Forty three TikTok Stats You want to recognise in 2022

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due to the fact release in early 2018TikTok has been included by almost every most important information outlet and has garnered tens of millions of downloads global.

no matter its recognition, the app can nevertheless seem mysterious to entrepreneurs, in particular seeing that TikTok doesn’t constantly reveal key app metrics.

As someone who has been addicted to the app, blogged approximately it multiple instances, written loads of posts, or even made a few of my very own movies, i am fairly confident that this platform will be around for quite some time.

however thankfully, you do not ought to just take their phrase for it, due to the fact the facts and information about TikTok are piling up. That will help you make informed decisions about your method, we’ll cowl key TikTok information and information you need to know, whether or not you are simply getting started with the app or trying to update your strategy.

Already understand what stats you’re seeking out? Bounce there with this index:

forty three TikTok Stats You want to know in 2022

person base, downloads and boom

In TikTok’s first 12 months of operation, it’s miles expected to reach 500 million monthly energetic customerswith wondering if this turned into just a fluke or a viral trend so that it will die down? Assume once more. In step with TikTok and its employer executives, the target audience may be larger and more promising than we suppose.

  • In September 2021, TikTok celebrated 1 billion month-to-month lively users. (Tik Tok)
  • Musical.Ly, a a lip-synching app acquired via ByteDance and merged with TikTok, it reportedly had one hundred million monthly active users when TikTok received it in 2018. (The Verge)
  • Douyin, TikTok’s unique standalone app in China, had 300 million users at the time Musical.Ly merged with TikTok. (The Verge)
  • In 2020, TikTok became the most downloaded app within the world (850 million downloads), observed by way of WhatsApp, facebook and Instagram. (Apptopia)
  • TikTok is the first-class free app inside the entertainment segment of the Apple App save. (Apple App store)


while TikTok’s user base the usa is ruled by Gen-Z, many millennials have embraced it round the world. And at the same time as TikTok may appear huge within the US, the app’s largest target audience truly comes from China, where the platform is referred to as Douyin.

here’s a breakdown of TikTok’s principal demographics.

  • 52.38% of TikTok customers international are among the a while of 18 and 24. (a further)
  • the usa, Indonesia, and Brazil have the most important audiences on TikTok as of April 2022. (an extra)
  • As of April 2021, forty eight% of us adults aged 18-29 use TikTok, as compared to twenty% of adults aged 30-forty nine and 14% aged 50-sixty four. (Pew research middle)
  • One sector of americans 12-34 have used TikTok, compared to three% of adults 35+. (MarketingCharts)
  • TikTok is now to be had in over two hundred countries. (Oberlo)
  • greater than 22.2 million month-to-month lively users of TikTok are in Indonesia. (a further)
  • The social media apps most utilized by Gen Z are TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. (The HubSpot blog)

person behavior

TikTok is a fast app. The second one time you log in, you notice the video at the top of the feed which is algorithmically curated primarily based to your hobbies.

i’ve found from my very own experience that TikTok can effortlessly reason you to spend more time than you anticipated looking an limitless flow of often comedic films. Considering that these videos are usually between 15 seconds and one minute long, the app is right for folks who want some brief enjoyment on their morning go back and forth or when they are bored at domestic.

With TikTok’s speedy pace and a laugh aspect, the stats beneath are not that surprising:

  • The average user spends 89 minutes an afternoon at the app, according to a leaked package from TikTok. (tune enterprise international)
  • As of September 2021, there are 14.Forty three million every day active customers the use of the TikTok app for Android, with the average consumer using it for 12.3 hours in line with month. (a further, HootSuite)
  • TikTok is one of the maximum downloaded apps on the Google Play store. (a further)
  • according to leaked TikTok records, the average person opens the app 19 times an afternoon. (song enterprise global)
  • As of January 2021, TikTok for iOS has 29.7 million DAUs. (a further)
  • 88% of people on TikTok record that audio on the platform is significant to the overall app experience. (Tik Tok)
  • sixty eight% of TikTok users say that motion pictures of popular songs help them bear in mind manufacturers better. (Tik Tok)
  • 36% of purchasers want to analyze extra approximately products via brief movies like TikToks or Reels. (HubSpot)
  • fifty five% of customers say TikTok helps them discover new things. (cloth)
  • fifty five% of TikTok users use the platform to investigate brands or products. (Tik Tok)

The have an effect on of TikTok

  • The TikTok network engages extra frequently and consistently with content at the platform than on other social media systems. (Neuro-perception).
  • whilst users see organic TikTok brand content earlier than their paid ads, logo take into account increases with the aid of 27%. (Neurons Inc.)
  • seventy one% of TikTok users say the app has more impact on their lives than other apps they use, and 79% say it inspires them to do new matters in real lifestyles. (Tik Tok)
  • TikTok customers are 1.3 instances much more likely to agree that the platform helps them hear exclusive perspectives than they commonly pay attention, in comparison to other amusement and social brands. (Tik Tok & material)
  • TikTok users are 1.Three times much more likely to realize approximately merchandise and tendencies than their friends. (fabric and TikTok)

buying on TikTok

  • 2 out of 3 users are likely to buy something on the platform. (Tik Tok)
  • 50% of TikTok users have made a buy after looking a TikTok live. (Tik Tok)
  • TikTok customers are twice as likely as customers of traditional social structures to suggest a service or product they located at the app, and 1.Five instances more a success in convincing others to strive the services or products. (fabric and TikTok)

Viral developments and influencers on TikTok

TikTok has opened the door to influencers, comedians, meme creators and even a few brands. Right here are some thrilling tidbits about viral trends and influencers within the app:

  • The maximum accompanied writer on TikTok is Khaby Lame with 147.7 million followers. Close at the back of is Charlie D’Amelio with 144.6 million. (Wikipedia)
  • one of the earliest hashtag demanding situations turned into guess the #InMyDenim project. In keeping with TikTok, movies tagged with this hashtag have obtained a total of 38.8 million perspectives. (Tik Tok)
  • 77% of TikTok users love it when manufacturers provide you with new demanding situations, developments or memes for others to join. (Tik Tok)
  • TikTok customers say which you don’t want to have heaps of followers to head viral on TikTok. (Tik Tok)
  • eighty% of the top TikTok movies featured music and upbeat songs. (Invideo)
  • Remixing a TikTok fashion results in a 14% growth in watch time. (Tik Tok)
  • Rapper Lil Nas X has credited the achievement of his music “vintage town avenue” to TikTok. The track reached primary on Billboard’s top 100 chart in 2019 after the artist uploaded it to TikTok. (BuzzFeed information)

here’s a compilation of TikTok’s #CowboyChallenge, where people in plain clothes reduce themselves in cowboy costumes to the tune “antique city street”.

business, revenue and competition

The launch of TikTok now not most effective positioned its discern organization ByteDance at the map, however also gave upward thrust to competition from apps like facebook, which released a very comparable app known as Lasso rapidly after TikTok went viral. Whilst TikTok and ByteDance are less obvious about sales and different primary info, here’s what we do recognize:

  • TikToko offers five marketing degrees geared toward huge brands. One in all them, a hashtag branding assignment, reportedly costs $150,000 an afternoon. (TikTok Pitch Deck notes had been first said by way of Digiday)
  • TikTok is anticipated to generate four billion in sales in 2021. (Bloomberg
  • clients on TikTok surpassed $2.5 billion international. (Sensor tower)
  • TikTok has four.Eight stars at the Apple App shop and 4.5 stars on the Google Play shop. (Apple App keep, Google Play save)
  • Bytedance, TikTok’s discern organisation, is worth $one hundred forty billion, making it the world’s maximum precious startup. (CBInsights)
  • TikTok has an ad reach of about 885 million human beings. (DataReportal)

secrets of TikTok

despite the fact that TikTok is a pinnacle social platform and growing opportunities for advertisers, it’s far nonetheless pretty new. When a organization or startup is new, it is no longer unusual for control to cover early numbers, despite the fact that the brand is a hit. In truth, we have visible this with other foremost groups along with Snapchat and Netflix.

in spite of the release TikTok for business we nevertheless have lots to examine in mid-2020, as TikTok’s global teams and ByteDance stay tight-lipped about key metrics. Within the coming years, as TikTok continues to attract greater advertisers, it would not be unexpected to start seeing more obvious data about the app and its person base.

in which to discover TikTok statistics

in the meantime, if you want to realize greater approximately TikTok, you can read approximately it a brief history and early success in this publishor click on right here to find instructions for use to use the application. Further, you could find out the crucial TikTok facts app on diverse web sites:

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