Google: Do now not submit clean or blank pages

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search engine optimization asked Google’s John Mueller if it’s k or maybe an excellent concept to publish clean or clean pages so Google can locate those URLs? John Mueller stated no, don’t publish blank pages online.

The question changed into “is it an awesome concept to create a internet site even if there may be no content on some pages?” I’m seeking to suppose, why might that be considered an amazing concept? I suppose perhaps he wants to begin indexing by giving Google a URL even though this web page has no content material? I mean, this may probable grow to be the fact that if Google would not see the content material, Google might also decide not to check this page for some time (also classify it as double).

John Mueller of Google answered Twitter announcing “just allow the content pages get lively? It might be stressful for the user to promise it while surfing your website online and simply not get it. Create it when you have time, however don’t simply post blank pages.”

So no, do not publish clean pages as an search engine optimization method or any strategy …

here are those tweets:

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