Does the use of CDN enhance ranking?

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Google search advise John Mueller replied the question of whether CDN can enhance rankings in an search engine optimization video of office hours.

Mueller answered with an in-depth response that addressed page speed, crawling, and search engine optimization as well.

content shipping community (CDN)

content delivery community (CDN) is a service that offers a global network of servers that enables the shipping of websites by means of serving them from a server positioned close to the person the website visitor is making an attempt to get right of entry to the internet site.

The closer a server is to a website traveller, the fewer “jumps” a website desires over the net to attain that vacationer.

which means that CDN can extensively enhance the rate of a website.

Does CDN help with seek rankings?

The person asking Google wanted to realize if there was any benefit in rating CDN utilization over conventional server website hosting.

question requested:

“Does putting in a CDN web page improve your ranking?

We get most of our site visitors from a certain usa. We hosted our web page on a server on this united states of america.

Are you presenting that we placed the complete site at the back of CDN to enhance page speed for users round the arena, or is that now not necessary in our case? ”

CDN and the effect of seo

Mueller replied that CDN has no search engine optimization impact.

Mueller replied:

“So manifestly you may do quite a few this stuff.

I do not assume that could have a whole lot of an effect on Google in phrases of seo. “

despite the fact that Mueller says he doesn’t think this will have a large effect, he went lower back to that factor and explained it.

Mueller persisted his answer:

“The only impact I should believe that some thing ought to take place is what customers end up seeing.

And, as you stated, if most of your customers already see a website in no time due to the fact your server is located there, then you definitely are by some means doing the right factor.

Of route, if customers in different places see a totally slow end result because the relationship to your country won’t be so excellent, then you may have a few opportunities to improve it.

And you may recognize this as something in phrases of opportunity within the sense that of course if your web site is clearly slow for different users, then they’ll rarely begin touring your web site because it’s truely annoying to get there.

while your website online is quite speedy for other users, then at the least they have a danger to peer a definitely speedy website online that could be your site.

So, from that perspective, if there’s something you can do to enhance things globally on your web site, I suppose that’s a terrific concept.

I don’t think it’s essential. “

CDN and creep effect

Mueller lower back to the issue of seo and this time addressed the issue of crawling and the benefits of CDN.

Mueller continued his solution:

“It’s not something that’s critical in phrases of seo, due to the fact Google has to take a look at it in no time or some thing.

however that is something you may do to increase your web site past your modern-day u . S . In a few manner.

perhaps I need to make clear one factor, if Google crawling is really, very gradual, then of route this may affect how a lot we will move slowly and index from a site.

So this can be an issue that desires to be tested.

On maximum of the sites I’ve visited, I haven’t sincerely seen this as a trouble with any website that isn’t huge on tens of millions and thousands and thousands of pages.

This way, you can double-check how rapid Google searches the content material of the hunt Console in search statistics.

And if that appears affordable, even supposing it’s not very rapid, then I definitely would not care. “

sluggish or low performance net server specially in a shared server environmentit may now not be capable of heavily move slowly bots, each legitimate and malicious.

this type of scenario on a shared server can motive the server to surrender and reply with 500 server reaction codes because the server is not able to serve the requested net pages.

I saw this on a shared server where the host advocated upgrading to a committed or virtual server environment.

A CDN mitigates the consequences of a slow shared server with the aid of serving internet pages from the CDN in place of the server website hosting the real pages.

CDN and Google ranking

Mueller’s reaction suggests that the use of CDN does now not produce any seo impact.

He said site seek problems are not a common hassle (outdoor of massive web sites with “tens of millions and thousands and thousands of pages”).

there are numerous accurate motives to apply CDN, however in keeping with Mueller, the advantage of seo is not considered one of them.


See how Mueller solutions the question approximately the effect of seo and the usage of CDNs

Video at 2:50 minutes


Featured photograph: Screenshot from YouTube.Com/GoogleSearchCentral, June 2022.

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