5 high-quality e-book codecs for entrepreneurs [Free Templates]

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perhaps you simply started out with developing an e-book as a advertising tool or rethinking the role of e-books on your present content material method.

regardless of wherein you are in the manner, you are possibly asking your self an crucial question: What are the nice ebook formats on your advertising and marketing library? That is a legitimate query, as the ebook format you pick will determine the success of your efforts.

right here we will cover all of the ebook codecs and a way to choose the exceptional one in your challenge. We are able to also explain how HubSpot’s e-book Templates permit you to attain your advertising team’s lead era dreams.

ebook design Templates

First, download our set of ebook templates to get an concept of ​​the ebook codecs available to you.

Featured supply: 36 unfastened ebook layout and advent templates

templates in e-book format from hubspotdownload loose e-book templates

Our collection of 36 free e-book templates will assist you create and design your ebook content for an first-rate reading experience in Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign and Google Slides. You could design your eBooks to high-quality fit the needs of your advertising and marketing group and the desires of your content readers.

The exceptional ebook codecs for content material introduction

if you are a content creator, the subsequent ebook formats have to be considered first.

1. Adobe InDesign

e-book formats for content creation: adobe indesign

Adobe’s advanced layout software program offers content creators countless alternatives for creating and designing their eBooks.

those superior functions come at a fee, but skilled advertising and marketing designers depend on Adobe InDesign for those functions.

click on right here to download 6 Adobe InDesign ebook templates.


Adobe is known for being characteristic wealthy. As a end result, you could expect your ebooks to appearance their nice while made with InDesign, as you may be capable of create and contain unique layout elements immediately into your report.


For an inexperienced designer or marketer who just desires to publish a useful e-book, the extras that InDesign gives won’t be essential. InDesign’s interface and usefulness are not the maximum honest, and might require you to put in more effort than is essential to your stop result.

2. Google Slides

e-book formats to create: google slides

Google Slides is a less complicated tool for growing ebooks compared to InDesign. The truth that the e-book lives online approach you can collaborate along with your team participants in actual time to create a top notch output. Oh – and it’s loose, that is useful if you’re on a restricted advertising finances.

click right here to download 6 Google Presentation ebook templates.


Google Slides is a brilliant device for marketers who want to make a great e-book quick, specially in case you paintings together with team members and get comments from them. Google Slides’ interface is actually less complicated than InDesign’s, because of this you can pass and edit creatives extra quick in case you’re new to both gear.


because Google Slides is usually a presentation device and no longer an ebook introduction tool, you’ll be missing out on a few important capabilities that might help make your eBooks appealing sufficient to warrant the attention of your capability customers.

as a substitute, you could need to design elements somewhere else, inclusive of an Adobe software tool or Canvaand later import the ones creatives into your Google Slides. This can bring about an inconsistent advent enjoy if you needed to track design elements after you created them.

three. Microsoft PowerPoint

best ebook formats to create: powerpoint

A slightly extra advanced option than Google Slides—but no longer as superior as Adobe’s software—PowerPoint is another presentation-making platform that may be used to design an e-book.


PowerPoint has a few functions that Google presentations not like higher effects for layout. PowerPoint is likewise offline software program, because of this you could create your eBooks without a wi-fi connection.


PowerPoint is paid software program as opposed to the unfastened tool available in Google Workspace. You may additionally be out of sync with your crew in case you’re collaborating with them on edits and additions. Subsequently, whilst it has better innovative functions than Google Slides, it would not come close to the superior capabilities of InDesign.

click here to down load 6 Microsoft PowerPoint e-book templates.

The fine e-book codecs to use

The e-book formats on this section are the satisfactory for the use of content material, as you may embed links, mimic a real book, and boost your content. Codecs include:

1. Interactive PDF

best ebook format to use: pdf

The first-rate ebook format for ebook use is the Interactive transportable document layout (PDF).

PDFs are the exceptional option for content material advertising ebooks for numerous reasons. Among them are the consistency of their layout and readability on unique devices.

At HubSpot, we use PDFs for our eBooks because we will embed links to applicable pages and assets. We also can upload them immediately to our content library and accept as true with that the layout will appear as meant, despite the fact that our potential clients open the ebook in Chrome, Safari or Preview. The report will look the same once they open it on their telephones or desktop devices.

The interactive nature also method that we will encompass an open textual content box for readers to finish an activity in the e book (as in our content material advertising and marketing Workbook). Every other plus? Readers can complete the hobby in any utility wherein they devour the content material.


EPUB, quick for digital book and stored with the “.Epub” report extension, is any other manner to shop your e-books.

EPUBs have become popular once they became the outstanding ebook format for e-readers. However given its availability in Apple macOS and iOS merchandise via Apple Books, the format is also a viable — if somewhat restricting — choice for content material-advertising e-books.

a unique feature of the .Epub record format is its potential to scroll. To imitate studying an actual e-book, readers can view one page at a time and must scroll or swipe horizontally. That is in evaluation to the vertical scrolling of PDFs. The epub layout makes your readers feel like they may be studying a ebook rather than interacting with the content of a website. But, this also method that readers will have to do greater paintings navigating the content material and locating the information they want.

in addition, video and audio documents you can embed in .Epub layoutnot like PDF documents, because of this your readers can experience extra interactive content without leaving the ebook.

in case you’re uninterested in the PDF alternative and want to spice up your content material format, you could save your InDesign eBooks as an .Epub document. Just be prepared that some readers won’t be capable of examine your content material, that you in all likelihood do not need. That is because the layout is restricted. For instance, Amazon Kindle devices can not study .Epub documents. Readers will want to transform your ebook to a exclusive format in the event that they want to examine it on their Kindles.

how to pick the right e-book format

The e-book format you select has an instantaneous impact on how your ebook will perform after e-book. Right here are a few pointers that will help you select the proper one for your undertaking for the pleasant effects.

1. Take into account your target market.

who’re your purchasers? That is the primary query you want to reply earlier than choosing an e-book format. Your content must be on hand in your readers. As an instance, if you are targeting a massive target market, you may need to don’t forget an ebook layout that is compatible with multiple digital devices.

2. Decide how you may marketplace your e-book.

How do you plan market your e-book is also an crucial thing in the desire of layout. With regards to selling an e-book, you may self-publish due to the fact you want to hurry up the process. You could do that for your internet site or on a platform like Amazon.

Self-publishing approach you may use your own sources to marketplace your ebook. So you’ll need a way to attain a big audience, which can also suggest using an e-book format like AZW it really is well suited with distinctive systems. This will come up with the best degree of pliability in terms of the quantity of systems your target audience can readily read your e-book on.

three. Keep in mind the character of your e-book.

any other factor to recollect while choosing the best e-book format is its nature. Is it more often than not words or will there be snap shots and photos? Will you be adding beneficial, hands-on virtual merchandise like Google Sheets for readers to download? All of this could decide the pleasant ebook format to your venture. If possible, make a listing of all of the exclusive styles of content your ebook will incorporate to make certain that the e-book format you pick out supports them all.

in case you’re promoting an e-book that includes digital images and illustrations with audio or video, you may need a layout that supports these capabilities. As an example, the EPUB layout supports films, color snap shots, and other interactive elements, even as MOBI does now not.

keep away from the temptation to bet what the e-book will appear to be whilst you’re accomplished. From time to time the very last product may be very a ways from what you assume and it will be highly-priced to restoration it. Before you make a decision on any layout, do your studies and thoroughly studies all the capabilities.

4. Do not forget the security or privacy of your ebook.

Writing an ebook from begin to finish it takes a lot of time and strength, so that you don’t want each person modifying it as soon as it’s published. This can have several implications to your emblem. As an instance, your audience might also come to be receiving fake information approximately your undertaking, and false content may lead to undesirable consequences. For editable substances for your e-book, ensure the reader can create a separate report first to avoid enhancing the entire report. This additionally protects the privateness of your readers via preventing them from unknowingly entering their private facts right into a public document.

You ought to additionally make certain the safety of your ebook by means of preventing unlawful sharing, printing and replica-pasting. This is especially important for high-price ticket eBooks, as it limits readers from sharing your content for free. If sharing regulations are essential to you, it’s miles encouraged that you use a layout which include EPUB, that’s blanketed by means of digital Rights control (DRM). The latter locks documents to a specific platform and protects them from unlawful sharing.

5. Reflect onconsideration on the finances.

when you have two or extra e-book formats that paintings well together with your challenge, the first-rate way to break the tie is to consider costs. How tons will it cost you to put up your e-book in an man or woman format? Is it possible? Additionally, recollect how a lot it’d cost if you wanted to expand. The exceptional e-book layout is low cost to begin with and in the long run. If it’s reasonably-priced to begin however limits your increase, it’s no longer well worth it. A terrific ebook layout need to now not simplest make launching your product easy, however it need to also be low cost when making a decision to make bigger.

pick out the proper ebook format and get started.

There are several ebook codecs in the marketplace which might be popular for ebook publishing. However, like the entirety else in business, what works for one publisher may not be the great alternative for another. Take the time to discover the capabilities each format offers and find the only that satisfactory fits your challenge.

moreover, remember the fee, the type of content material your e-book has, and most significantly, the transport method that pleasant fits your target market.

Editor’s observe: This put up became firstly published in December 2020 and has been updated for completeness.

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