain email text which you want to print then on the top right corner you will see a printer symbol on which you can click and then you will see a screen where you will need to select your printer and then click on print. Your printer will be printing out that email on the paper then. If you received a document such as a pdf, word or excel file in the email and want to print it then first you need to download that file on your computer. Once the file is downloaded then go to downloads folder to locate that file and double click to open it. Once the file is open then you can look for the print option or simply use the keyboard and press the ctrl+p key together to get the print screen where you need to select your printer and then click on print. The process is simple and straight forward for those who are good in following instructions but if you find it complicated or difficult even though there no problem. You can call our Gmail helpline and our technicians will connect with your computer online and help you to solve your printer issues so that you can print online. You can book an appointment now by calling on 0261003579.


If you are a Gmail user and have been using Gmail for sending and receiving emails for some time now then you must be familiar with how attachments work in Gmail. Normally, you can click on the attachment in the email and it will show the document in the preview mode without the need of actually downloading the file. But, at times you might have seen a message saying “No Preview Available“ when you clicked on a file. The reason for no preview is that Gmail is not able to scan the content of the file as the file might have some hidden or encrypted content or might require a password to open it. Such attachments normally comes in spam or junk emails which you are not suppose to click on or download as they might contain malwares or viruses as their main purpose is to infect your computer and get your personal information. By hiding the content of the file, the spammers wants to motivate you to download the file in order to see its content and that is their trick which they use to get their file downloaded on your computer and once you open the file you might see some weird things happening. In some cases, you might get no preview message for zip or RAR files as well. So, if you see zip or rar files in the attachment then the only way to open those files is by downloading them and extracting them using winrar on your computer. If you don’t have winrar then you will need to download it first from the internet and it is available for free with limited features. However, you need to make sure that you recognize the person who is sending you the zip files and you trust them before downloading and opening those files on your computer. If you receive such files in junk emails and do not trust or do not know the sender then it is better not to download or open those files without confirmation. There can be other reasons as well for no preview such as your emails are working offline or you are not connected to the internet at all. If you have received an important document in your email but are not able to download or open it and need help in fixing the problem then call our Gmail helpline on 0261003579. We will check the problem and perform the troubleshooting steps to find out whether the problem is with your computer or Gmail account or with that particular file itself. The best ways to find out is by forwarding that attachment to another email address and then check if that file can be downloaded there. If the file is being downloaded in another email address then that means you might have some problem with your Gmail account but if the files is giving the same error then the file itself may be corrupted.


If you are one of those people who are not new to surprises then you must have come across with a situation in which we wake up one morning and you see your Gmail stopped working and saying that your Gmail account has been disabled. We guess that it would not have been best of the mornings for you and you would not have been expecting to deal with such issue on that day. But, let`s face it as it is what it is now so what do we do to fix it. To start with, as soon you login into your Gmail account, you will see a message saying that your account has been disabled possibly because of some policy violation and learn more about policy violation here. Until now, everything is crap and it is not helping you to solve the problem or reactivate the Gmail account. Gmail account can be disabled for couple of reasons out of which first is if you have made too many changes in the settings of your Gmail account in short interval of time or if your Gmail account has been abused or misused and violated a policy of Google. You were sleeping all night we assume and did not make changes in the Gmail settings which means you did not disable your Gmail account. However, even if that was the case then your account can be restored after verifying your account ownership and then you will be able to use the Gmail account again. In the second case where you see that your Gmail account was disabled because of a policy violation, you will not get any option to restore the account from your end and might have to fill up a form and send it to Google. We need to understand why Google is saying that you have violated some policy because if Google is saying then you must have but you need to figure out exactly what happened and that is where you need an expert and you need to contact us immediately. Google have some strict policies such as you can`t use Gmail emails for spamming or spoofing or for doing illegal activities or businesses online. They also have a sending limit on your Gmail account as every Gmail account cannot send more than 500 emails in 24 hours and you should not be sending out multiple emails in short span of time. If that is the case and you have been sending out too many emails on daily basis then Google can consider it as spam and disable your Gmail account depending on such activities. Even if you have not been doing that then the other possibility is that your Gmail account has been compromised and someone else has been using your account for spamming and other illegal activities which got your account disabled. So, if you don`t know what is happening with your Gmail account and need an expert advice then call now to book an appointment with the technicians.


Every email user might have come across with a situation where they must have wanted to send all the emails from their inbox to someone else in one attempt. In normal situations, you can forward one email at a time to someone else which means you will need to forward all emails of your inbox one by one which is like sending a new email every time as it will consume the same amount of time. So, if you are looking for a way to forward multiple emails of your inbox at once to someone then Gmail does not have any such feature. However, we can help you to bypass that situation and make it a little bit easier for you. We can give you an email extension which we can install in your Gmail account using Google chrome browser. This extension will let you forward 50 emails at once from your Gmail account to another email address. However, the extension will also have a 24 hour limit such as you can only forward 1000 emails in 24 hours. You can call our technicians and once you have paid for our services then we can install the extension in your Gmail account. Being able to forward 50 emails at once is absolutely better than forwarding emails one by one and can save lot of time for you. You need to note that this extension will only work in the webmail on computers and not on phones and tablets. Also, it will mainly work on Google chrome browser not on Safari so if you are using an Apple computer then make sure you have Google chrome browser first. If you don’t have Google chrome on your Mac computer then you can download it from the app store. You will be required to sign in into your Apple id in order to download anything from the app store so you need to make sure that you remember your Apple id password. If you don’t know what is your Apple id password then you can call our technicians and they can help you in resetting the Apple id password over the phone itself. The process of installing the email forwarding extension in Google chrome can be simple and complicated at the same time. If someone who knows how to enable extensions in Google chrome and Gmail then it should be easier for them to follow our steps. But, if you have no idea what we are talking about then you simply need to pick up your phone and talk to the expert technicians now. Once you have taken and paid for our services, we will assign a technician who will work on your computer remotely and set up the email forwarding extension on your Google chrome and in Gmail. They will also show you how to use that extension to forward multiple emails from your inbox at once.

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