Google 404s wealthy media nice practices help report

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Google has eliminated and 404 modified the satisfactory practices for wealthy media file. Google stated it had removed its “documentation on rich media documents which include Silverlight and Flash.” Why? This is the pleasant part, Google wrote “seems it’s no longer 2005 anymore.”

you could likely see a cached version of the web page in brief right here and then use The Wayback machine search for it when it disappears. However here’s a duplicate and paste of the web page:

pleasant practices for rich media files

Google can index most varieties of pages and files. Here are a few details on a few specific styles of rich media:

preferred nice practices

In case you plan to apply rich media on your web site, here are some suggestions that may help save you problems.

  • try and use rich media handiest where necessary. We advise the usage of HTML for content and navigation.
  • provide text variations of pages. In case you use a non-HTML splash display screen on your private home web page, make sure you encompass a simple HTML hyperlink on that first web page to a text page in which the user (or Googlebot) can navigate your web page without the want for rich media.

In fashionable, search engines like google and yahoo are textual content-based. Which means that your content need to be in text format if you want to be crawled and listed.

this doesn’t imply you cannot encompass rich media content like Silverlight or films in your web site; it simply method that any content material you embed in these documents must also be available in textual content format or it is able to no longer be accessible to all search engines like google and yahoo. The subsequent examples cognizance at the maximum common sorts of non-text content material, but the pointers are similar for all other sorts: offer text equivalents for all non-text documents. (additionally be aware that Flash is now not supported.)

this can not handiest increase Google’s capability to effectively index and index your content; it will additionally make your content material more accessible. Many human beings, inclusive of visually impaired users who use screen readers or have low bandwidth connections, cannot see pics on web pages, and supplying textual content equivalents expands your audience.


Watch the great exercise video.


IFrames are on occasion used to display content material on internet pages. Content material displayed thru iFrames won’t be listed and available for display in Google search results. We advocate which you avoid using iFrames to show content material. If you encompass an iFrame, you offer additional textual content hyperlinks to the content material they show in order that Google can crawl and index that content material.


Flash is no longer supported. We suggest using some other format, inclusive of HTML5.


So that is now not applicable – lacking Flash or Silverlight? 🙂

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