The Google seek Console Video Indexing file is now to be had to anybody


In May, Google teased a new video indexing report in Google Search Console, then in July the report began to spread to some properties, the search company announced. Now the report is fully published for all properties where Google can detect video on a website, the company itself announced on Twitter.

What is a video index report. The video indexing report shows how many indexed pages on your site contain one or more videos and how many of those pages could be indexed. Google says the report can help you understand the performance of your videos on Google and identify potential areas for improvement.

How does it look. Here is a screenshot of this report for one of my sites in Google Search Console:

Google notification. Here’s the tweet where Google announced it:

When the report shows. Google said that if Google detects videos on your site, the video indexing report will appear in the left navigation bar in the coverage section. If Google hasn’t detected a video on your site, you won’t see the report.

What does it tell you. The report shows the video indexing status of your site. It helps you answer the following questions:

  • How many pages did Google recognize the video?
  • Which videos were successfully indexed?
  • What issues prevent videos from being indexed?

Additionally, if you fix an existing issue, you can use the report to confirm the fix and track how your fixed video pages are updated in Google’s index, Google explained.

URL review tool for video sites. Google has also improved URL Inspection Tool so you can check the video indexing status of a specific page. If Google detects a video when crawling your page, you’ll see the following in the results:

  • Details like video URL and thumbnail URL.
  • Page status showing whether the video has been indexed or not.
  • List of issues preventing the video from being indexed.

Why do we care? If you host videos on your site or embed videos on your site, take a look at this report to see if there are ways to improve those videos or help other videos appear in Google Search. Videos are an important aspect of search traffic and visibility in Google Search.

There are many more details in this new report this Google help document.

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