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If you are not able to login into your Gmail account and want to CONTACT GMAIL AUSTRALIA BY PHONE then you can call Drida Infotech on 0261003579. If you have been searching for Google number and can`t find it then CONTACT GMAIL AUSTRALIA BY PHONE online. We will help you to recover your Gmail account if you CONTACT GMAIL AUSTRALIA BY PHONE now on 0261003579.


If you are a Gmail account user and do not wish to use it anymore and want to delete it but do not know how then the best way to contact Gmail Australia is by calling on 0261003579 or by starting a chat session on our website. There can be several situations in which you might want to delete your Gmail account such as you are not going to use it anymore or  your Gmail account is hacked and you can`t access it and wish to get it deleted. In any case, if you want to delete the Gmail account, you will need to know the working password of your account as without the password you cannot delete a Gmail account. So, if your account has been hacked and you can`t login into your emails and as a last option you think you want to delete it then even for that you will require a password. In other words, you can`t delete a Gmail account without being able to login into the account first. So, if you are in a situation where you can`t login into your account and do not have a working password as well and think that someone else might be using your account then you need to contact Gmail Australia immediately. We will check the status of your Gmail account and let you know the account can be recovered or not. If the account can be recovered then we will verify the account with you using the recovery options and once we are able to recover the account then you can decide if you want to keep using the account or still want to get it deleted. The situation can be tricky when you can`t reset your Gmail password because your recovery phone number or email address no longer exists. In such cases, sometimes it is possible to reset the password using your android phone. In case, you have been using your Gmail account on an android device such as Samsung or LG and if your emails are still logged in on your phone then we can go into settings on that phone to verify your Gmail account in order to reset the password. You will need to call us in order to check which option is available for your case as you might be using a non android phone such as iPhone in which case you can`t reset the password from the settings. So, if you are facing such problems with your Gmail account then call us now: 0261003579.


If you are new email user and want to create a Gmail account or you have been using emails but want to switch to Gmail now and wondering how you can create or get a Gmail account for you then you can contact Gmail Australia technicians now to sign up for a Gmail account. The Gmail account can be created and set up online most preferable by using a laptop or a computer. First, we need to go to the Gmail website and choose create an account where you will need to provide your First and Last name and choose the desired and available Gmail id and password and then press next. On the next screen you will be asked to add and verify your mobile number which we suggest doing. You will receive a six digit verification code on your mobile which you will then need to enter and finish the email set up by providing your date gender and date of birth. Once you press next then you will need to accept the terms and conditions and once you hit accept, your email dashboard will be loading. You will see couple of emails from Gmail team in your inbox and that means you are all set up and ready to go. Now, you can add your email account on your phone or tablet as well and start sending and receiving emails globally. If you are not good with computers or with technology and you think you will not be able to do all that then its best that you call our technicians. Our technicians will set up the Gmail account for you and help you to set it up on your phone, computer and tablets. If you are just starting to use an email account or new to Gmail then you might take some time to get use to the Gmail user interface but once you have spent couple of days using your account then you will find all the features very simple. Gmail is the fastest email service in the world which means it is very fast and easy to send and receive emails in Gmail. If you have just bought a new smart phone from the shop and they already created a Gmail account for you but you do not know how to use it on your phone then you will need to call our technicians. Our technicians will check which phone you are using and according to that they can suggest which email app is best where we can set up your Gmail emails. You must also remember the password of your Gmail account which is necessary for setting up emails on any new device. If you don`t know your password then you need to contact Gmail Australia us first so that we can reset and get a new password for your Gmail account. If you need any help in creating or starting a new Gmail account then you can call us now: 0261003579.


If you are using an email service such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or Bigpond then you must have come across with the situation where you need to reset or remember the passwords of those accounts. It can get complicated at times to remember the passwords for every single account which we use online in this 21st century. We use many different accounts online such as emails, Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Amazon, PayPal, My Gov and several other websites to do online shopping. So, if we are dealing with so many accounts and passwords then it is common to forget the passwords as well. Most of the time people uses the same passwords for all the accounts online however just imagine if the one password which you are using for everything, if it does not work then you have no idea what could be your other password. In that case, you will have to reset your Gmail password and make it unique as you can`t use the same password which you have been using earlier for your Gmail account. If you have noticed then while resetting the password you are given a default strong password which looks quite weird as it has letters, numbers or some special characters which you can`t really find on the keyboard. Such password is generated by the Gmail system as a unique and strong password and we strongly recommend not using that password which is generated randomly. There are few reasons why you should not use system generated passwords because first you will not be able to remember it and second you will not be able to type it easily even when you want to change it. If you think if you get a complicated password for your Gmail account then no one will be able to hack you then you are completely wrong. The passwords do not stop hacking as hacking happens on the internet first not directly with your Gmail account. Let`s say even if you have an easy password which people can guess but even after that if someone tries to login into your Gmail account from a different device or from different internet connection then they will be asked to prove their identity. In such cases, a text message with a six digit verification code will be sent on your mobile phone and without that code they will not be able to access your emails. Therefore, having an easy or strong password does not really matter when it comes to hacking as easy or complicated and all type of passwords can still be hacked if hacking has to happen. We recommend using a simple and less complicated password which you can remember and use in daily basis. Normally, you can include a name or someone`s date of birth while creating a unique, strong and less complicated password which should be easy to remember and easy to type in.


If someone is using a Gmail account then while creating the account, you are asked to verify and link your mobile number in order to reset the password or verify the changes in the account in the future. In cases where you are trying to reset your Gmail password then you must have seen a screen where it shows that you will receive a six digit verification code on your mobile in order to verify and reset the password. If your current mobile number is showing up on the screen then you can receive the text message and verification code and reset the password easily. But, if you see an old phone number or a number which you don’t recognize and that is linked with your Gmail account then that is a problem. If your current mobile number is not updated or you have recently changed your phone number or never updated your number with Gmail then you will not be able to verify your identity and will not be able to reset the password. Such situations can be panicking and in most cases not fixable as if you are trying to reset the password then we assume that you don`t know your current password as well. These two things, the password and the phone number works along with each other as in case if you want to change the password then your current mobile number should be updated or if you have to change the mobile number then you should know your current Gmail password. Let`s discuss the first scenario in which you don`t know the current password and also an old phone number is linked with your Gmail account. This situation is quite complicated and time wasting as in 99% of the cases if you don`t have the correct mobile number updated with your Gmail account then you can`t reset the password, simple as that. In 1% cases, we might have the option to get that verification code by going into the settings of your android phone if you are still logged in into the Gmail account on your phone and your phone needs to be in a working condition and connected to the internet. You can contact our technicians to find out the whole process and they can help you over the phone to sort out your Gmail problems. In the second case where you know your password already and want to change your phone number for any reason then you will need to login on the Gmail website on the computer. You need to click on the gear symbol on the top right corner and then click on settings and then choose account and import options. Under accounts and imports, click on change Google settings and recovery options where you will see security options on the left side menu. You will see your recovery phone number and recovery email address. You can change your details on that screen after verifying your current password.


If you are using a Gmail account or just starting with it and want to use it on your phone and tablet as well then first you will need to configure it on those devices. There are normally two types of mobile and tablet platforms which are iOS and Android namely. All Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods uses iOS operating system and comes with an inbuilt mail app on those devices. Other phones and tablets such as Samsung, LG, Oppo etc they are based on android platform and they also comes with an inbuilt email application. Now, you can choose if you want to use those default mail apps and set up your Gmail account by going into settings. At times, the inbuilt mail app might give you error while accessing your emails as it might not sync with Gmail server every now and then. There can be several reasons that the default mail app might stop responding because of a pending software update on your mobile or tablet. The software updates at times might have some bugs in it due to which some applications on your devices might not work properly. In such cases, you will need to wait until the software company fixes those bugs in their next update. However, the software updates comes once in every 3,4 months which means you can`t wait that long without your emails on your phone and tablets. So, the solution to this problem is to use another app for your emails which you will need to download from app store on Apple devices and from play store on android devices. We recommend downloading and using the Gmail app for your Gmail account. The Gmail app looks like a big red M on Apple and android stores which you can easily find and download. Once the Gmail app is downloaded then you need to open the app and it will show you the welcome screen and ask you to login with your Google or Gmail account or add another account. If you already have a Gmail account then simply type your Gmail address and press next where you will need to put in your Gmail password and then press next again. You will need to allow the Gmail app and press continue and then hit done to finish the Gmail set up on your Gmail app and then you can go to inbox to see your emails. Similarly, you can add more than one email account in the Gmail app, you will need to just click on add another account and then choose from Yahoo, Outlook, iClod and others and then follow the instructions on the screen to finish the email set up. Email set up can be very easy as well as very complicated given the situation that who is helping you out and how much you know about the situation, so contact us now: 0261003579.  

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