Attempt these tools and strategies to export Google search effects to Excel

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Extracting seek consequences into a spreadsheet is a seemingly simple factor.

but, due to restrictions on automated queries imposed by using Google and different search engines like googleit can grow to be too excessive a scrape serps.

This hassle is exacerbated by means of the truth that there aren’t many gear that can do this easily, ensuing in a spreadsheet with the records sought.

here’s an outline of how to export Google seek effects to a spreadsheet, inclusive of applicable keyword records.

Extract SERP to a spreadsheet with a Chrome extension

First on the listing is (probably) the first-rate Chrome extension for extracting seek consequences immediately to a spreadsheet.

there are many different extensions that rip search engines like google and yahoo but don’t virtually extract statistics right into a spreadsheet.

for instance, Surfer search engine optimization has an first-rate extension for Chrome that could extract a large quantity of useful information about web sites that rank in the pinnacle 10, and offer keyword statistics that could assist create an article.

but, it does not sincerely export search engines like google to a spreadsheet.

there may be one that does this very well, and this is from SEOquake.

SEOquake extension for Chrome

Screenshot of the author, may additionally 2022

SEOquake gives a unfastened search engine optimization extension for Chrome that offers a couple of seo facts factors simply above search consequences, consisting of numbers that fit the search role of each web site indexed inside the search engines.

SEOquake’s privacy policy states this will now not collect or use your statistics.

The extension will count every human beings additionally ask query as a search result, so the SERP with 10 outcomes plus 4 people may also ask as indexed because it has 14 search consequences.

To export only a easy list of search results, you need to first do away with all parameters from the file.

in any other case, the record will comprise lots extra statistics than can be vital.

Step 1: Parameters button

the first step is to click the Parameters menu button:

SEOquake parametersScreenshot of the writer, may also 2022

Step 2: clear the parameter choice

subsequent, a pop-up menu seems above the search consequences.

The pop-up menu incorporates some of parameters.

Uncheck all parameters.

SEOquake extension parameters menu for ChromeScreenshot of the writer, may 2022

Step 3: Export to CSV

you’re now prepared to upload the hunt consequences at once to the spreadsheet.

in the left menu there may be an object labeled Export to CSV. Just click on and the spreadsheet will start downloading.

SEOquake is a convenient manner to upload the top 10 seek consequences directly to a spreadsheet.

Exports search capabilities to a spreadsheet

every other useful device is SERP keyword scraper with Searchanalyzer extension for Chrome.

SERP keyword Scraper with seek Analyzer

Screenshot of the SERP Keyword Scraper extension page for ChromeScreenshot of the author, may 2022

This tool focuses on getting the keyword terms which might be in Google’s seek capabilities.

The SERP keyword Scraper produces useful keyword information associated with your keyword phrase, as proven in Google’s seek capabilities.

The Chrome extension exports the following search features:

  • seek hints.
  • associated searches.
  • search upgrades.
  • often asked Questions wealthy results.
  • image entities.

Chrome extension extracts key-word records from:

  • Google search.
  • Google buying.
  • Google photo search.
  • search Bing.

the use of the device may be very smooth.

just deploy the plug-in and pin it in your browser to make it without difficulty on hand.

the subsequent step is to perform a Google (or Bingo) search and click on the SERP keyword scrap icon and the key phrases are right away copied to the clipboard.

finally, open the spreadsheet software and paste it. It’s that simple. Voila, proper?

The spreadsheet created through the extension is easy and tidy, making it smooth to determine what all the capabilities are.

The device first lists all of the key phrases extracted from the seen part of the search features (for instance, people also ask, and so on.).

a little trick is needed to use this extension.

take into account to click on the quest container to generate a document before clicking the Chrome extension icon to create a file Google recommend key words.

as an instance, for a keyword word, what’s structured statistics:

  1. the first set of key phrases within the spreadsheet is taken from Google propose.
  2. the second one set of key phrases within the spreadsheet is scraped from the humans Ask search function.
  3. The 1/3 set of keyword phrases is scraped from the associated search characteristic.
  4. A fourth set of key phrases changed into extracted from the wealthy FAQ consequences.
  5. The 5th institution of key phrases become taken out of the quest feature people also search.

that is very beneficial facts and is straightforward to extract.

just click on the icon button and the records might be saved to the reproduction clipboard. All you need to do is paste it right into a spreadsheet.

something I specifically recognize about extending the SERP keyword Scraper to Chrome is that it respects your privateness.

The device does not accumulate or promote any of your browsing information.

according to the privacy practice:

“How does the SERP keyword scraper work?

the whole thing occurs for your device! We get admission to the source code of the search result and extract the information for you. The plug-in does not use 0.33 birthday celebration statistics.

The writer has disclosed that it’ll now not gather or use your information

This writer proclaims that your statistics is:

It is not offered to third events out of doors of authorised makes use of.

It isn’t used or transmitted for functions other than the primary capability of the object.

It shall not be used or transferred for the cause of figuring out creditworthiness or for lending purposes. “

Scrape Google’s SERP with Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog can be used for scrape search outcomes in seek functions.

In fact, there are numerous different scraping tools which could do this as nicely. But, it is feasible that Google will ban your IP address.

If this takes place, you’ll be blocked from the usage of Google.

It should also be cited that Google strictly prohibits automatic seek queries.

Google terms of carrier have a phase with an unambiguous name »No automatic query. ”

Google’s ban announcement states:

“you may no longer ship any automatic queries to Google with out the explicit prior consent of Google.

note that “submitting computerized queries” includes, but isn’t limited to:

use any software that sends queries to Google to decide how a site or internet site is “ranked” on Google for numerous queries; “

in case you clear Google with automated queries, we might also ban your IP cope with.


SerpsBot is an API that allows you to extract Google seek results, which include all seek capabilities consisting of human beings additionally ask and provided snippets.

the quest effects are exported to a JSON report, which you can then convert to a spreadsheet if that’s what you need.

this is an API, so it ought to be capable of application languages.

plenty of methods to get search engines like google and yahoo

if you search the web, you may find web sites, solutions, and equipment for exporting Google seek effects.

i have determined that a few online gear can show the primary page of Google’s search engines like google and yahoo and offer a manner to export to a spreadsheet.

One such website is search engines to Excel. It does a first rate task of getting 10 search effects.

however, the web site does no longer depend search consequences inside the snippets presented, nor does it be counted video consequences. It presents outcomes based totally on the old paradigm of 10 blue hyperlinks.

for example, search [what is google palm?] consequences in seven seek consequences without clips and films provided and consist of one seek end result from the alternative aspect of the SERP.

results for everywhere in the 2d page SERP expenses $ 2 for one hundred+ seek consequences.

One accurate element approximately this web page is that it doesn’t accompany you for your browser as a Chrome extension.

but, in case you pick importing information directly from search outcomes, the Chrome extension is higher suited for this workflow.

key-word tool answers

there are many gear that offer ranking monitoring and key-word research. However enormously, there aren’t many unfastened tools that offer this capability without having to do some solution to get what you want.

Semrush keyword assessment tool

for example, the unfastened model of Semrush gives a keyword overview device that can offer you SERP in a convenient manner.

Step 1: pick out a key-word evaluate tool

in the left navigation menu, pick out the key-word assessment link inside the key-word studies phase.

Screenshot of the Semrush navigation menu on the leftScreenshot of the author, might also 2022

Step 2: discover your keywords

Then study the top proper of the web page wherein the search field is.

input a key-word word and click the hunt button.

Screenshot of the Semrush Keyword Overview search boxScreenshot of the author, may additionally 2022

Step three: SERP analysis

while the tool retrieves the hunt consequences, scroll down to the phase categorized SERP evaluation.

right here you may copy the list of URLs that are ranked in the top 10 for the chosen key-word word.

Semrush SERP analysisScreenshot of the author, may additionally 2022

Step 4: Paste into the spreadsheet

eventually, replica the listing of search result URLs and paste it into a spreadsheet.

Screenshot of a spreadsheet listing the URLs and domain names of the top 10 search resultsScreenshot of the author, may additionally 2022

As you could see, it’s miles possible to create a pinnacle 10 spreadsheet for different search outcomes with free key-word studies gear, however this is an incomplete answer.

Extract search consequences to a spreadsheet

in the beginning, extracting search outcomes right into a spreadsheet may appear to be an smooth issue to do, however it’s no longer.

There are several answers available, however every has its advantages and downsides.

in the end, it’s up to you to discern out which tool works nice for you Workflow.

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