5 new tools for LinkedIn creators to gain more followers and visibility


LinkedIn today announced new tools and features to help creators become more visible, discover and track. You must have Creator Mode and Public Profile turned on to access these features.

Here is something new.

1. Follow the source. Whenever someone sees your content in their feed and you’re not the first link, LinkedIn will now give them the option to follow you without leaving the feed. In addition to displaying a follow-up button, LinkedIn will prompt users to follow the creators to view more of their posts and provide information about what they’re talking about.

This is what it looks like:

2. Follow the search. If you haven’t added any relevant hashtags to your creator profile, be sure to do so. This is because now that LinkedIn users are searching for a company or topic, they will be able to see people talking about these topics on a regular basis. And make sure you post on relevant topics that are important to you.

This is what it looks like:

  • Key search statistics: 18% of all followers on LinkedIn happen to search.

3. Get new followers from other platforms. LinkedIn will soon allow creators to create a link that you can share or embed on other sites or emails. Anyone who clicks on this link will then be able to follow you on LinkedIn. This will be available in the “coming weeks”.

4. Obtain followers from connection requests. Whenever someone sends you a LinkedIn connection request, that person will automatically become one of your followers and start seeing updates to your posts on their feed.

5. Add a link to your profile. In April, LinkedIn announced that all creators would be able to do this add link in the introductory part of their profiles. It appears below your username and description, and above your number of followers and links. This has now fully taken hold. So you can now add a link to your website, online store, event or whatever else you want, here.

Why we care. If your goal is to add followers and gain visibility on LinkedIn, these new tools and features may be helpful.

One more thing. LinkedIn will also give additional creators access to audio events. The sound events, which were unveiled in beta in January, will be available in the “coming weeks” to all creators who comply with LinkedIn’s “community policies on a trusted, secure and professional content provider”.

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