Google explains a way to enter canonical tags using JavaScript in an up to date record

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Google has updated its JavaScript search engine optimization help document and added a new phase on how to correctly enter canonical link tags the usage of JavaScript. The document states that Google does now not advocate the usage of JavaScript for this, but “it’s far viable to insert a rel = canonical link with JavaScript.”

The assist record provides that “Google seek will select up the inserted canonical URL whilst rendering the web page.”

Google has warned that in case you use JavaScript to inject the rel = “canonical” hyperlink tag, make certain it’s the best rel = “canonical” hyperlink tag at the web page. Wrong implementations can create multiple rel = “canonical” links or alter an present one. Link tag rel = “canonical”. Conflicting or multiple link tags rel = “canonical” may cause surprising results. “

here’s a code example of how to do this:

before, just like now, Google is Google warned against worked that manner, but I said it could paintings.

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