Social Media KPIs You must Be tracking

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in case your enterprise invests in a social media approach, you assume to see results. But, as any social media marketer is aware of, reporting efficiently on those consequences isn’t continually as clean because it looks.

beneath, we’ll explore the top social media metrics you must be tracking on every social channel and where to locate them. Use them to goal your social media goals greater correctly so you can song your progress extra efficiently.


in case you ask every body on the road what the biggest social media platform is, odds are strong they’d say fb. And that they’d be right! 

consistent with Statista, fb had 2.Ninety three billion users global, as of Q1 2022. Their user base additionally money owed for about sixty nine% of U.S. Adults.

So it’s no marvel entrepreneurs round the world love them.

to help you music your progress and make the maximum of this huge platform, right here are our top facebook KPIs.

attain & Impressions

What it is: in line with fb, “reach” is the range of precise users who saw your content material on their displays. That is the nearest metric to “impressions” facebook offers natively. 

So what’s the distinction? Technically, “impressions” check with the wide variety of instances your content appears on any display, despite the fact that one consumer saw the content material regularly.

Why it’s vital: The reach metric indicates you how correctly you’re posting content material that receives seen with the aid of an target market. It may inform you how huge that audience is and assist to contextualize other metrics. 

for example, when you have an surprisingly low variety of interactions on a publish with very high reach, you may need to revisit it. 

where you may discover it: you could report on your facebook attain and impressions the use of Semrush’s loose Social Media Analytics tool. 

First, join your fb profile and follow the activates because the tool publications you via setup. Then, navigate to the Social Media Analytics Engagement tab. 


here, you may find (for a 28-day length): 

  • Impressions
  • attain
  • Engagement rate
  • Impressions by means of day
  • reach through day
  • Engagement by way of days (exact breakdown)

And greater! Exceptional of all, you could get right of entry to all of this with out leaving the Semrush interface.

Likes & Reactions 

What it’s far: “Likes” are a shape of engagement that permit customers to express their aid for a web page or a bit of content. “Reactions” are an accelerated form of likes that permit customers to specific their emotional reactions in a greater particular manner.

Why it’s important: Reactions and likes are social evidence that your target market connects together with your content material. Fb also uses them as a ranking signal, which means greater reactions should bring about higher reach. Moreover, analyzing reactions in detail ought to assist you understand user sentiment round your content.

in which to locate it: examine your fb content’s likes and reactions in Social Media Analytics. 

First, navigate to the Engagement tab for an basic reaction depend and to interrupt down those reactions in element. 


here, you could find out precisely how your audience reacted for your content, inclusive of how many human beings took negative actions together with unliking, reporting spam, or hiding your content material from their feed. 

want to examine greater about person sentiment? Check out the Posts tab, where you can find a specified breakdown of which posts (if any) your audience mainly disliked, so that you can adjust your method and messaging accordingly.


Video perspectives 

What it’s miles: On fb, a “view” is when a video is performed for as a minimum three seconds. To play, it needs to be a hundred% on display in desktop mode and 50% on display on mobile. Fb gives 3 sorts of video view metrics: 

  • three-second video perspectives
  • One-minute video perspectives
  • minutes regarded

Why it’s important: in case you’re developing video content, monitoring views can display you ways nicely-obtained it’s far by means of the audience. A 3-2nd view, in most cases, could indicate that a user paused in your video, despite the fact that they did no longer whole it. A one-minute view suggests that customers remained engaged for a extra sizeable time frame.

in which to locate it: the usage of Social Media Analytics, you can locate this records at the Engagement tab, on the same page as your Impressions, attain, and Reactions metrics. In this web page, it’s referred to as “Video clicks.” 


want it damaged down by way of submit? Take a look at the Posts tab. 


handy, right?

What it’s far: On a normal fb submit (i.E., not an ad), a link click refers to any time a user clicks an outside hyperlink in your put up to get right of entry to extra content, which include a web page on your web site. 

For comparison, in an advert, this is referred to as an outbound click. For commercials, “hyperlink clicks” keep the consumer on facebook (for example, starting up a shape to fill out, or any other experience).

Why it’s crucial: In most cases, the aim of social media is, in the end, to pressure greater customers in your website online. Measuring hyperlink clicks indicates you how successful your efforts are. If your posts have few link clicks, first remember whether or not your posts are enticing enough. Then, take into account whether you’re linking to the right kinds of content on your target audience.

where to locate it: Social Media Analytics users can find each put up’s link clicks on the Posts tab. Simply scroll down to the “posted posts” section and find it in the fourth column. 


you can even export it to a CSV for further evaluation by using clicking the button within the top proper nook. 

What it is: As a metric, “feedback” discuss with the quantity of replies customers have left beneath your content material. “stocks” refer to the quantity of times customers have despatched it to others through direct messages or have shared to their personal feeds.

Why it’s critical: feedback and stocks are social proof that users hook up with your content material. Due to the fact they require more attempt than a like, they may additionally be considered a more treasured shape of engagement. Additionally, reading remarks can let you know about user sentiment regarding your content material and logo.

in which to discover it: Semrush Social Media Analytics customers will locate their remarks and shares metric on the Engagement tab, inside the “Engagement by way of days” segment.


need it damaged down by using post? Visit the Posts tab. Right here, you could take a look at your most recent posts or kind by using remarks or stocks to find your most a success content for the duration of that duration.



in case you’re developing video content material in any respect, you’re likely posting it on YouTube. Why? In step with Statista, YouTube has a remarkable 81% attain amongst U.S. Adults as of February 2021. Moreover: 

  • 694,000 hours are streamed on YouTube every minute
  • YouTube is liable for 11.2% of Google’s overall ad revenue, at $28.Eighty four billion
  • 55% of entrepreneurs use it

here are our alternatives for the top metrics to track on YouTube.

total Watch Time

What it is: total watch time equals the quantity of time all viewers have spent watching your video, delivered collectively. For example, if 1,000 viewers every spent 2.Five minutes watching your video, the overall watch time would be 41 hours and forty minutes. At the channel stage, this metric shows the total amount of time visitors spent watching all of your content.

Why it’s vital: collectively with video views, general watch time helps you examine the achievement of your movies. You could also compare total watch time for subscribers as opposed to non-subscribers for more insights into your audience.

where to discover it: In YouTube’s Video or Channel Analytics, you could locate total watch time in some locations: 

  • at the evaluate tab
  • in the reach tab within the “Impressions that led to watch time” photograph (you may note a discrepancy on this photo, because it’s up to date less frequently)

Video views 

What it is: Google defines perspectives as “the range of valid perspectives in your channel or motion pictures.” In different phrases, views a user deliberately initiates (e.G., through looking or clicking a thumbnail). If the site finds a video’s views to be suspicious, they may freeze the variety while they review it. This metric is measured in hours.

Why it’s critical: The video perspectives metric tells you the way enticing your video is to potential viewers. Elements that could effect it include your video subject matter, title, and thumbnail design. As with watch time, you could view it at the channel or video stage and differentiate between subscribers and non-subscribers. Additionally, collectively with watch time, perspectives permit you to better recognize how engaged viewers are with a video.

where it’s far: whether you’re reading your very own performance or benchmarking in opposition to a competitor, you can examine view count without difficulty in Semrush’s Social Media Tracker. 

First, access your YouTube account in the device. Then select “videos” for a detailed breakdown of each published video’s performance. 



What it is: As on other platforms, “engagement” way any interplay with content material that goes past actually gaining access to it. On YouTube, that means likes, dislikes, perspectives, and comments. 

Why it’s vital: further to being a signifier that your target audience connects with your content, engagement is a ranking thing on YouTube. So if you want to emerge as in any individual’s encouraged feed, or even at the the front web page, increasing your engagement might be helpful. 

in which to find it: YouTube’s native analytics platform doesn’t offer a unified engagement metric. But Semrush’s Social Media Tracker does. Genuinely add your enterprise or a competitor to the tool, and then go to the Engagement tab.



in keeping with Statista, Instagram has 1.28 billion customers around the sector. With that in mind, there’s a sturdy threat you (or your emblem) are one in every of them, specially if your emblem desires to hook up with young human beings: 

  • 31.7% of world net customers between the ages of 25 and 34 use Instagram
  • 22% of teenagers say it’s their favourite social community

here are our favourite KPIs to music on Instagram.


What it’s miles: Impressions are the quantity of instances your content become visible with the aid of logged-in customers, even if those customers saw it multiple instances. In different words, this metric counts how regularly your content honestly seems on a screen.

Why it’s critical: Like reach, the impressions metric indicates you how effective you’re at getting eyes in your content material, and it offers crucial context to understand different KPIs—e.G., low engagement on a put up with very high impressions, versus low engagement on a post that no person noticed.

where to discover it: if you’re a Semrush Social Media Analytics consumer, go to the stories phase to peer how many impressions your Instagram stories earned, and visit your Posts tab to investigate your impressions with the aid of submit. 



What it’s miles: attain is the predicted quantity of unique logged-in customers that saw a piece of your content material. However, due to the fact this metric counts customers, not perspectives, this range is likely to be decrease than impressions.

Why it’s vital: reach indicates you how big your target audience virtually is, and it tells you how efficaciously you get your content seen by way of that target market. Like impressions, it could additionally be helpful in contextualizing different crucial metrics, like submit engagement or follower remember.

in which to locate it: you can locate your Instagram attain in a few extraordinary locations inside Semrush’s Social Media Analytics. First, visit the “Profile interactions” section to discover how a great deal attain you have for all of your content material collectively. 


to analyze your attain by means of person story or put up, go to the “stories” and “Posts” sections respectively.


Video performs 

What it’s miles: The number of instances your video or reel turned into performed by way of an Instagram consumer. Due to the fact many movies are brief and loop robotically, this range can be better than you count on primarily based for your reach. This metric is available for each in-feed motion pictures and reels.

Why it’s important: creating video content material calls for a variety of effort and time. Video plays show you the way well that effort is paying off, as it manner customers not simplest saw your content material on their feed however also opened it to observe.

wherein to discover it: Navigate to the Posts tab within Social Media Analytics, and you’ll see it within the ninth column. Kind by using video perspectives to find your most a success video posts. 


put up Interactions

What it’s miles: submit interactions are the variety of likes, saves, feedback, and stocks your posts obtained, not counting any deleted interactions. This metric does now not encompass tale and reel interactions. If you need to consist of the ones, use content interactions instead. 

Why it’s vital: in contrast to the previous Instagram metrics, which focus on how regularly your content material was visible, publish interactions show you how nicely your content material linked with the audience. Interactions can also assist enhance your impressions and attain.

wherein to discover it: to see account-huge post interactions, open Instagram’s native analytics page, Insights, and faucet “accounts engaged.” right here, you can discover the wide variety of logged-in users who interacted with your content material, your overall content material interactions all through the analyzed duration, and your total post interactions for the duration of that length. 

to look submit interactions facts for a selected piece of content material, navigate to that post, choose “publish insights,” and scroll all the way down to the post interactions section. 


in case you’re a patron-dealing with business targeting Gen Z and Millennials—especially young women—and you’re no longer on TikTok but, you’re probable thinking about it. On common, customers spend over 19 hours on TikTok every month. That’s quite a few time to your target market to connect to your emblem. 

Even past that demographic, TikTok is a fast-growing platform. In line with Statista, TikTok: 

  • Is used by fifty seven% of women round the arena
  • Has 136.Forty two million customers in the america by myself
  • increased first-time installs via 400% yr over year between 2017 and 2021

however how do you degree TikTok success? With those KPIs, of path.

general Time Watched 


What it is: general time watched is the cumulative quantity of time people have spent watching your video. TikTok presently suggests this information handiest for individual films. As such, in case you need to decide your common total time watched throughout your account, you’ll need to collect this records on all your videos.

Why it’s crucial: This metric is basically useful for benchmarking purposes. By monitoring this metric regularly, you’ll be able to evaluate how a hit new content material is as compared to different videos you’ve posted inside the beyond, or beneath sure hashtags. You can additionally use general time watched to offer context for different metrics which includes views or engagements.

wherein to locate it: To discover overall time watched, you’ll want to get right of entry to the browser model of TikTok Analytics, preferably on a computer. In Analytics, pick the content material section and tap the video you want to research. You’ll locate your total and common watch time for that submit at the video info display screen.



What it is: TikTok analytics doesn’t offer a unmarried engagement metric. Alternatively, the Analytics overview display has an engagement tile that includes video views, profile perspectives, likes, comments, and shares at some point of the analyzed period. 

Why it’s critical: Engagement tells you ways successfully your content material connects with your target audience. Additionally, the higher your engagement, the higher your reach is possibly to be.

wherein to discover it: you can find the engagement tile—which contains your account’s video and profile perspectives, likes, comments and stocks—at the evaluate web page in Analytics. You can also view engagement records for man or woman movies by using navigating to that content and searching on the video details display. 

in case you need a single engagement fee, you may calculate it yourself the same way you would on other systems, using a system like: 

((Likes + comments + shares) / fans) * a hundred

experience free to conform this method to include whichever engagement metrics you care maximum approximately.

Video views 

What it is: Video views are the quantity of instances human beings have played your video. Not like other structures, TikTok counts a view from the moment a video begins to play. This metric also counts repeat performs, so if a person loops your video several times, every loop may be counted as a view. You could view this metric on the account degree (for all of your content) and at the video degree.

Why it’s essential: because video perspectives are counted from the instant they start, they’re basically TikTok’s equal of an impact. Like impressions, video perspectives tell you how efficiently you’re placing content in front of your target audience.

in which it’s far: to see your views on the account degree, open TikTok Analytics. You can discover your account’s video views inside the Engagement tile. To look what number of views a unmarried video earned, open the video information. 

Hashtag performance

What it’s far: typically, this refers to how many viewers discovered your video via a positive hashtag. But, in case you’re growing custom hashtags on your emblem, you can also examine the variety of videos published beneath that hashtag to analyze its overall performance as properly.

Why it’s critical: The hashtags you use for your motion pictures can significantly effect your view count number and engagement, so the usage of the proper ones is important. With the aid of monitoring your video’s overall performance by way of hashtag, you may make extra strategic alternatives and attract more viewers. (moreover, if you’re seeking to create a custom hashtag to help your target audience hook up with your emblem, it’s extremely helpful to realize how a whole lot traction it’s earned.)

wherein to discover it: Your video’s performance through hashtag can be observed on the video information display screen below “Video perspectives with the aid of phase.” 

if you need to peer the performance of a hashtag in and of itself, sincerely appearance up the hashtag on TikTok. Its perspectives will be exhibited to the right of the hashtag.


in case you’re an e-commerce commercial enterprise who desires to growth brand consciousness and power conversion from social media, Pinterest might be best for you. This image-based totally social media platform is full of exceptional-shareable content. Consistent with Statista, Pinterest: 

  • Has 86.35 million customers within the U.S.
  • Earns 885.7 billion visits every month
  • Grows its target audience by 12.Four% yr over yr

in case your brand uses Pinterest as part of your social media method, music your development with those KPIs.



What it is: Impressions are the amount of times your pins have regarded on screen, no matter whether a consumer clicked the pin to open it. Impressions may be viewed on the account level, looking in any respect activity at some stage in the analyzed period (e.G., the closing 30 days) or by way of pin.

Why it’s crucial: Impressions can help illustrate how correctly you’re putting content material in front of an target audience; as an example, the use of key phrases and hashtags that customers gravitate toward. That stated, due to the fact this metric consists of the instances a user scrolled beyond without interacting, it’s no longer specifically beneficial on its personal until your impressions are very low. 

whilst viewed in evaluation to pin clicks or other engagement, but, it could tell you plenty approximately how effective your pin layout is at engaging visitors. In other phrases, if you have high impressions however low clicks, it’s probably most customers are scrolling directly past you. If so, revisit your content and layout picks.

wherein to locate it: to see the impressions for one pin, get admission to your account on a laptop, navigate to that pin, and pick out “see greater stats.”

to peer your account-huge impressions, visit the review web page inside Pinterest Analytics. See your average impressions inside the Pinterest pastime tile, followed through your overall performance over time. 


What it’s far: Pinterest defines engagement asthe full variety of “saves, pin clicks, outbound clicks, carousel card swipes, secondary creative (collections) clicks and concept Pin forward/backward swipes.” In different phrases, engagement is any time anyone interacts together with your pin in place of scrolling beyond it.

Why it’s important: while impressions show you ways powerful you’re at getting your content material in front of audiences, engagement indicates you ways engaging that content is. Exciting, well-designed pins pressure pin clicks. As soon as a user clicks to open your pin, they interact in different approaches (e.G., likes, saves, or outbound clicks) to show that they linked with it.

in which to locate it: Your account-extensive engagement may be determined at the assessment web page in Pinterest’s local Analytics. Right here, you can also locate your engaged audience metric, which tells you what number of humans on your target market interacted with your content. 

while the pin stats page for person pins does no longer currently include an engagement metric, you could see the remarks, hyperlink clicks, saves, and other forms of engagement.

Outbound Clicks


What it’s far: Outbound clicks are the amount of times a consumer clicked on an outbound hyperlink on your pin. As an instance, in case you posted a photo of your product and connected to the product page on your on line keep, any time users clicked through to get for your internet site could be considered an outbound click on. 

Why it’s important: ultimately, the purpose of your business’s social media strategy is to power extra customers on your website online or your storefront. Outbound clicks measure how correctly you’ve performed that. Furnished that you hyperlink to your personal content, the extra clicks you earn, the greater visits your web site receives—and the higher the capacity to transform. 

wherein it is: to see the outbound clicks earned by means of one pin, navigate to its pin stats page. To see your outbound click performance at the account stage, visit the Analytics overview web page. Then, under “overall performance over the years,” choose “outbound clicks.”


Twitter gives brands an opportunity not simply to connect to their audience however also to participate in larger conversations. As such, completed nicely, it can be a valuable device to build emblem awareness and stronger relationships together with your customers.

in step with Statista, in 2021, Twitter had: 

  • 178 million monetizable every day active users (mDAU) 
  • 429.Seventy nine million customers round the sector (38.Five% of which fall inside the 25-34 age bracket)

if your logo relies on Twitter as a part of its social method, take into account monitoring these KPIs.



What it’s miles: Impressions are the quantity of times your tweet regarded on screen, together with via a user’s timeline or under a hashtag. It’s to be had both on the account stage (for the performance of all your tweets) and for man or woman tweets.

Why it’s critical: Impressions let you know how many humans virtually see your tweets, even though they don’t have interaction at once with them. That is especially important thinking about that many customers do now not see their timeline chronologically.

where it’s miles: to see what number of impressions one tweet earned, navigate to that tweet and pick out “view stats.” 

to see what number of impressions all of your content has earned, navigate to Twitter Analytics. Here, you can see all the tweet impressions earned during the last 28 days, the amount of impressions earned at some stage in the present day month, and facts from previous months.


What it’s miles: Engagement is the amount of instances humans have retweeted, quoted, spoke back, appreciated, or clicked inside your tweet. 

Why it’s crucial: Engagement now not handiest tells you the way effective your content become; it additionally will increase the odds that your content material may be seen by using extra human beings. As an example, likes and replies will commonly display up on that person’s timeline, bringing more eyes in your emblem. 

where to locate it: analyze your content material’s engagement (or your competition’s) with Semrush’s Social Media Tracker. 

First, move to the Tweets segment to discover the wide variety and rate of engagement for every submit. 


Then circulate to the Engagement phase to see your universal developments, including the kinds of engagement you acquire maximum, and the way that metric has grown through the years. 


What it’s far: Twitter considers a hyperlink click on to be any click on a URL or a card within a tweet.

Why it’s vital: if you’re the usage of Twitter to sell your internet site’s content, products, or offerings, you’ll need to recognize whether or not your tweets are doing so correctly. Hyperlink clicks let you know that your tweet effectively satisfied somebody to go to your site or view the content you desired to promote.

wherein to locate it: For man or woman tweets that contain a link, the hyperlink clicks metric can be determined at the Tweet hobby web page for that tweet. Find this page by means of navigating to the submit in query and clicking “view stats.” This metric will not be visible if there’s no hyperlink gift. 


you can also locate monthly, account-wide link clicks statistics on the Tweet activity web page in Twitter Analytics, beneath Engagements. 


Profile Visits

What it is: because the name indicates, profile visits represent the quantity of folks who visited your profile either from a tweet or via any other way, including a search.

Why it’s essential: As you build your social media presence, growing your follower remember is important. While profile visits do now not always equate to followers, they’re a demonstration that human beings were interested sufficient to examine greater about you. 

wherein it is: To find out what number of people visited your profile from one tweet, pick out “view stats” to look that tweet’s interest. 

To find out your account’s typical profile visits overall performance, go to the overview page in Twitter Analytics. You may locate this records inside the 28-day summary and in every month.


For marketers—in particular B2B marketers—it’s nearly a given that you’re on LinkedIn. In keeping with Statista, LinkedIn has fifty eight.Five millions users in the u.S.A., and 22% of them visit the web page daily. 

however how do in case you’re connecting correctly with that target audience? Attempt reading your performance with those KPIs.

Impressions & unique Impressions 

What it’s miles: LinkedIn offers impressions metrics—impressions and unique impressions. Impressions are the wide variety of times at the least 50% of your post became seen on screen for a logged-in user for at the least three hundred milliseconds. 

particular impressions are the wide variety of times your put up became seen (the use of the equal standards) for specific customers. That is much like fb’s “reach” metric. 

Why it’s critical: collectively, impressions and precise impressions paint a photo of the scale of your audience and how seen your content material is to them. If the ratio is strangely excessive or low, this may be a signal to appearance more closely at your other KPIs.

in which to locate it: you could discover each your web page’s impressions and specific impressions in two locations in LinkedIn’s local replace Analytics. 

First, in case you navigate to update Metrics, you may find affect information over the years for all your content material for the duration of the analyzed period. To see data about an man or woman put up, navigate to replace Engagements.


What it’s miles: even as LinkedIn’s local analytics doesn’t have a metric that counts engagements, they do have an entire replace Engagements section. This includes statistics like video views, clicks, reactions, feedback, shares, and extra.

Why it’s critical: Engagement shows that your users connect to your content enough to engage with it. What’s greater, the sort and content of that engagement can tell you greater about your audience’s emotions and critiques approximately your emblem and different essential troubles. 

in which it’s far: you may locate engagement records in update Analytics, in the update Engagements segment. This is damaged out by using character posts, so that you can quickly spot developments and pick out which posts did and did now not carry out well. 

Engagement rate

What it is: LinkedIn makes use of the subsequent components to calculate engagement price: 

(wide variety of interactions + number of clicks + number of followers acquired) / number of impressions

Why it’s critical: Engagement rate tells you the share of impressions that bring about engagement along with your put up. The better your engagement rate, the more successful your publish is in all likelihood to be.

in which to find it: you can locate your average engagement rate in your web page’s replace Metrics. To view your engagement rate for a single put up, see replace Engagements. 

Social media advertising is harder than it seems. Stepping into blind—with out accurate facts to manual your route—is a threat you possibly don’t need to take. Fortuitously, you don’t have to.

at the same time as maximum social channels do provide local analytics options, the truth is, you probable have sufficient tabs open to your browser while not having to log into every single social media account you have.

That’s where Semrush comes in. Our definitely unfastened social media management suite gathers all the records you need into one convenient place, so you can analyze your performance and competition, set your social media goals, and time table your posts—all with out missing a beat. 

attempt it for yourself

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