Logo Visibility – what is it? How can i growth it?

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people have a tendency to choose what’s most familiar to us, despite the fact that we most effective accomplish that unconsciously. 

which means that the extra seen your emblem, the greater is your ability to gather and hold clients. 

Many elements affect how a prospective client or consumer chooses one logo over every other, but one issue that inarguably matters is in reality how seen your brand is.

We could think about it from a threat mitigation perspective. 

 The most secure choice is frequently to observe the most famous alternative. It’s why we have the antique saying, “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”

these days, we’d exchange that saying to “no person ever got fired for buying Salesforce,” but the point stands: the most famous logo in a space is regularly the maximum trusted, whether or not or no longer that stage of agree with is deserved. 

that’s why logo visibility is one of the most essential metrics your logo isn’t tracking.

what is brand Visibility?

emblem visibility is described as the proportion of publicity a logo enjoys when it comes to its competition and its enterprise. It’s a issue of emblem recognition, that is an umbrella term that describes numerous different strategies of measuring a brand’s overall insurance and sentiment in a market. 

because logo visibility measures, quite literally, how “seen” a brand is to target customers, it subjects significantly how and wherein you measure this. In different words, emblem visibility is some thing you must calculate on a in step with-channel basis, now not necessarily in aggregate. 

you could have a seek logo visibility quantity that resembles a metric like “proportion of search.” 

you could have a social media brand visibility number that calculates your universal emblem attain vs that of your competitors. 

not like metrics such as market proportion or share of seek, but, the brand visibility metric want not be calculated with regards to competition or your market in widespread. It may act as a standalone metric, some thing you benchmark and desire to improve over the years. 

Marketing91 gives the following clarification of logo visibility:

“If you may recollect at the least one man or woman whom you spot to your newsfeeds daily, this is how band visibility works. All the posts may not be exceptional content material. However look is what topics.”

brand visibility is an important input metric into your average brand consciousness, but you still need to care approximately pleasant, sentiment, and centered placements. 

I’ll offer some recommendation underneath on the way to ensure your emblem visibility efforts are actually translating to improved sales and business effect. 

brand Visibility vs emblem cognizance vs brand notion

To outline logo visibility accurately, it enables to peer in which it sits amongst other related metrics like emblem focus and brand belief.

brand consciousness

At the highest level, we’ve emblem attention. 

emblem awareness is a catchall metric that consists of diverse measurements and methodologies that answer the query, “are prospects aware of our brand?” 

In measuring brand attention, it is able to be great to layer your measurement approach depending on which specific question you need to answer. 

  • Do you care about measuring your ordinary success in a market? Market proportion is the manner to do it.
  • Do you want to peer what number of people on your target audience can don’t forget your brand without prompting? Emblem do not forget surveys are the manner to move.
  • Is SERP coverage crucial to you? Share of seek can show how many of seek results are owned by using or mention your logo.

All of those strategies solution slightly special editions of the query, “how conscious are humans of our emblem?” 

brand perception

logo perception is a metric that focuses now not handiest on recognition and reach, but sentiment. 


positive, people are privy to our emblem. They are aware of it exists. But how do they feel approximately our brand? Do they prefer it? Do they hate it? What’s their opinion on the logo?

logo perception is complicated – it’s miles each to your manage and outside of your manipulate. 

you can try to assemble brand positioning and a story, however in the long run, the way you the market perceives you is inspired by way of a confluence of things, which includes:

  • customer service
  • Product satisfactory
  • competition and their positioning
  • changing marketplace trends
  • advertising and advertising

As Qualtrics puts it:

“clients, not organizations, personal logo perception. Emblem perception is what customers consider a products or services represents, not what the organisation owning the brand says it does. Logo notion comes from purchaser use, experience, functionality, popularity and phrase of mouth advice – on social media channels as well as face to face.”

Measuring brand perception is as a great deal art as technology, as you can reach pretty extraordinary conclusions depending at the technique you use to measure it and the way and whilst you behavior the research.

one of the most popular ways to degree logo perceptions is focus groups, which can be affected several factors, which include:

  • The makeup of the pattern institution you interview
  • The interactions most of the institution itself
  • The questions you ask and in what order
  • The Hawthorne impact, (in which individuals adjust an factor in their conduct in response to their cognizance of being found)

an awful lot of what we consider as “branding” suits underneath the brand perception bucket. We’re looking to sculpt a narrative or the emotions round our emblem and organization. 

logo notion is also regularly measured thru sentiment analysis on social media and the web in fashionable. Equipment like Semrush’s logo reveal help you become aware of no longer most effective logo visibility on the web, however additionally how humans are talking about your emblem. 

Sentiment evaluation, but, is not a really perfect technological know-how. 

It’s distinctly difficult to parse out nuanced takes on a product thru system getting to know by myself. 

as an example, a crucial tweet via a power user may be flagged as bad, whilst in reality, that crucial tweet may also were introduced from an area of love and care for the logo. 

AI can not but detect sarcasm.

logo Visibility

logo visibility is a building block towards emblem focus in widespread. 

in lots of methods, the additive effect of logo visibility and logo perception equals your emblem fairness, that is described because the “price top class that a enterprise generates from a product with a recognizable name whilst in comparison to a common equal.” 

As CXL placed it, “Visibility is an upstream degree and has a positive influence on focus (the greater you’re seen, the more likely you’re to be recognized).”

logo visibility is an awful lot extra of a main indicator than the others stated here. It’s in large part underneath your manipulate as nicely:

  • you may ramp up advert spend on emblem campaigns
  • you can flood segments and markets and notice your brand visibility metrics flow
  • you may enact surround sound search engine optimization campaigns to monopolize key search phrases together with your emblem

again, there are many methods to degree logo visibility, that is high-quality computed on a channel basis. I’ll walk through 6 methods to degree brand focus beneath. 

the way to measure brand Visibility: 6 methods


let’s walk via 6 special methods to measure logo recognition for the following channels:

  1. seek (organic)
  2. search (paid)
  3. search (surround sound)
  4. Social media (natural)
  5. Social media (paid)
  6. Referral and review web site

1. Emblem search (natural)

share of seek is one of the maximum famous methods to audit your logo visibility in natural search. 

basically, proportion of seek is like market percentage, however it specifically measures your proportion of brand search queries with regards to the quantity of brand search queries of your competition. 

The maximum commonplace manner to degree this is to locate the predicted search traffic in your emblem keyword and the predicted seek visitors to your foremost competitors’ branded keywords. You may both use Google traits or an search engine optimization device like Semrush. 

for example, we’ll use Buffer, a social media making plans app. Knowing the distance, we can assume their largest competitors are Hootsuite, Planable, and Sprout Social

using Google tendencies, simply enter every key-word and pull the time window lower back to one-2 years. The time collection statistics view already gives a strong photo of brand overall performance in the search engine:


if you want to calculate your percentage of seek, you can pull this facts to a spreadsheet and calculate what percentage of branded search site visitors you have with regards to your marketplace. 


In this case, Buffer has an great proportion of seek, with 88% of branded search site visitors being for his or her logo.

2. Seek (paid)

Measuring logo visibility in paid seek is really just like measuring brand visibility in a search engine. It, too, requires you to select a class of keywords you’re actively concentrated on and measure your presence on the subject of competitors amongst the ones keywords.

In paid seek, however, you’re best looking at paid placements and the associated emblem metrics amongst paid advertisements and ad clicks:

  • Impressions
  • impression share
  • lost impact percentage
  • common position
  • click via charge

at the same time as some of that is tough to estimate for your competitors, you may get a number of this statistics (in particular common position and visibility) in Semrush’s marketing gear:


For some of these metrics, like impressions and click on via rate, you can truly must benchmark towards your very own tune record in preference to looking to estimate that of your competition. There often isn’t any industry-popular “true” numbers for those KPIs.

three. Search (surround sound)

My favorite manner to measure logo visibility in seek is with “SERP visibility” or percentage of search.

This also centers on search engine visibility, however I agree with the maximum holistic way to gauge how a lot of a search presence is owned by way of your emblem is with the surround sound strategy.

The surround sound method seeks now not simplest to rank for a keyword or to outbid competition for a key-word. Rather, the intention is to monopolize a seek effects web page and seem on all the pages that rank for a product category key-word (i.E. Something logo agnostic that prospects could use to evaluation shop, like “quality seo software program”).

“(With surround sound), the aim is to monopolize a search consequences page and seem on all the pages that rank for a product category key-word.”

on the product discovery level, possibilities are looking for guidelines and are attempting to deduce the relative fee of merchandise within a class. 

while someone searches, “great referral advertising equipment,” there are a ton of pages that basically act as recommendation engines for the searcher:


Of route, it enables in case you rank your piece of content material for this key-word. But it’s even better for your brand to be cited on each unmarried any such pages. 

permit’s use Woorise as an instance. They rank here in position for the keyword with this listicle. however, they aren’t referred to on any of the relaxation of the pages that rank. 

To measure their SERP visibility, we are able to use Semrush’s surround Sound tool to do a quick audit. 

just pop your key-word, SERP depth (how many pages you need to be covered), and your brand and domain call into the interface right here. You may (and have to) additionally upload a few competitors. I’ll use Referral Rock for instance:


Now, you can see, of the pages that rank for the keyword “satisfactory referral advertising equipment,” how many point out your brand (Woorise) and what number of point out your competitor (Referral Rock):


simply, Referral Rock is dominating the SERP visibility game. This is additionally apparent while you study the high stage dashboard for this campaign, which shows there’s best one mention for Woorise (their own listicle):


while you examine the competitive view, you can see that Referral Rock as a whopping 64.Five% visibility to Woorise’s nine.3%:


for that reason, Woorise may want to advantage from accomplishing a few surround sound seo (which I’ll cover within the “ways to increase emblem visibility” phase). 

Youtube video thumbnail

four. Social Media (organic)

natural social media advertising and marketing is a remarkable way to make your logo more visible. You can possibly think of a few manufacturers who’ve stood out on social media in recent years, like Wendy’s. 

They’re pinnacle of mind due to the fact they’re each active and get referred to a ton:


you could measure brand visibility with the aid of your own general impressions and recognition, which are effortlessly determined in Twitter Analytics:


emblem visibility metrics are often to be had in whatever social media planning device you operate as well. I exploit Hypefury and here’s what my file looks like:


if you need to degree how others are speakme about you, a social listening tool like point out can help. This could help you both discover spikes and trends on your brand exposure in addition to the sentiment with which human beings are speakme approximately you. 

At a high level, i will see metrics like what number of total social fans i’ve in relation to my competition:


point out has numerous different gear to song your logo visibility in social media, although, including competitive Twitter, LinkedIn, fb, and Instagram reports as well as proactive social listening and notification gear: 


The tough part approximately measuring logo visibility in social media is the difficulty identifying whether or not or now not your target market is seeing your content material.

maximum analytics gear don’t distinguish among the kinds of bills who’re following or enticing together with your content material, and of route, a few bills are more important to your commercial enterprise than others. 

5. Social Media (paid)

Paid social media is a chunk simpler to measure as you’ve got all the overall performance metrics associated with paid search, such as:

  • Impressions
  • click through rate
  • Conversion price

And with those metrics, you may determine your ROAS (go back on ad Spend) as well as infer if the messaging is really reaching the right human beings (now not simply a whole lot of human beings). These items are measured on a in keeping with-platform foundation, or thru Google Analytics.

6. Referral and evaluation web sites

In B2B advertising, some of the most critical backside-of-the funnel assets you can have are favorable placements on evaluation sites and associate blogs. 

while human beings are evaluation shopping, they want to see which you’re well recommended and relied on by influential human beings and brands inside the area. 

A high rating on a Gartner chart can often flow the needle for agency software customers, and simply performing favorably on G2 or Capterra way you’ll be within the verbal exchange among your customers. 


I suggest many B2B marketers to study this on an character basis, because now not all evaluate websites convey the equal gravitas. In most cases, customers are searching at some websites like Gartner, Forrester, G2, and Capterra, and the rest don’t matter as plenty.

On a broader level, although, you may nonetheless see your common SERP visibility using the surround Sound tool, which could consist of placements on review web sites like G2, as well as social media profiles when you add extra domains in settings.


3 approaches to growth brand Visibility (+ Examples)

Now that you recognise what brand visibility is and the way to measure it, are you geared up for the one mystery hack on growing emblem visibility? 

The silver bullet that allows you to surpass your competition and attain Salesforce-level dominance for your enterprise?

you understand wherein this is going: there isn’t one.

as an alternative, begin with the 2 foundational strategic factors:

  • choose your channels
  • define how you may measure your efforts

pick out Your Channels & KPIs

selecting your channels is important due to the fact you could’t play and win anywhere, as a minimum no longer at the start. Zoho and HubSpot, as an instance, are on par with Salesforce for this set of keywords even though they’re a ways smaller groups ordinary:


seeking to win everywhere is possibly to dilute your capital, recognition, and exceptional, and in seeking to win anywhere, you’ll end up prevailing nowhere. As Robert Greene wrote within the 48 laws of energy:

“conserve your forces and energies via preserving them concentrated at their strongest point. You advantage more by way of finding a wealthy mine and mining it deeper, than by way of flitting from one shallow mine to every other — intensity defeats extensity every time.”

i’m able to’t tell you in which your efforts are first-class spent. For a few groups, so as to be social media. A few companies will do properly with the aid of specializing in assessment web sites at the exclusion of natural seek. That is a selection that hinges on heaps of contextual elements and strategic trade offs.

as soon as you make a decision for your channel, discern out up front how you’ll measure your efforts.

finding out how you may measure your results once you start working can open up decision making mistakes like cherry selecting your statistics. There are like 100 metrics you may observe to determine your social media success – is it retweets that remember? Engagement on your tweets? Emblem mentions? Logo perception and sentiment?

Now, on account that I promised to offer you some methods to increase your logo visibility, I’ll cognizance on a few underrated methods I’ve used to bring greater attention to my logo in numerous channels. Let’s stroll via three strategies with examples:

  1. surround sound seo
  2. Decentralized content marketing
  3. evaluation website online advertising

1. Surround Sound seo

surround sound search engine optimization is my favored way to increase your brand visibility.

Why? It’s outstanding focused.

no longer only are you harvesting demand from serps, but you’re doing so for seek phrases without delay for individuals who are inside the comparison buying and product discovery level.

sure, you could positioned billboards up or sponsor a expert sports stadium. However how many soccer lovers are going to see your advertisements after which right away purchase? 

The brand recognition you generate continues to be truly treasured, but surround sound seo gives a better bang in your greenback. And you can lean on each the brand visibility advantages as well as measure the results with direct reaction analytics (i.E. Human beings will search for something like “nice survey software program” and straight away sign up in your product).

allow’s take a look at HubSpot as an instance.

anyone in virtual advertising is aware of HubSpot is a powerhouse when it comes to content material advertising and marketing. They invented the time period inbound advertising

whilst all of this seek visitors does power leads and trials, plenty of it’s far very high up within the funnel. 

as an example, an editorial on motivational sales quotes might also bring a whole lot of visitors, but it didn’t power real freemium product customers. 


whilst i used to be operating on boom there, we checked out our records and realized that a handful of articles were changing at 5-10X the common conversion price. The sample? They had been all product listicles like this one:


We found out that we also drove lots of signups via referral visitors while different web sites wrote product listicles and mentioned HubSpot.

thus, the surround sound method become born. 

as opposed to looking for to rank best our very own content material, we sought to monopolize the quest engine consequences pages for our maximum cost key phrases. This drove masses to hundreds of latest signups in step with month.

I already wrote a entire series about how we accomplished this. I also wrote a bit for Semrush on how my organization achieved the surround sound approach for our own podcast.

The approaches fluctuate depending on the agency, however the goal stays the identical: beg, borrow, and buy your way onto the pages that rank for your centered key phrases.

First, this calls for auditing the search engines like google and seeing what already ranks. This can likely be a mixture of the following forms of pages:

associate bloggers

  • Product pages
  • Editorial content material from bloggers and competitors

you may without difficulty audit the search engines like google the usage of Semrush’s surround sound tool:

  • Ignoring product pages (because you won’t probably get indexed on competitor product pages), each form of page warrants its personal strategy to get mentioned on it. 
  • For overview web sites, you’ll need to play with the aid of their rules, which require both riding lots of patron reviews or procuring placement (I’ll stroll thru that approach underneath).
  • For affiliate bloggers, you’ll should have an associate software or at the least be willing to pay a flat fee for placement. 
  • For editorial content material, you can companion with those organizations in numerous methods, or you may even write net new visitor posts for high domain score sites to try to usurp them in the rankings.

And of direction, continually write your own product listicle given that you can manage the tone, branding, CTAs, and the location of your personal product on the listing.

For more exact instructions at the surround sound strategy, study this publish. 

exceptional for: enterprise in industries with excessive search call for. Aggressive niches. 

2. Decentralized content marketing

searching to accumulate your brand presence on social media? One in all my favored approaches to do that is through a technique I call “decentralized content advertising and marketing.”

most of the people look at content advertising as a synonym for blogging. The blog is the centralized repository of all content material, and it’s tightly controlled via the content team and their editorial techniques. 

Many B2B SaaS corporations and offerings companies are flipping the script, although. 

rather than relying completely on seo traffic to their blog and the usage of a branded social media account to spread the content material, they assist and permit each individual worker to build up their very own social presence.

two popular examples of this are The Hustle and Morning Brew – both daily tech newsletters. You could observe their legit brand bills, however it’s much more likely you observe folks who paintings at these companies. 

The founding father of Morning Brew, for example, has over 100k Twitter fans:


Steph Smith, who used to work on the Hustle, also has her own effective Twitter presence (as did nearly all in their content creators):


The toughest part of decentralized content material advertising is incentivizing and assisting your personnel of their very own content introduction and emblem.

this is how we examine the decentralized content method at Omniscient:

  • build a bucket of thoughts
  • Create message consistency guardrails
  • become aware of channel / message / commercial enterprise healthy
  • Incentivize employees and lower the friction to posting
  • Repurpose everything
  • Iterate and test

build a Bucket of thoughts

Your bucket of ideas ought to just be a spreadsheet of potential LinkedIn publish ideas. It can also be a strong content material calendar created thru tons of key-word studies and customer interviews. 

What’s important is you broaden a massive backlog of content material thoughts from which your personnel can pull. This ensures you don’t have a dry pipeline of content, as you’ll want a steady float of book to make this paintings. 

The way we do that is by way of ideating “Kitchen facet” podcast ideas – episodes wherein we chat about content material and seo associated subjects and pain factors. We’ve got the podcast conversation, report it and put up it, and then pick out via the content for social submit ideas that the complete group can use to fill their feeds. 


Create Message-Consistency Guardrails

at the same time as we don’t care as plenty approximately the tone or style our employees write in, many large companies will need to uphold a few sense of brand voice consistency.

My recommendation is to loosen your manage here, but you can nonetheless create pointers and guardrails so your employees realize the way to structure their social posts.

The satisfactory manner to do this is with an editorial style guide or editorial calendar. This will be quick and sweet, or full-size. The extra exact and long you are making your manual, the more difficult it is to study and observe, and the less possibly you’re to get participation. 

become aware of Channel / Message / business suit

cognizance handiest at the channels which can circulate the needle in your enterprise. Go away room for experimentation, but quickly flip off experiments that aren’t running.

for example, we concept YouTube would be a super manner to repurpose our lengthy shape interviews. But we picked up little or no traction after 6 months or so, so we decided to prevent making an effort there and as a substitute double down on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Which channels you attention on depends on things:

  • in which your customers dangle out
  • What your strengths are

if you select channels that don’t have target customers, no amount of emblem visibility will remember. And in case you choose a channel where your clients are, however one that you don’t like using or are not likely to win at, your approach will even fall through.

There can be goal customers for our employer on TikTok, however I don’t use the platform or revel in the platform, so I pick out no longer to engage there (but). But many of our target clients are on LinkedIn and i virtually experience writing content material there, so we double down on it. 

Incentivize personnel and lower the Friction to Posting

this is the toughest component. The more of your employee base this is using social, sharing your content material, and constructing their emblem, the better this strategy works.

however for many employees, being a thought chief isn’t of their process description.

so you must motivate them. I just like the BJ Fogg conduct version for this. You may either boom motivation or lower the friction, or both.

growing the motivation could mean the usage of economic incentives for sure brand-reach milestones on social media. I could also simply mean speaking about the approach for your weekly conferences and making it salient and therefore pinnacle of mind. 

decreasing the friction means making it as easy as feasible for human beings to have interaction on social media. 

while we commenced the approach, I did this through clearly interviewing my group and writing the primary month’s posts for them. Once they noticed traction and engagement, they got hooked and started out writing for themselves. 

it is able to additionally suggest scheduling a weekly running session or a content material brainstorm. 

Repurpose the entirety

The call of the sport in decentralized content advertising and marketing is efficiency. In case you create one piece of content material, it must be repurposed as oftentimes and in as many approaches as possible to growth the ability reach.

in case you document a podcast, flip it right into a weblog submit. Turn that weblog submit into 10 LinkedIn posts and 30 Tweets. 

For every tweet you write, use a tool like Jasper (an AI copywriting tool) to rewrite the tweet 10 special ways. Repost it your self or deliver those rewrites to your group to put up.

find innovative ways to repurpose your efforts. That is a quantity-based totally method, so the greater content material you may generate from a unmarried concept, the higher. 

Iterate and experiment

subsequently, be open to getting to know, improvement, and experimentation.

I virtually use decentralized content advertising to analyze what sort of messaging resonates. My ladder looks as if this:

  • submit on Twitter 30X per week
  • Take the maximum famous tweets and turn them into LinkedIn posts 4-5X in step with week
  • Take the most popular LinkedIn posts and flip them into weblog posts or podcast discussions
  • Take the maximum famous weblog posts and turn them into courses or webinars. 

This manner, you can use reasonably-priced content creation and decrease-friction platforms to check what resonates earlier than you spend a ton of money and time growing greater high-priced property like ebooks, weblog posts, and publications. 

first-rate for: B2B enterprise and people that depend on know-how to sell their offerings or product. Low search volume spaces.

three. Assessment web page marketing

In a few industries, the first-rate thing you can do is be properly-represented at the structures wherein consumers look to locate suggestions.

this is in particular genuine for local organizations (think: Yelp), low fee B2C merchandise (like books, suppose: Amazon), and excessive ticket organisation software program (think: Gartner).

All of those platforms have their nuances, but maximum of them boil down to this: power a excessive speed of effective patron reviews. 

The exception is Gartner, which has analysts that overview the product in terms of both its market proportion and reputation as well as its strength as a product. 

using evaluations as an acquisition method is form of a trap 22, as having more clients manifestly facilitates you pressure extra customer evaluations. However make do with what you have got:

  • Run an NPS survey and ask your promoters to check you for your site of desire
  • Run a chilly outreach campaign to high cost customers to create critiques or testimonials
  • If allowed, inspire users to write reviews by way of giving unfastened product usage or financial rewards (just make certain they expose this in their critiques). 

With this approach, you have to be all in to win. If you just have some reviews, your competition will crowd you out. You really want volume for this one to work. 

excellent for: competitive neighborhood groups and B2C businesses. Also, high-price ticket organization software program.


In a few approaches, logo visibility is simple. It’s the ‘mere exposure impact’ at scale – the goal is to be seen in places in which your capability customers cling out.

however selecting in which to growth your brand visibility, how to degree it, and the way to enhance it are the tough parts. To summarize:

  • logo visibility is a building block of brand recognition. In conjunction with logo perception, these building blocks make contributions to “emblem fairness,” the general value of a emblem.
  • brand visibility is measured on a per-channel foundation, no longer holistically throughout many channels.
  • selecting the proper channel is simply as crucial as any tactic you pick out to boom brand visibility

where must you begin? I advocate taking advantage of the early-adopter bonus you’ll get when you adopt surround Sound search engine optimization. It’s the subsequent frontier for brand visibility and your competitors probably haven’t adopted it—but.

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