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It is impossible to find GMAIL AUSTRALIA CONTACT NUMBER as there is no such number, you can only call Drida Infotech email support on 0261003579. There is no need to waste your time in trying to look for GMAIL AUSTRALIA CONTACT NUMBER as Google do not provide support for free Gmail accounts. Drida Infotech provides email support and you can dial GMAIL AUSTRALIA CONTACT NUMBER 0261003579 to speak with our technicians online.


If you are a regular Gmail Australia Contact Number user and receiving lot of emails is not something new to you then more often than not you might have had difficulties in searching for your important emails as those email might get vanished at the bottom or on the second page. So, let`s say you have thousands of emails in your inbox and you are trying to look for an email which you received couple of years ago. Now, it is going to be very difficult and time consuming for you to scroll down all the way until two years. It might take hours for you to do that and on top of that you will need to concentrate on all the emails to filter the one which you are looking for. However, there are few ways we can avoid that situation and find such emails much more easily. Firstly, we can create folders in Gmail and sort out relevant emails into those folders for e.g. if you are receiving your salary slips then you can create a folder named salary slip and then move all the salary slip emails to that folder. So, in the future if you have to look for your salary slip, you can simply check that folder instead of checking all the emails in the inbox. In case, you have never used folders and all the emails are just mixed up in the inbox then you can use the search box at the top to search for a particular emails. For example, if you know the email address you are looking for or the subject line of that email such “salary slip“ then you can type such terms in the search box and Gmail will filter and will show all the relevant emails together. If you can`t find the email you are looking for using the search technique then you need to check all mails folder on the left side and do the same search procedure there as well. You should be able to get that email under all mails tabs for sure if not then that means that email was deleted permanently and it is not available anymore. Whatever the situation is, if you are not sure how to go about it then it is better to contact Drida Infotech and speak with our technicians. We will check if your emails have been deleted recently then we might be able to restore those emails which were deleted in last 30 days.


Receiving junk or spam emails is a known issue and happens with every email service whether Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. We can simply delete them and not pay any attention as long those junk emails are going into spam or junk folders. But, if you have started receiving such marketing, porn or unsolicited emails in your inbox directly then it is matter of concern. This could happen when your email address has been compromised or someone is misusing your email address on certain websites and subscribing you email address there. In that case, you can`t do much as if someone already knows your email address then they can keep subscribing you on those websites and you can`t stop them. The only thing we can do from within the Gmail account is that we can mark them as spam whenever we receive them in the inbox so that from next time they go to spam folder. Also, we can block such emails however it has been seen that blocking does not help as they will find another server from where they will be sending you those emails. If nothing works then we can set up some filters for such emails so that those emails will get deleted directly and won`t reach your inbox. It involves lot of technical and troubleshooting steps in order to find out what will work for you and what not. So, you need to schedule an appointment with us by paying the charges so that we can connect with your computer and fix the problem for you. If you are receiving junk emails in your inbox that means your security is breached and your email address could have been compromised. In such cases, the hackers can send malwares and ransom wares as well through your Gmail account and might encrypt your emails which means you will see only symbols instead of the actual content of the email. We recommend getting your computer cleaned up by our technicians and get ad blocker securities installed on your browsers to make sure you can browse the internet safely. After fixing the problems on the computer, we need to change the password of your Gmail account as well and then set up the emails on your phone and computer using that new password. Please note that just by changing the password will not fix the problem as if the malware is sitting on the computer then no matter how many times you change the password, your emails will keep getting compromised every time. We see and work on these issues on daily basis and know exactly what to do and how to fix them to make sure it does not happen again. If you are receiving up to 10 junk emails in 24 hours then it can be considered normal however if you start receiving heaps of junk emails frequently then that means you need to get your Gmail account and computer checked by the technicians.


There can be interesting reasons that why anyone would want to turn on or turn off two step verification in Gmail. For those who want to turn on two-step verification is probably just to provide more security to their account however we suggest never using two step verification as it will work against you in the future. For those who want to turn off two step verification is probably because they had it turned on earlier and now they themselves can`t log back into their Gmail account anymore. So, what would have happened with them now that they are trying to login into their Gmail account on a new phone and as soon they enter the password, it asks them to send a verification code to their old phone number and recovery email address which they don`t use anymore. It is like someone is asking you to show the papers of your old car under your name when those papers have already been transferred to the new owner. In such situations, you will wish that somehow you can get rid of this two step security so that you can login into your own account but do not forget that you were the one who turned it on in first place. You have no one else to blame than to yourself as now you can see how this two step verification is screwing you big time. Therefore, we keep saying again and again that before you make changes in your Gmail settings; speak to a professional technician from Drida Infotech first. Our experience is more than enough to deal with such situations and provide you correct guidance before you stuck in such unavoidable situations. In order to turn off the two step verification, you need to know your password and also you are suppose to be successfully logged in into your Gmail account on your computer. That is the only way we can try to get rid of two step verification or you will lose access to your Gmail account forever. People might give you hope and say it`s never too late but Drida Infotech says you were too fast to turn on two step verification without knowing its consequences and now you deserve all the wins and rewards. However, if you are able to login on the computer then no need to disappoint as we can forward emails of your existing Gmail account to any other email address of your own which you can then use on your phone and will be able to receive emails from your Gmail account as well. There are n numbers of tips and tricks which can be used to solve your problems for which you might not get solution anywhere else. Therefore, your first step towards solving a problem is very crucial as if you took the wrong step then it will waste more of your time in taking the U turn and start from the scratch again.


There can be various reasons or situations in which one would want to forward their Gmail emails to another account such as they don`t want to login into multiple accounts and want to check all the emails in one place. Other reason could be that they have forgotten the Gmail password and can`t reset it and are only logged in on the computer and they want to forward the emails before they lose complete access of the account. No matter what the reason is for forwarding the Gmail emails but the fact is that not everyone will know how to do it and they will have to deal with the situation of logging in and out of multiple email accounts every now and then. To simplify such situations, every email provider has email forwarding services in their settings from where a user can forward their emails to another email account of the same or of a different email provider. However, not everyone might like this feature as they would want to keep their work life separate from personal life so they won`t like their work and personal emails getting mixed up. But for those who want everything in one place then Gmail forwarding is the solution to their problem. Our technicians can connect with your computer and help you in setting up forwarding in your Gmail account. The forwarding should be done very carefully otherwise your email accounts can get mixed up and you will get confused which email account is receiving which emails. Therefore, taking the help of a certified technician from Drida Infotech is mandatory. While setting up the forwarding, we have an option of either keeping a copy of the emails in the Gmail inbox or just forward the emails without any back up copy in the Gmail. The copy of emails in the Gmail inbox is good for those who want their emails to appear and remain in Gmail as well just in case if they lose access to their other email account. Those who already have thousands of emails in Gmail inbox and do not have much storage left then it is best for them not to leave a copy of emails and start forwarding directly. After the forwarding is on, you might see a delay of or up to 30 seconds or more before you can see your Gmail emails in your other email account where the emails are getting forwarded. If the emails are being forwarded from one Gmail account to another Gmail account then the emails will show up instantly but if the emails are being forwarded from Gmail to any other email account then you can see a delay of few seconds. Also, we do not recommend forwarding Gmail emails to any work or business email addresses such as because the private email server settings might not be configured as per the Gmail server settings.


People often use filters in Gmail for sorting out important or junk emails so that they can get delivered to the assigned folders. For example, if you do not want to see emails from someone in particular in your inbox then you can set filter for their email address so that whenever you will receive any email from that particular email address then they will either go to trash or unread or into any other folder of your choice. You can also set up filters for your important emails such as if your receive your salary slip then those emails should go into the salary slip folder instead of coming into the inbox and then you moving them into the salary slip folder manually. Mostly, filters are used to stop junk emails or to block people from sending them unwanted emails. If you also want to use this feature in your Gmail account for sorting out junk or important emails but do not how to set up filters then you can contact Gmail Australia Contact Number now by calling on: 0261003579. We recommend not to mess up with filter settings if you don`t know what you are doing because if you change something then you might stop receiving emails completely so it is better to take help from professionals. While setting up the filter, we will have the option to choose where to route the email of a particular email address. We can route them into trash, important, unread, spam or into other folders of your Gmail account. We suggest routing and filtering junk and unwanted emails to the trash so that you don’t need to delete them manually and they will just get deleted and moved to trash as soon they are received. Although, if you think someone has put some filters in your Gmail account and you are not receiving your emails in your inbox then you need to contact us now. We will check if someone has placed some unwanted filters due to which your important emails are getting deleted and going to trash folder automatically. Sometimes it can happen when your Gmail account has been compromised then the hackers can place some filters and delete all your emails so that you don`t receive any new emails even after you recover the account. If that is the case when your Gmail account was hacked and now you are not receiving any new emails then call us now and we will check your Gmail account settings and filters to make sure you are able to receive all the new emails. There will always be such people who will be using technology for bad things and such features like “filter“ in Gmail can be used for various purposes. You might use filters to block unwanted people from contacting you but the hackers can use filters against you so that you don`t receive any emails at all. No matter what the problem is, you can simply call Gmail Australia Contact Number on: 0261003579.

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