UX vs. UI: what’s the difference?

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UX and UI are terms that are often used within the equal sentence, but that doesn’t imply they’re interchangeable. UX and UI are so frequently combined up that you could stumble upon a activity posting for a UI fashion designer wherein the task description mistakenly describes the obligations of a UI designer and vice versa.


although UX and UI are distinct practices, they overlap and supplement every different. This can make it difficult to apprehend what makes them special and the way they paintings together to create a high-quality product.

UX and UI are disciplines that paintings hand in hand to create a product, service or website that is beautiful and intuitive for customers to apply.
user Interface (UI) refers to the aesthetic characteristics of a virtual product, which includes the look, sense and design of all elements with which the user can interact. Meanwhile,
person enjoy (UX) it is more picturesque and conceptual. UX considers the person’s journey of enticing with your product, the way it solves their hassle, and the way they sense. UX with out a UI is like an engine without a automobile surrounding it. You need each to get in which you want to head.


To similarly apprehend the distinction between UX and UI, permit’s start with an example: YouTube.

UX and UI example using Youtube homepage

check out the YouTube home web page. All visible factors on the web page are the paintings of the consumer interface designer. This includes the hunt bar at the top, font and coloration picks, spacing between films, branding, the “Subscriptions” bar at the left, and something else you may see or interact with on the page. Consumer interface encompasses the cultured choices that make up the appearance and experience of a page and the manner records is supplied. However, while we consider what records to display first and how the product works while you interact with the user interface, we start to enter the world of UX.


imagine each YouTube video you click loading slowly. Consider trying to find “cats” and nothing comes up. Consider you cannot search with the aid of username, so it is hard to discover the girl who sang an acoustic rendition of your favourite Lizzo tune.

The above outcomes in a negative user enjoy (UX). If the product does not provide the solution you assume, there is a UX dressmaker somewhere who has her work cut out for her.


Cognitive scientist Don Norman, who’s the first
coined the time period UX in the Nineteen Ninetiesand Jakob Nielsen, co-founder
The Nielsen Norman institutionexplains
the distinction between UX and UI on this manner:


“recollect a movie evaluation internet site. Even supposing the consumer interface for locating a movie is perfect, the UX can be poor for a consumer who needs information approximately a small unbiased release if the underlying database simplest includes movies from main studios.”


In this case (and in all right merchandise), UX and UI come collectively to create a holistically exciting enjoy. Even the maximum beautiful person interface you can believe can’t be preferred if the product does not work the manner the consumer desires it to.

permit’s now define UX and UI in more element to further give an explanation for the distinction among them.



whilst UI is visible, UX is conceptual and focused on developing and enhancing the person’s route to fixing a hassle.

A UX fashion designer is liable for all factors of the person’s interaction – this means that a UX clothier isn’t always totally accountable for the era behind the product. They may be liable for how the person interacts with the organization each on line and offline, such as customer service and other components.


basically, a UX dressmaker need to answer the question, “How can my company’s product best meet the wishes of our customers?”


Now, what is left for the UI dressmaker?



have you ever visited a internet site and thought, “Wow, this corporation is cool and has a tremendous product, however what received me over changed into the intuitive and elegant layout in their internet site?”
This is essentially because of their UI clothier.


Now that we’ve got explored UX and UI one by one, let’s have a look at how they work collectively.

How do UX and UI paintings together?

shall we say your organization wants to increase a operating app, so your CEO hires a consumer revel in clothier. A UX dressmaker will first behavior studies at the opposition’s programs and at the problems of your users.


With this facts, she will be able to decide at the fundamental features of the app (“it should music coronary heart charge and mileage”) and research
person personalities in-intensity to create sitemap and initial prototype.


From there, the UX dressmaker will create wireframes in order to be tested, refined, and converted into mockups. Subsequent, the UX clothier will conduct research and refine the product for the market. At all stages, the UX clothier is centered at the shape and value of the product and how that product meets or fails to satisfy a person need.


in the direction of the cease of development, the UI designer will then take control of the app’s look, inclusive of on-display screen paperwork, pictures, buttons, hyperlinks, and icons.

the primary difference between a user interface and a user interface is their goals: a consumer interface dressmaker is centered on the entire adventure of customers in using a product to solve their problem or meet their needs. This includes anything that could motivate or frustrate them, why they would or would not experience the product, and what the product should contain for a nice enjoy.


The UI clothier has these constraints – they tell her what the app ought to encompass and exclude, and how it will paintings. The usage of those constraints as a manual, he designs an interface this is intuitive to apply and materializes all the user’s desires on the display screen.


You can’t create an superb product with out UX and UI. Without a UX designer, YouTube could appearance great and appealing, but absolutely useless. And with out a UI fashion designer, YouTube could be a brilliant idea in principle, but it might be tough and complicated to navigate the display screen.


Editor’s observe: This put up changed into originally published in June 2018 and has been up to date for completeness.
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