Notice: Google’s additional index has no longer existed for more than a decade

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Over the previous couple of days, I’ve observed a gaggle of SEOs sharing facts approximately Google’s extra index and talking approximately seo techniques related to it. Like PSA, Google’s supplement index has no longer existed for a dozen years.

nowadays, in 2022, there is no extra Google index.

sure, earlier than 2010, Google maintained indexes for technical reasons. The primary desk of contents was up to date extra often and faster, and the complementary table of contents for pages of teenybopper importance that did no longer want to be up to date so fast. usually, pages inside the principal index in Google search would rank higher than pages inside the secondary index. And Google might usually rank pages in an extra index simplest if it couldn’t find accurate matches inside the essential index.

In reality, Google makes use of it to mark seek results that got here from an extra index as such. Here is a screenshot I published lower back 2007 with this label:

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V December 2007Google started out to hide the extra index tag via saying “we have progressed the move slowly charge and separated it from the index wherein the report changed into stored, and when the ones” complement results “disappeared, the” extra score “tag itself served simply to indicate that in any other case appropriate documents have been come what may suspicious – it was removed some months ago.We now come to the subsequent critical milestone in casting off the synthetic distinction among indexes: in preference to searching deeper into difficult to understand queries in some a part of our index, we now seek the whole index for each query. “

Then, in 2009, Google began testing a new indexing method called caffeine and in 2010 Google absolutely released caffeine. With this release, Google stopped the use of the extra index collectively. Hell, Google still makes use of caffeine these days

anyways, John Mueller of Google turned into asked to affirm that the additional index isn’t longer, and he said similarly Twitter we are able to effectively say that the 2003 index is now enjoying a large creature inside the sky. “

So don’t let all and sundry confuse or misinform you – Google’s index works in a different way from before 2010 than it did after 2010, and there is no extra index.

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