5 myths marketers have were given incorrect about Gen Z, consistent with information and our Gen Z intern

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To be sincere, technology Z can experience like foreign territory to all and sundry. Myself, born in 2001. Despite the fact that i’m inside the middle of the center-wearing TikTok era, I don’t continually completely understand the trends we begin, prevent, or absolutely cancel.

even as i’m no genius on the subject of marketing to our generation, i will inform you that it’s pretty apparent when entrepreneurs are trying too difficult to sell to us. It frequently feels too forced and faux.

that is why i’m here to assist! Let me debunk some of the myths and marketers’ predictions about our wild technology so that you can discover the right approaches to seize our attention and maintain us engaged. Let’s dive proper into a number of these misconceptions and debunk them with data from our personal nation of consumer trends Surveyand discuss suggestions on what you can do rather.

5 technology Z Myths Debunked

1. “technology Z is passionate about speedy style.”

This is simple to look SHEIN or Princess Polly on TikTok or Instagram and assume they represent our technology. Of path, those on line stores understand our technology to some extent, but what catches our interest are the web retail websites. As an instance 90% of Depop customers are beneath the age of 26.

nowadays, technology Z buys these clothes, however in a miles less dangerous manner, as the clothes are resold 2d-hand.

instead of having stuck up in low expenses and offers, technology Z is greater aware of a logo’s ethics and its stance on social issues than some other technology. I do not should just take my phrase for it. We surveyed greater than 100 Gen Zers and located that the manner a logo processes social responsibility honestly impacts Gen Z’s purchasing decisions.

or gene with me that companies should take a stand on social issues

And while we requested if corporations should take a stand on social troubles, 50% of Gen Z stated they should. As a marketer, this indicates prioritizing this to Gen Z and even the younger millennial target audience if you haven’t already.

I additionally urge you now not to think of social issues as a wide term that is regularly thrown around without any assist. As a substitute, damage it down into particular problems that you can absolutely tackle with tangible outcomes. And to help you even more, here’s in which to start:

whilst we asked Gen Z who want groups to take a stand on what troubles are maximum important to them, racial justice became by way of some distance number one (69%), followed by using LGBTQ+ rights (50%), gender inequality (46% ), and climate exchange (forty two%).

2. “privateness and facts safety aren’t important to Gen Z.”

I apprehend why many believe this. Gen Z is known for being glued to their phones, which obviously brings the chance of unsecured and limitless information.

Plus, we’re the TikTok generation and—as lots of us recognize— TikTok has had its share of privacy concerns. And sure, once in a while we are able to appear irresponsible, particularly with regards to social media ( the milk crate challenge wasn’t the great idea); but don’t underestimate us.

as the first technology born into a generation-primarily based international, we’ve seen the fact of the digital area more than some other technology, so protection and information safety clearly come first.

Gen z is more likely to buy from brands that do.

As you may see inside the graph above, Gen Z’s purchasing decisions are heavily stimulated with the aid of whether or not they are able to believe a agency with their facts (being the second maximum ranked pre-buy consideration at 83%).

The above data approach that as a marketer you want to convey facts privateness to our era and you can not just anticipate that we don’t care approximately those standards. Please assure us that we aren’t being scammed or taken gain of. We might not continually prioritize it over revel in and a laugh (as evidenced through our use of TikTok), but do not believe that you could do anything with our records, and we won’t mind.

three. “TikTok is the pleasant manner to reach era Z”

TikTok is a exceptional location for Gen Z; it offers an proper feel of content that no different app gives. This fashion is pretty attractive to a number of our shorter interest spans and busy schedules. In truth, TikTok is the app most utilized by era Z. Yet, distinctly (or now not), it’s not our favorite social media platform.

while we asked Gen Z about their favourite social media app, Instagram and YouTube easily took the cake, with TikTok coming in third, as visible in the graph below.

Gen z's favorite social platform

from your attitude as a marketer, which means at the same time as there is virtually loads of attempt involved in growing TikTok content material, recall about our trusty old friend Instagram – even for Gen Z.

there are many motives why era Z avoids direct purchases on TikTok. These include the aforementioned challenge for information privateness and just trying to apply this space for connection and entertainment, not commercials and purchases.

So in case you plan to sell directly thru social media, Instagram have to without a doubt be your choice (as 28% of Gen Z say they offered some thing at once from a social media app in the beyond 3 months).

latest HubSpot Instagram advertising and marketing file explains in detail why the app affords this sort of social advertising and income possibility, so do not omit it!

four. “positioned a product in front of Gen Z and they may purchase it.”

while we gravitate closer to TikTok-fashion content material, that doesn’t imply we are open to all sorts of short videos, along with people who marketplace merchandise.

earlier than creating a purchase thru social networks, we want to create the sensation that we located the product ourselves. We don’t want to feel pressured into any choice, mainly if it’s a clean ad that we can not face.

To win over Gen Z, brands want to prioritize growing interesting content that feels genuine to capture our attention. Then, once they have our true hobby, they can extra easily slide into their product rather of getting every other eye roll from us.

how gen z discovers new products

because the graph above suggests, the best way we opt to find out a brand new product is thru TikTok, Reel or different quick form video codecs wherein the product is shown but now not pressured upon us. In a global in which we regularly feel powerless, we significantly cost a experience of autonomy and corporation – help us sense empowered via your actions.

five. “word of mouth is a wonderful way to attain era Z.”

yes, I recognise this could appear contradictory when you consider that we actually like to talk, but hear me out. As just described, generation Z is confused: we sense out of control, judged, and like the weight of the sector is on our shoulders.

With this comes a unique sense of camaraderie and connection between us. As a result, Gen Zs accept as true with different Gen Zs due to the fact they too revel in the equal commonplace emotions. And what higher manner to unify than through social media?

we’ve became social media and on line communities into our modern model of phrase of mouth. It’s why we are even believe the pointers of influencers greater than the guidelines of our friends and circle of relatives.

top generation Z channels

This graph above helps to emphasize that your advertising attention ought to be on connecting with Gen Z inside the areas wherein we sense at ease: social media. I’m sorry, dad and mom, however you no longer have any affect over us.

extra assets to marketplace for your target audience

Now that we’ve got researched and debunked some of the largest Gen Z myths and predictions, you would possibly want to learn even more about the technology and how they shop. Here’s a brief list of information-driven assets that we are hoping you will revel in:

For a detailed dive into all of our patron trend facts studies (together with non-weblog insights), down load the unfastened record beneath.

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