A way to transfer to Google Analytics four: a step-by means of-step manual

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You’ve in all likelihood heard that Google is updating Google Analytics from regular Analytics (also called GA3 or UA) to a brand new, upgraded model, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

transferring for lots of us from GA2 (Classical Analytics) to GA3 (conventional Analytics) 10 years in the past become enormously painless.

This migration isn’t always that simple.

there are numerous variations between the current version of Google Analytics you are probable using (UA) and the new version of Google Analytics (GA4), however not all UA functions are present in GA4.

similarly, Google requires us to replace now. From July 1, 2023the unfastened model of Google UA will not acquire information.

because of this you want to take the analytics plan seriously as quickly as viable to make sure that from this date your new GA4 emblem follows properly and may provide you with accurate information from 12 months to yr.

here’s how to migrate to Google Analytics 4.

segment 1: Create the GA4 property and run it

it’s miles extraordinarily vital to create your new GA4 functions and launch them right now.

brands will now not import ancient records from the UA, which means that that your GA4 brand will simplest start monitoring site visitors facts from the instant you create it.

the sooner you create it, the sooner you’ll have the records to be populated inside the GA4 residences.

timeline: preferably, this should be executed earlier than July 1, 2022. But, if you omit this date target, create a GA4 assets (or residences) as soon as possible.

To run a brand new property, you will want to:

  • Create a brand new GA4 assets.
  • upload a brand new GA4 tracking tag to your web site.

that is simplest to reap if you use Google Tag supervisor. After release, take a look at the brand new brand for the following few days and make sure the brand is filling in site visitors data.

segment 2: Make a listing of your key topics

New analytical houses do no longer inherit certain monitoring factors (e.G., desires, activities) from different homes (inclusive of UA houses).

the following is a listing of the most commonplace monitoring factors i exploit in Google Analytics. You can want to add additional ones, however right here are a few commonplace ones to feature to the list:

  • activities
  • goals (conversions)
  • organize content into agencies
  • Dimensions / custom measurements
  • Referral exclusions
  • links to merchandise
  • The target audience

once you’ve created your listing, evaluate what you want to hold, what you may discard, and perhaps additionally wherein there can be gaps wherein you can need to create new monitoring factors, together with new occasions, new dreams, and so forth.

keep in mind that desires are created in each reporting view. Reporting perspectives aren’t used with GA4, so in case you need to maintain all of the goals you currently have in more than one reporting perspectives for the same UA emblem, you will want to list them all and recreate them in GA4 houses.

much like the UA reporting perspectives that constrained you to twenty goals in step with reporting view, GA4 limits you to 30 conversions per logo.

whilst mentioning your modern-day goals, keep in mind to file non-event dreams (as an example, vacation spot-primarily based goals), as you may need to make some changes in how you observe the subjects going forward.

phase 3: start migrating character factors to GA4

once you’ve got a list of gadgets you need to recreate in GA4, the actual installation paintings begins!

right here are the most commonplace setup items and a few tips for setting every one up:


The activities in GA4 are similar to the UA placing, however you could need to reset the tagging for GA4 targets.

a few occasions that you may have manually set inside the beyond, together with feed depth, are actually routinely delivered for you in GA4.

So first test the automatic dreams you follow in your GA4 logo by way of looking on the occasions underneath Configure in navigation. You don’t ought to recreate events that Google has already created for you!

similar to including widespread GA monitoring code on your site, Google Tag manager is the handiest device for this reason.

goals (conversions)

In GA4, goals are now renamed “Conversions,” and all goals are event-primarily based.

when moving current UA targets to GA4, I endorse you start with event-based totally dreamsas they may be extra similar to the authentic purpose set inside the UA.

once you’ve set up events in GA4 and marked them as conversions, begin with purpose-based totally goals and hobby dreams.

arrange content into organizations

In UA, content companies have been created inside the interface itself. But, there’s no interface setting in GA4 – all content companies are created through web page tagging.

In a way, that is a pleasant alternate, but it takes quite a few time to invest within the beginning.

A web page will have multiple “gtags” and the perfect manner to put into effect them might be Google Tag manager.

To implement content grouping in GA4, go to this reference manual from Google.

Dimensions / custom measurements

As with UA, placing the scale and custom measurements is a two-step system – it requires placing in each the interface and the code.

Your present UA dimension dimensions and measurements may be moved thoroughly to GA4, however you’ll nevertheless want to set the dimensions and measurements inside the GA4 belongings interface.

For setting dimensions and custom measurements in the interface, see Google set up manual.

Referral exclusions

Posting exclusions nevertheless exist in GA4, but they have been essentially renamed and moved a few layers lower than the top administrative navigation tiers.

to feature referral exclusions, pick out from the GA4 brand administrative menu data flowsthen the statistics circulation of your web page (your URL), then pick multiple tagging settings below extra settings phase.

finally click Configure your domains and enter your area and any other domain names (such as the ones from 0.33-party packages that integrate along with your website online, which include a few marketing automation tools).

you may need to reconnect Google product hyperlinks to the new GA4 emblem. Word that it’s k if your Google residences are associated with a couple of GA properties, so that you don’t ought to cast off existing UA product links to hook up with GA4 as nicely.

Product links are actually displayed at the highest level of administrator navigation houses. Pick all of the Google products you operate, such as Google advertisements, and connect your new GA4 brands.

The target audience

Google Analytics audiences are beneficial for advertising functions and now also for setting up conversions in GA4. It is essential to set your audiences well before July 1, 2023, so you can update your Google commercials campaigns with comparable, possible target audience lists once your UA homes forestall tracking.

To recreate your audiences in GA4, first recognition at the audiences in your listing in the UA (logo degree) and find people who have Google Analytics as their audience kind. These will need to be recreated in GA4.

but, the terminology and way of making target corporations in GA4 has modified, so take a look Google’s target audience introduction guide for help.


Like nearly the whole thing when transferring UA to GA4, tracking e-trade received’t miraculously move from UA to GA4. Google recommends that you create a separate set of GA4 e-trade monitoring tags, even though it’s the same as UA.

right here, too, Google Tag manager is probably the perfect and fastest way to put into effect e-trade tagging across your complete site.

For special facts on e-trade migration, visit Google’s GA4 e-commerce migration guide.

timeline: because those factors will simplest begin tracking once they’re created, the above tracking elements have to ideally be applied before July 1, 2022. But, if you can’t complete them all earlier than July 1, 2022, whole them as soon as viable.

section four: take a look at your items

while you run the monitoring elements inside the new GA4 features, you’ll want to double-test that they are tracking effectively.

compare your ecommerce, conversions, occasion monitoring and more to make sure they comply with as anticipated in new manufacturers. If now not, repair the trouble and fasten it as soon as possible.

section 5: Set a date to transition to GA4 because the only source of reality

agencies rely upon Google Analytics to report for many departments, so it’s critical for an business enterprise to agree on when the brand new GA4 manufacturers becomes a “single source of fact” for facts and reporting.

In pleasant exercise, you should possibly wait to have annual statistics to your GA4 residences before converting your reality supply to GA4, in component due to the fact measurements and monitoring in GA4 are absolutely one-of-a-kind than in UAconsequently, you can not appropriately use UA facts for 365 days and evaluate it with GA4 facts in another year.

If you may run your new GA4 earlier than July 1, 2022, you can begin the use of it as the most effective source of fact from July 1, 2023.

Regardless, in case you use the free model of Google Analytics, on July 1, 2023, you may be forced to exchange to GA4 as the primary supply of fact, even if year-over-yr information is not similar to UA.

phase 6: Archive your UA records

to add insult to the damage, Google has decided that further to driving us all to transport to GA4, they will now be too. delete all our UA historic information from January 1, 2024.

despite the fact that you’ve got a bit greater time to archive this facts, you ought to plan on archiving in case you need to consult it in the destiny.

First, determine what records you need on a everyday basis. As an example, I often use a supply / media document.

Then remember the durations at that you get right of entry to this statistics. I usually get admission to the statistics on a monthly basis, as an example from 1 to 30 June. You will want to archive your statistics in a manner that suits those facts usage behavior.

individually, I locate the UA interface awkward for archiving purposes. In my case, the supply / medium and monthly statistics retrieval reviews can only extract months of facts at a time within the interface (one because the authentic month and one because the reference month) and then transfer the statistics to CSV. This could remaining for all time!

as an alternative, in particular in case you’re not a developer who knows a way to use the Google Analytics API, consider the usage of it Google Analytics spreadsheet upload-onthat works with Google Spreadsheets. It’s far very convenient and retrieves this records fast!

make certain you don’t run into facts sampling issues, and if it does, take smaller reviews.

for instance, if I extract records from a source / media report for 10 years, broken down via month, there may be enough facts to pressure Google to pattern the records. In that case, i would attempt to break it down into several excerpts from the reports, possibly one-yr data according to report. You can usually integrate the facts into one sheet whilst you drag it.

Timeline: in case you are the usage of the unfastened model of UA, you will need to do so among 1 July and 31 December 2022. Your records could be deleted on 1 January 2023. In case you are the usage of UA 360, you need to archive your statistics earlier than 30 June 2023.

ultimately, don’t panic!

I understand, it’s all disturbing. Hold on. It will be nice.

I’m talking approximately this topic across the u . S . A . And recently a person requested me if there has been something excellent approximately GA4.

the solution is resounding sure!!

GA4 wants to convey us all toward the real go back on investment and reporting among gadgets.

but, growth and trade are tough. Humans don’t experience it.

but it will clearly be all proper. Simply supply desire to this now, and if you need my assist, contact me. Records is my ardour and that i need yours to be correct! You can get me on [email protected]

What you want to recognise about the usage of Google Analytics four

want to observe my advanced SMX session that explored the differences among GA4 and usual Google Analytics? You can view it on request.

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