A complete Google search Console manual For seo pros

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Google search console provides statistics essential to display internet site overall performance in seek and improve seek ratings, statistics this is exclusively available thru seek Console.

This makes it vital for online commercial enterprise and publishers which might be keen to maximize achievement.

Taking manage of your search presence is less complicated to do while using the free gear and reports.

what’s Google search Console?

Google seek Console is a unfastened internet service hosted by using Google that provides a way for publishers and seek marketing experts to display their typical website health and performance relative to Google seek.

It gives a top level view of metrics associated with seek overall performance and user revel in to help publishers enhance their sites and generate extra traffic.

seek Console also affords a way for Google to talk while it discovers safety issues (like hacking vulnerabilities) and if the quest excellent team has imposed a manual action penalty.

critical functions:

  • display indexing and crawling.
  • perceive and connect errors.
  • assessment of search performance.
  • Request indexing of updated pages.
  • review inner and outside links.

It’s no longer vital to apply seek Console to rank better nor is it a rating aspect.

however, the usefulness of the hunt Console makes it vital for assisting enhance seek overall performance and bringing extra visitors to a website.

how to Get started out

the first step to the usage of search Console is to confirm site ownership.

Google provides several distinct ways to accomplish website verification, relying on in case you’re verifying a internet site, a site, a Google website online, or a Blogger-hosted website online.

domain names registered with Google domain names are robotically demonstrated by means of adding them to search Console.

most people of customers will verify their web sites using certainly one of 4 methods:

  1. HTML record add.
  2. Meta tag
  3. Google Analytics monitoring code.
  4. Google Tag manager.

a few website online web hosting structures limit what can be uploaded and require a selected manner to verify site proprietors.

however, that’s turning into less of an difficulty as many hosted website online services have an clean-to-observe verification procedure, that allows you to be covered under.

how to affirm website possession

There are two standard ways to affirm web site possession with a everyday internet site, like a trendy WordPress website.

  1. HTML file add.
  2. Meta tag.

whilst verifying a website the use of both of these two techniques, you’ll be selecting the URL-prefix homes method.

allow’s stop here and renowned that the phrase “URL-prefix houses” way certainly nothing to every body but the Googler who got here up with that word.

Don’t permit that make you feel such as you’re about to go into a labyrinth blindfolded. Verifying a domain with Google is straightforward.

HTML document upload method

Step 1: go to the hunt Console and open the belongings Selector dropdown that’s visible within the top left-hand corner on any seek Console page.

Screenshot by using writer, may additionally 2022

Step 2: inside the pop-up labeled pick out belongings type, enter the URL of the website online then click the continue button.

Step 2Screenshot by using author, might also 2022

Step 3: select the HTML document add method and download the HTML record.

Step 4: add the HTML document to the basis of your internet site.

Root approach https://example.Com/. So, if the downloaded file is called verification.Html, then the uploaded file need to be placed at https://example.Com/verification.Html.

Step five: finish the verification method by clicking verify again within the search Console.

Verification of a preferred internet site with its personal domain in website structures like Wix and Weebly is similar to the above steps, besides that you’ll be including a meta description tag for your Wix site.

Duda has a easy method that makes use of a seek Console App that effortlessly verifies the web site and gets its users commenced.

Troubleshooting With GSC

ranking in search results relies upon on Google’s ability to crawl and index webpages.

the hunt Console URL Inspection device warns of any issues with crawling and indexing before it will become a first-rate problem and pages start dropping from the hunt outcomes.

URL Inspection device

The URL inspection tool suggests whether a URL is listed and is eligible to be proven in a seek end result.

For each submitted URL a user can:

  • Request indexing for a currently updated webpage.
  • View how Google discovered the web site (sitemaps and referring internal pages).
  • View the last move slowly date for a URL.
  • check if Google is the usage of a declared canonical URL or is the use of some other one.
  • test cellular usability repute.
  • check improvements like breadcrumbs.


The insurance phase suggests Discovery (how Google observed the URL), move slowly (indicates whether or not Google efficiently crawled the URL and if not, gives a reason why), and improvements (offers the status of based information).

The insurance segment can be reached from the left-hand menu:

CoverageScreenshot by using writer, might also 2022

coverage error reviews

at the same time as those reviews are categorised as mistakes, it doesn’t always imply that some thing is inaccurate. Now and again it just way that indexing may be stepped forward.

for instance, within the following screenshot, Google is displaying a 403 Forbidden server response to almost 6,000 URLs.

The 403 error response way that the server is telling Googlebot that it’s far forbidden from crawling those URLs.

Coverage report showing 403 server error responsesScreenshot by using writer, may 2022

The above mistakes are going on because Googlebot is blocked from crawling the member pages of a web forum.

each member of the discussion board has a member page that has a listing of their trendy posts and different statistics.

The record gives a listing of URLs which might be producing the mistake.

Clicking on one of the listed URLs exhibits a menu at the right that offers the option to inspect the affected URL.

There’s additionally a contextual menu to the right of the URL itself in the shape of a magnifying glass icon that still gives the option to check out URL.

Inspect URLScreenshot by author, may also 2022

Clicking at the look into URL reveals how the web page turned into determined.

It also shows the following facts factors:

  • final move slowly.
  • Crawled as.
  • crawl allowed?
  • web page fetch (if failed, presents the server mistakes code).
  • Indexing allowed?

there may be also data approximately the canonical used by Google:

  • person-declared canonical.
  • Google-selected canonical.

For the forum internet site inside the above instance, the important diagnostic information is positioned inside the Discovery section.

This segment tells us which pages are the ones which are showing hyperlinks to member profiles to Googlebot.

With this statistics, the writer can now code a Hypertext Preprocessor statement so one can make the links to the member pages disappear while a seek engine bot comes crawling.

some other manner to repair the hassle is to write a new access to the robots.Txt to stop Google from attempting to move slowly these pages.

through making this 403 error leave, we loose up crawling sources for Googlebot to index the relaxation of the internet site.

Google search Console’s insurance report makes it feasible to diagnose Googlebot crawling troubles and connect them.

solving 404 mistakes

The insurance report also can alert a publisher to 404 and 500 collection errors responses, as well as speak that everything is just pleasant.

A 404 server reaction is known as an mistakes handiest because the browser or crawler’s request for a web site become made in error because the web page does now not exist.

It doesn’t imply that your web page is in mistakes.

If every other web site (or an inner link) hyperlinks to a web page that doesn’t exist, the insurance record will display a 404 response.

Clicking on one of the affected URLs and choosing the investigate URL device will monitor what pages (or sitemaps) are referring to the non-existent web page.

From there you could determine if the hyperlink is damaged and wishes to be fixed (in the case of an inner link) or redirected to the right page (within the case of an external link from any other internet site).

Or, it could be that the website never existed and whoever is linking to that web page made a mistake.

If the page doesn’t exist anymore or it by no means existed at all, then it’s first-class to expose a 404 response.

Taking advantage Of GSC features

The overall performance file

The top part of the search Console performance file affords multiple insights on how a domain plays in search, consisting of in seek features like featured snippets.

There are 4 search kinds that may be explored within the overall performance record:

  1. internet.
  2. photograph.
  3. Video.
  4. news.

search Console shows the internet search kind with the aid of default.

change which seek type is displayed by using clicking the quest kind button:

Default search typeScreenshot by way of author, may also 2022

A menu pop-up will display allowing you to exchange which kind of search type to view:

Search Types MenuScreenshot by using writer, may additionally 2022

A useful function is the capability to evaluate the overall performance of two search kinds inside the graph.

four metrics are prominently displayed on the pinnacle of the performance document:

  1. general Clicks.
  2. general Impressions.
  3. common CTR (click on-thru fee).
  4. common role.
Screenshot of Top Section of the Performance PageScreenshot by way of writer, may additionally 2022

by default, the full Clicks and overall Impressions metrics are selected.

by clicking within the tabs devoted to each metric, you can choose to see those metrics displayed at the bar chart.


Impressions are the number of instances a internet site appeared within the seek outcomes. So long as a person doesn’t have to click on a link to see the URL, it counts as an impression.

additionally, if a URL is ranked at the bottom of the web page and the consumer doesn’t scroll to that phase of the hunt outcomes, it nonetheless counts as an impact.

excessive impressions are incredible as it method that Google is displaying the web site inside the seek outcomes.

however, the which means of the impressions metric is made significant with the aid of the Clicks and the common function metrics.


The clicks metric shows how regularly users clicked from the search effects to the website. A high number of clicks similarly to a high range of impressions is good.

A low variety of clicks and a high quantity of impressions is less appropriate but not awful. It method that the web page may want enhancements to advantage more traffic.

The clicks metric is more meaningful while taken into consideration with the common CTR and average function metrics.

common CTR

The common CTR is a percentage representing how often customers clicked from the hunt results to the internet site.

A low CTR method that some thing desires improvement so one can growth visits from the hunt results.

A better CTR approach the web page is acting nicely.

This metric gains greater which means when taken into consideration collectively with the common position metric.

average function

average function indicates the average position in search outcomes the website has a tendency to seem in.

a mean in positions one to ten is awesome.

a mean function inside the 1920s (20 – 29) approach that the website is acting on web page or three of the hunt results. This isn’t too awful. It without a doubt manner that the web page needs extra paintings to provide it that extra raise into the pinnacle 10.

average positions lower than 30 ought to (in trendy) imply that the web page may also benefit from large improvements.

Or, it is able to be that the website ranks for a huge variety of keyword phrases that rank low and a few excellent keywords that rank highly excessive.

In either case, it may imply taking a more in-depth have a look at the content material. It could be an indication of a content gap at the internet site, in which the content that ranks for positive keywords isn’t strong sufficient and might want a dedicated web page committed to that key-word phrase to rank higher.

All four metrics (Impressions, Clicks, average CTR, and common role), while regarded together, gift a meaningful evaluation of the way the internet site is appearing.

The big takeaway approximately the overall performance file is that it’s miles a start line for quick expertise internet site performance in seek.

It’s like a reflect that reflects back how well or poorly the web site is doing.

performance report Dimensions

Scrolling down to the second one a part of the performance web page reveals numerous of what’s referred to as Dimensions of a internet site’s overall performance records.

There are six dimensions:

1. Queries: suggests the top search queries and the quantity of clicks and impressions associated with every keyword phrase.

2. Pages: indicates the pinnacle-appearing net pages (plus clicks and impressions).

three. International locations: pinnacle international locations (plus clicks and impressions).

4. Devices: shows the top devices, segmented into cellular, computer, and tablet.

five. Seek look: This suggests the unique sorts of wealthy results that the website online turned into displayed in. It also tells if Google displayed the site the use of internet light results and video outcomes, plus the associated clicks and impressions statistics. Internet mild consequences are effects which might be optimized for extremely slow gadgets.

6. Dates: The dates tab organizes the clicks and impressions via date. The clicks and impressions may be looked after in descending or ascending order.


The key phrases are displayed inside the Queries as one of the dimensions of the overall performance file (as mentioned above). The queries file shows the pinnacle 1,000 seek queries that ended in traffic.

Of specific hobby are the low-performing queries.

some of those queries display low portions of site visitors because they’re rare, what’s known as long-tail site visitors.

however, others are search queries that end result from webpages that would want improvement, perhaps it could be in need of greater inner hyperlinks, or it is able to be a signal that the keyword word deserves its own web site.

It’s continually an amazing idea to study the low-performing keywords due to the fact some of them can be short wins that, whilst the difficulty is addressed, can result in drastically increased visitors.


seek Console gives a list of all links pointing to the website.

however, it’s crucial to factor out that the links file does not represent links which can be helping the web site rank.

It truly reports all links pointing to the website.

which means the list includes links that are not supporting the website online rank. That explains why the file may additionally display hyperlinks that have a nofollow hyperlink attribute on them.

The links record is on the market  from the bottom of the left-hand menu:

Links reportScreenshot by way of author, may additionally 2022

The links file has two columns: external hyperlinks and inner hyperlinks.

outside hyperlinks are the hyperlinks from outdoor the website that factors to the internet site.

internal links are hyperlinks that originate within the internet site and link to somewhere else in the website.

The external links column has three reports:

  1. top connected pages.
  2. pinnacle linking sites.
  3. pinnacle linking textual content.

The internal links document lists the pinnacle connected Pages.

every document (pinnacle connected pages, top linking websites, etc.) has a link to more results that may be clicked to view and extend the record for each kind.

as an instance, the expanded report for pinnacle linked Pages shows pinnacle goal pages, that are the pages from the web site which are connected to the maximum.

Clicking a URL will trade the document to display all the outside domains that hyperlink to that one page.

The file suggests the area of the outside website online however not the exact page that hyperlinks to the website online.


A sitemap is generally an XML report that could be a listing of URLs that enables search engines like google and yahoo discover the webpages and different kinds of content material on a internet site.

Sitemaps are mainly beneficial for large sites, web sites which can be difficult to crawl if the website has new content material added on a frequent foundation.

Crawling and indexing are not guaranteed. Such things as page first-rate, standard website online fine, and links could have an effect on whether a domain is crawled and pages indexed.

Sitemaps honestly make it smooth for search engines like google and yahoo to discover the ones pages and that’s all.

creating a sitemap is easy due to the fact greater are mechanically generated with the aid of the CMS, plugins, or the website platform wherein the web site is hosted.

some hosted internet site platforms generate a sitemap for every web page hosted on its provider and routinely update the sitemap whilst the internet site adjustments.

seek Console gives a sitemap record and presents a way for publishers to add a sitemap.

To get right of entry to this feature click on at the hyperlink located on the left-aspect menu.


The sitemap section will file on any mistakes with the sitemap.

seek Console may be used to get rid of a sitemap from the reports. It’s vital to clearly remove the sitemap however from the website itself otherwise Google may additionally consider it and go to it once more.

once submitted and processed, the insurance document will populate a sitemap segment in order to help troubleshoot any troubles associated with URLs submitted through the sitemaps.

search Console web page experience report

The web page experience report offers facts associated with the consumer revel in at the internet site relative to web site speed.

seek Console shows records on middle web Vitals and mobile Usability.

This is a great starting location for purchasing an universal summary of website velocity overall performance.

rich result popularity reviews

seek Console offers comments on wealthy outcomes via the performance record. It’s one of the six dimensions indexed underneath the graph that’s displayed on the top of the web page, indexed as search look.

deciding on the quest appearance tabs reveals clicks and impressions facts for the one-of-a-kind types of wealthy outcomes shown in the search effects.

This file communicates how essential rich outcomes visitors is to the website and can help pinpoint the purpose for specific website site visitors tendencies.

the search appearance document can assist diagnose problems related to dependent statistics.

as an instance, a downturn in wealthy consequences traffic can be a sign that Google changed dependent records necessities and that the established records needs to be updated.

It’s a starting point for diagnosing a exchange in wealthy consequences traffic patterns.

search Console is right For seo

in addition to the above advantages of seek Console, publishers and SEOs also can add hyperlink disavow reviews, resolve penalties (manual actions), and safety occasions like website online hackings, all of which make a contribution to a higher search presence.

it’s far a precious service that every web writer involved approximately search visibility need to take benefit of.

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