Technical seo: A 20-Minute Workweek checklist

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keeping a internet site’s seek presence depends on a number of technical elements operating properly.

This 20-minute seo checklist offers a excessive-degree evaluation of the nation of your seek presence and an early warning of potential issues that require attention.

Of all the seo obligations, technical search engine optimization is the maximum trustworthy in phrases of what to do and how to do it.

A useful technique to workload management is to apply a center organization of technical seo elements to monitor internet site health and search presence on a weekly foundation.

This list is extraordinarily beneficial for almost any man or woman or group in a selection of industries.

Of direction, extra factors particular on your state of affairs may be introduced, however these factors can shape the spine of a beneficial weekly assessment.

Is 20 mins every week enough?

i will already pay attention the counterarguments from full-time technical search engine optimization professionals: “You cannot even scratch the surface in 20 mins a week.”

I agree.

The factor of this manual, but, is to show you the way to reveal your maximum important troubles from a excessive stage and diagnose where to spend greater energy digging.

a few weeks, a 20-minute checkup may be all you want.

other weeks might also appear disastrous to you canonization blunders and calls for the assault troops of all hands on board.

if you’re lagging at the back of to your technical seo, following this weekly workflow will provide you with a big boost in performance.

1. Search Console evaluation (0-10 mins)

there is no better region to begin than traveling seek Console for a excessive-level assessment of the entirety.

facts is immediately from Google; the dashboard is already constructed for you and you have already got it set up in your account.

they may be what we are looking for apparent errors.

We don’t dig thru pages to analyze small key-word moves.

we are searching out large kahunas of problem.

start with the assessment section:

Screenshot from Google seek Console, July 2022

take a look at out these records points:

  • Are drastic drops in visitors unusual in the overall performance summary? Big declines may suggest a technical seo problem across the site.
  • Are there spikes in “error pages” in the coverage summary? If it’s your first time in a long term, you will want to delve into the ancient.
  • search for spikes up and down in capabilities like AMP, Q&A, cell usability, and extra within the development opinions. Are they shifting as predicted? In case you observe irregularities, dig deeper.

Then go to the coverage phase:

A screenshot of the Search Console coverage reportScreenshot from Google search Console, July 2022

The Index coverage phase is prime to expertise how Google is indexing and looking your site’s content.

this is in which Google reviews errors associated with indexing or looking the content.

the biggest component to look for is the default mistakes view, so you’ll need to study the information section.

go through the road by line and notice the fashion column. If whatever looks unusual, you will want to dig deeper and diagnose.

check out the sitemaps phase:

A screenshot of the Search Console sitemap sectionScreenshot from Google search Console, July 2022

This affords quite a few records approximately your sitemaps and their respective pages.

that is especially useful if you have multiple sitemaps that constitute different components of the pages to your web page.

You need to observe the “recent read” column to ensure it was crawled currently, which varies depending to your website online.

Then check the repute column to see the errors flagged. Make a observe to do so if this has expanded appreciably considering that closing week.

test guide actions:

Screenshot of the Search Console manual actions reportScreenshot from Google search Console, July 2022

This one is large. In case you’re doing everything proper, this can rarely, if ever, incorporate a listing of manual actions.

but, it is worth checking weekly to hold your peace of thoughts. You want to find it before your CEO does.

seek Console has a ton of statistics and you may spend days going thru each document.

these excessive-stage checks constitute the most vital dashboard summaries to check weekly.

you may do a brief assessment of each of those sections and create notes in as low as 10 minutes every week. But digging into the problems you find will require a lot more research.

2. Check Robots.Txt (mins 11-12)

The Robots.Txt record is among the maximum vital methods to inform search engines in which you need them to crawl and which pages you don’t need them to crawl.

Very important: The robots.Txt report controls most effective crawling however no longer web page indexing.

a few small websites have one or two strains within the report, while large sites have relatively complicated settings.

Your average website will handiest have some traces and infrequently change from week to week.

even though the record rarely modifications, it is critical to double-check that it is nevertheless there and that nothing has been by accident introduced to it.

within the worst case situation, which includes a domain restart or a new site update by your improvement group, the robots.Txt file can be changed to “Disallow: /” to save you search engines like google and yahoo from crawling even as the improvement pages are on staging server after which uploaded to the live web page with the disallow directive intact.

make certain this isn’t always on a stay website:

user-agent: *&#thirteen;
Disallow: /

however if it is a normal week, there will be no adjustments and it ought to only take a minute.

each website has a specific configuration each week; you will want to examine it to yours best practice putting to make sure that not anything has been accidentally changed.

3. Overview web page pace in Google Analytics (thirteen-15 mins)

For an in depth have a look at your web page’s page speed, we’re going to bounce to Google Analytics.

go to behavior > website velocity ​​> evaluate

Technical SEO: A 20-Minute Workweek ChecklistScreenshot from Google Analytics, July 2022

I recommend comparing the last seven days to the preceding seven days to get a experience of any big changes.

if you need to dig deeper, you’ll want to visit pace ​​Templates for web page-with the aid of-web page instances and tips:

Technical SEO: A 20-Minute Workweek ChecklistScreenshot from Google Analytics, July 2022

The aim is to get a excessive-level feel of whether anything went incorrect within the last week.

in case you need to do so, you may need to test person pages with a few different equipment that locate their manner to the lowest line.

Many different equipment they exist to similarly inspect and diagnose particular web page pace troubles.

A beneficial device from Google for measuring and diagnosing web page velocity problems is Chrome Lighthouse device that you could get admission to via DevTools constructed into every Chrome-based totally browser.

four. Evaluate the hunt consequences (minutes 15-18)

there is nothing higher than getting dirty at the actual seek engine effects pages (serps).

Gianluca Fiorelli stated it exceptional:

even though the gear are useful and store time, we have to not forget to check the real search results (search engines) and now not only when the equipment report sizable adjustments.

absolutely type your key phrases into the hunt engine and spot if the indexed gear match what you see in the search engines.

it is normal for there to be slight versions in rankings due to the fact search consequences are dynamic and can change based on factors which includes geographic location, search history, device, and other personalization-related reasons.

test the engines like google on website online every week and you may sleep better at night.

5. Visually check Your website online (19-20 minutes)

persevering with with the earlier phenomenon of no longer checking engines like google, it’s miles all too commonplace for search engine optimization specialists to default to the usage of analytics gear rather than manually checking the web site.

sure, manually checking a internet site is not as “scalable”, but there are some apparent troubles to be picked up that may be lost or undetected within the tool’s report.

you will need to fast strive some of your first-class facets to keep it to 2 minutes.

don’t forget, that is a random test for the massive troubles that stand out, not a detailed overview of sentences, grammar, and paragraphs.

start at the house page and navigate round seeking out something that is obviously damaged. Click on everywhere in the website online, check out the special sorts of pages and search for something extraneous.

And at the same time as you are at it, take a short take a look at the code.

In Chrome, navigate to:

Developer tools > View web page supply

once more, that is excellent exercise to do weekly as a high-level evaluation.

you will feel plenty higher understanding which you’re seeing the issue that’s making you cash your self, and not depending on some abstraction thru a third-birthday party tool.


A 20-minute technical seo audit presents a excessive-degree assessment of a website’s overall seo health and gives an early warning while something is off before the problem escalates right into a catastrophic failure.

The point is to quick decide that each one signs of web site power (which include search and indexing) are healthy and that site performance is most beneficial.

I also suggest periodically full technical seo audit your website online to get a complete diagnosis and find deeper problems.

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