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In 2019, Honda have become the first vehicle brand to launch a branded gaming channel Twitching. His Twitch channels built on the recognition of his models along with the Civic, vehicle number one with millennials and Gen Z given that 2011. In advance this year, the brand reimagined its Twitch channel and launched Honda DreamLab. In June, Honda entered the metaverse with the launch of the ‘Hondaverse’ on Twitch.

Honda aired the launch in 3 episodes and garnered round 2.Five million views. Amongst millennials and Gen Z gamers, Honda noticed statistically extensive increases in 3 key regions:

  • expertise: +eight%
  • Affection: +10%
  • attention: +12%

We spoke with Phil Hruska, head of media at Honda and Acura, to discover how the auto logo harnessed the electricity of Twitch to give you a metaverse release.

the arena of Honda Metaverse: The Hondaverse

Measuring the success of the metaverse

as the announcing goes, Rome wasn’t constructed in a day. Despite the fact that Honda’s lengthy-term goal for the metaverse is to growth income, for the first Hondaverse map, it aimed for metrics better up the stream.

“The goal is, of path, sales, with first-time vehicle shoppers and more youthful, multicultural car buyers. But we additionally recognize that there are vital steps at the way to income. There, we looked at behavioral and attitudinal measures, such as familiarity, affection, and attention.”

Honda noticed will increase in all three:

  • know-how: +8%
  • Affection: +10%
  • consideration: +12%

Hruska explains how Honda measured those metrics:

“monitoring viewer engagement and higher funnel elevators are important. To degree this, we in comparison the connection between a group of uncovered target market participants and a manage group. We had been then capable of see where there has been a statistically tremendous carry.”

additionally, Honda is already seeing superb signs with an effect similarly down the funnel.

“In phrases of sales, the Civic is the most famous version amongst this target audience. It’s far the primary dealer to millennials and Gen Z, multicultural buyers and primary-time vehicle customers – our gaming programming keeps to contribute to the Civic’s fulfillment with this crucial target audience.”

All of those are positive indicators that Honda is and is running with a top-notch metaverse strategy. Less than 3 months after the primary drift, the investment is already starting to go back. Let’s take a look at how Honda created and streamed its first metaverse activation.

A metaverse constructed on audience input

The Hondaverse started with the Honda Parkour global constructed around the 2023 Honda HR-V. Streamers and game enthusiasts can take a look at their talents on parkour runs constructed around the Honda HR-V.

The presentation came about in 3 live episodes on Twitch.

Streaming timeline

  • Episode One: Influencer SypherPK brought enthusiasts to the Hondaverse, building an unique Honda “VIP living room” in the international based totally on Twitch network input that can be unlocked by means of earning factors.
  • Episode : SypherPK attempted to win the Honda Parkour race and challenged his network with Honda minutiae.
  • Episode 3: Twitch creators and fanatics played towards SypherPK for a threat to win prizes.
Influencer SypherPK plays Honda's metaverse map
Influencer SypherPK plays Honda’s metaverse map

Breaking Honda’s presentation into 3 episodes allowed Honda to contain its target audience within the creative procedure and inspire participation before they even had a risk to play a map in Fortnite.

“The 3-episode creation to the Hondaverse gave us multiple bite at the apple. We launched it early, got enter, after which had another episode in which we invited human beings to play the sport.”

“Twitch helped us out again and advised we use network collaboration to assist construct the map. They endorsed which includes a talk about key layout factors, which intended we should placed our vehicle front and center however nonetheless provide them the sector they love. Win-win!”

“by helping us build the Hondaverse, they have become an funding. They helped make the selection, in order that they want to play the completed product! Our target community, all of us speaking to each different, excited to play what they built. That is what fosters familiarity and affection.”

Product placement inside the metaverse

Metaverse is a brand new medium for product promoting. However, buying a vehicle clearly entails a high stage of commitment. More youthful audiences also are skeptical. An competitive income approach could now not paintings. Honda blended target audience input with tips from its companion, past creative, on the way to incorporate the Honda HR-V’s middle in a manner that might be a laugh for the audience.

“They helped us build the bigger-than-lifestyles middle of the Honda HR-V. That become the first question for us. How will the automobile be there? We understand human beings are there to play the game. But we also want them to investigate the automobile. So we decided to parkour round a massive car.”

Twitch: The Hondaverse’s associate in Crime

each of the episodes brought price to Honda’s metaverse release. In view that launching in 2019, Honda DreamLab maintains to assist Honda connect with gamers and different more youthful target audience members. For that reason, the Hondaverse could not have seen the upgrades in familiarity, affection, and attention without the Twitch channel.

Hruska explains how Honda has constructed an lively, engaged Honda-loving community on Twitch. He describes three key factors that specify how this platform has contributed to Honda’s fulfillment in focused on the younger technology of automobile drivers:

  • target audience base
  • innovative partnerships
  • Interactive platform

Coordinated target audience base

The target market of users found on Twitch suits Honda’s ambition to target younger car customers.

“we have three primary pillars that we examine when seeking to target a more youthful target audience and younger vehicle shoppers: sports, tune and video games are the three essential pillars. Going returned to 2019 whilst we checked out these three pillars, Twitch got here out on top.”

“Twitch has a confluence of sports and song fans, even greater gamers. The target market spoke back very well. More youthful automobile buyers flocked to the Civic and HR-V. We show these automobiles due to the fact they’re meant for younger car drivers and primary-time consumers. There may be a terrific motive for us to seem on Twitch.”

“whilst we launched on Twitch, we had been generally centered on gaming. But because the target market on Twitch grew, we accelerated it to observe the pastimes of the audience. We’ve got branched out into things like culinary song, dance motorsports and of course a heavy dose of gaming.”


innovative partner

Twitch has offered support to brands like Honda and unfolded hyperlinks with influencers. This helped Honda construct authenticity.

“Twitch works with us as a creative companion. They provide insights to identify tendencies and make sure our content is what they’re looking for. As a non-gaming employer, we have to work even tougher to be relevant, so that they assist us goal clients with the content material we publish on these channels.”

“we’ve got been operating with SypherPK considering the fact that we revealed the 11th technology Civic on Twitch. It is a no brainer on account that he has the sort of big fan base in Fortnite. He has an true voice. He was a natural in shape to assist us build this innovative map mode.”

“a lot credit score goes to him. He has his very own emblem and his lovers had been very vocal in constructing the salon. This complete section is large.”

Interactive platform

On Twitch, live movement viewers can remark and engage with the content material they may be looking in real time.

“there may be some thing more magical approximately being accessible on Twitch, whilst you can connect with someone and they right away chat with you. It appears like a non-public connection. It is special from other more one-sided media in which you sense like they are a step further away.”

“Twitch is a -manner road. It’s stay. It’s far interactive. The live layout permits for extra engagement, so it’s a terrific way for us to get on the spot feedback.”

Fortnite as Honda’s metaverse automobile

Honda added the “Hondaverse” to Fortnite in three stages following episodes on Twitch. It includes innovative custom Fortnite maps that end up precise worlds wherein streamers and in the end casual gamers can compete. Hruska describes how and why he selected Fortnite as his metaverse medium.

“we have checked out some distinctive metaverse spaces and we’ll retain to explore that. But we have already played a lot, so Fortnite have become a natural flagship for the Hondaverse.”

“It already has a especially huge youth target audience that loves the sport. They’re acquainted with it. We saw an possibility to take advantage of this fun, innovative universe.”

additionally, Fortnite overlaps thoroughly with Twitch. Twitch, as mentioned above, stays an crucial part of Honda’s strategy with younger audiences. Hruska explains the overlap between Twitch and Fortnite.

“We requested, why do people pass into this metaverse? It’s due to the fact they love Fortnite. The Fortnite gaming category has over eighty million fans on Twitch. We desired to make sure that our target market could retain to play the sport they love if we were in this metaverse.”

“because of the popularity of Fortnite for players on Twitch, we felt that streaming the sport on Twitch changed into the right pass. We didn’t do it in a vacuum. Instead, adding the Twitch element helped create a extra enjoy. It gave fanatics the possibility to authentically interact with Honda by using constructing automobiles and turning the enjoy into a sport.”

The destiny of the Hondaverse

Honda designed its first Hondaverse activation with a long-time period view in thoughts. Questioning carefully approximately his long-term dreams for the metaverse ensured the sustainability of the Hondaverse, as Hruska explains:

“That was constantly the first step. We’re running on destiny iterations. Our first step become with the 2023 HR-V. Now we can make more maps for different cars and that is another motive we chose Fortnite. We can hold to enlarge our space so that through the years our customers might be able to discover different areas of the Hondaverse.”

in addition to the Hondaverse, the achievement of this activation has additionally guided Honda’s Twitch strategy. As cited before, gaming is one of the 3 pillars of Honda’s community on Twitch. Others are track and e-sports activities.

Screenshot of the contest on the HondaDreamLabs Twitch stream
Competing on one of the HondaDreamLabs Twitch streams

Honda has already made strong services to this target market on Twitch thru concert events and eSports competitions. Now he is turning his attention to engaging that target audience inside the Hondaverse.

“Our long-term view also way we can follow the understanding gained from building Hondaverse to our other Twitch endeavors. We will boom target market consumption in these streams. A few thrilling episodes of Honda DreamLab are coming within the target audience engagement based totally function.”

“This has been a outstanding manner for us to satisfy gamers who’re present on Twitch and the metaverse, and now we can expand it to our different audiences on Twitch who’re inquisitive about song, sports activities or video games. Everybody is connected on Twitch and we will deliver that to the Hondaverse. It truly is the beauty of long-term making plans with our Hondaverse release.”

some thing maps Honda desires up for the subsequent metaverse, we are able to assume them to be streamed on Twitch and hold to enchantment to millennial and Gen Z car consumers.

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