The way to make a chart or graph in Excel [With Video Tutorial]

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Making charts and graphs is one of the first-class methods to visualize the information in a clear and comprehensible manner.

but it is no wonder that some human beings are a touch intimidated by way of navigating Microsoft Excel.

I concept i’d share a useful video educational and a few step-via-step commands for every person who cringes on the thought of organizing a spreadsheet full of records right into a chart that simply, you know, approach some thing. However before we dive in, we have to evaluate the distinctive forms of charts you may create in the software.

varieties of charts in Excel

you may make greater than bar or line charts in Microsoft Excel, and once you recognize the use of each, you can draw greater insightful data to your or your crew’s tasks.

Chart kind



area charts show the quantity of the trend between or more values ​​over a given length.

A bar

Bar charts compare the frequency of values ​​throughout exclusive ranges or variables.


Bar charts show modifications in statistics or a time frame.


just like bar charts, they illustrate developments over the years.


Pie charts show values ​​as probabilities of the complete.


Radar charts examine the mixture of several units of records.


Scatter charts display a wonderful or terrible courting among variables.


stock charts are used to document stock price fluctuations over precise periods.

The floor

region charts plot sets of values ​​in the shape of a 3-dimensional surface.

the steps you want to take to create a chart or graph in Excel are easy, and here is a brief walkthrough on how to do them.

keep in mind that there are numerous exclusive variations of Excel, so what you spot in the video above won’t usually exactly match what you see to your version. I used Excel 2021 model sixteen.Forty nine for Mac OS X within the video.

To get the brand new instructions, I propose you observe the written instructions under (or download them as PDF files). Most of the buttons and features you may see and read approximately are very comparable across all variations of Excel.

download demo records download instructions down load commands (pc)

1. Enter your statistics into Excel.

First, you want to enter your information into Excel. You may have exported statistics from some other place, consisting of a part advertising software or survey device. Otherwise you might be getting into it manually.

In the instance underneath, i’ve in column A a listing of solutions to the question, “Has inbound advertising and marketing shown ROI?”and in columns B, C and D i have the solutions to the question, “Does your employer have a formal income and advertising agreement?” as an example, column C, row 2 shows that forty nine% of human beings are in desire provider degree settlement (SLA) additionally say that inbound advertising has proven a go back on investment.

How to enter data into an excel spreadsheet

2. Pick among graph and chart options.

In Excel, your chart and graph alternatives include bar (or bar) charts, line charts, pie charts, scatter charts, and more. See how Excel recognizes each in the pinnacle navigation bar as shown below:

Types of graphs and charts in excel

choose to locate chart and graph options Insert.

(To help decide which sort of chart/graph is satisfactory for visualizing your data, check out our unfastened e-book, the way to use data visualization to engage your target audience.)

three. Spotlight the records and insert the preferred graph into the spreadsheet.

In this example, a bar graph visually represents the information. To make a bar graph, spotlight the statistics and encompass the X and Y axis titles. Then go to Insert and click on the column icon in the charts segment. In the drop-down window that appears, pick out the favored graph.

How to label your data and insert the graph you want into a spreadsheet

I chose the first -dimensional column choice because I select directly line snap shots to a 3-dimensional look. See the bar graph underneath.

2-dimensional chart of data in an Excel spreadsheet

4. Replace the statistics on every axis as wished.

To switch what appears at the X and Y axes, proper-click at the bar graph, click select recordsand click on Toggle Row/Column. This will rearrange which axes deliver which bits of information inside the listing underneath. Click whilst you’re finished quality on the lowest.

how to make an excel graph steps: replace the data if necessary

The very last graph would appear to be this:

Chart with swapped data on the x and y axes

5. Alter the layout and colorings of the records.

To exchange the format and label legend, click the bar graph, after which click Chart layout tab. Here you could pick out the favored layout for the chart identify, axis titles and legend. In the example underneath, I clicked an option that displayed softer colorations for the columns and legends under the chart.

how to make an excel graph steps: adjust the layout and colors of the data

To in addition layout the legend, click on it to display format legend entry sidebar as proven below. Here you may change the fill shade of the legend, so that it will trade the colour of the columns themselves. To format other elements of the chart, click on on them in my opinion to show the correct one form the window.

How to use the Format Legend Input tool to format an Excel chart or graph legend

6. Trade the size of the chart legend and axis labels.

whilst you first create a graph in Excel, the dimensions of the axis labels and legend may be small, depending at the graph or chart you pick (bar, pie, line, and so forth.). Once you create the chart, you will want to decorate those labels to lead them to readable.

To growth the scale of your graph labels, click on on them in my view and as an alternative of disclosing a brand new one form click on again to the house tab in Excel’s top navigation bar. Then use the Font type and size drop-down boxes to amplify or agreement the chart legend and axis labels for your liking.

steps how to make an excel chart: change the size of the chart legend

7. Alternate the Y axis dimension alternatives as desired.

To alternate the kind of dimension shown on the Y-axis, click on the chances at the Y-axis inside the chart to display Axis format the window. Right here you may decide whether you need to show the units located on Axis alternatives or to alternate whether the Y-axis indicates chances to two decimal places or with out decimal locations.

how to make an excel graph steps: change the y axis measurement options

since my chart automatically units the very best Y-axis percent to 60%, you may need to manually change it to a hundred% to represent my facts on a normal scale. To do this, you can pick out the most alternative — packing containers underneath Borders in Axis layout window — and exchange the fee from 0.6 to one.

The ensuing graph will seem like the one under (In this example, the font length of the Y axis has been multiplied thru the home tab so that you can see the distinction):

How to Change the Y-Axis Measurements in an Excel Spreadsheet in the Auxiliary Field

8. Rearrange your information as desired.

To sort the facts in order that the respondents’ solutions appear in opposite order, right-click on your graph and click on pick statistics to deliver up the equal options window you brought up in step three above. This time, use the up and down arrows to opposite the order of your facts on the chart.

how to make an excel graph steps: rearrange the data

when you have more than rows of statistics to modify, you could also rearrange them in ascending or descending order. To do that, highlight all your records inside the cells above the chart, click statistics and select sort as proven underneath. Relying to your preference, you can pick to type from smallest to biggest or vice versa.

How to reorder data from smallest to largest for a chart or graph in an Excel spreadsheet

The very last graph could look like this:

how to make an excel graph steps: rearranged data

nine. Call your graph.

Now comes the fun and easy element: naming your graph. By means of now you can have discovered a way to do this. Here is a simple rationalization.

straight away after creating the chart, the name that looks will likely be “Chart title” or some thing comparable, relying on the model of Excel you are the usage of. To alternate this label, click on “Chart title” to display the typing cursor. You can then personalize the chart identify as you desire.

as soon as you have a identify you like, click on domestic within the pinnacle navigation bar and use the font formatting options to give your identify the emphasis it deserves. Check out those options and my final graph under:

how to make an excel graph steps: name your graph or chart

10. Export your graph or chart.

whilst the chart or graph is exactly the manner you need it, you can shop it as an picture with out taking a screenshot of the spreadsheet. This technique will give you a smooth photograph of your chart that you could insert into a PowerPoint presentation, Canva record, or any other visible template.

To shop your Excel chart as a image, right-click on at the chart and choose shop as image.

how to make an excel graph steps: export your graph or chart

inside the dialog container, name your graph photograph, choose wherein to save it to your computer, and pick the record kind to keep it to. In this case, it’s miles stored as a JPEG inside the computer folder. Finally, click on shop.

How to name a graph or chart in excel using a dialog box

you may have a clear image of your graph or chart to add to any visual layout.

how to make an excel graph steps: add additional visual design enhancements to the end

Visualize data like a pro

That turned into pretty easy, wasn’t it? With this step-by way of-step academic, you will be able to speedy create charts and graphs that visualize the maximum complex records. Try using this identical academic with distinct styles of graphs, consisting of a pie or line graph, to see which format great tells the tale of your records.

Editor’s observe: This submit changed into at the start posted in June 2018 and has been updated for completeness.

Excel graphic templates

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