The WordPress community responds to Arturo 6.0


Many users have warmly accepted WordPress 6.0 and feedback on 6.0 seems to be one of the smooth introductions. There have been a few reports of plug-in conflicts, but opinions seem to have differed depending on which part of the WordPress community responded.

More than 36% of all sites are up to date

According to the allegations WordPress documentation36.2% of all WordPress sites to date have been updated within two weeks of the release of WordPress 6.0.

Almost 20% of the user base still holds version 5.9 of WordPress.


WordPress 6.0 Arturo is a version change, which means that it is updated from development branch 5.x to branch 6.x.

For some users, this may seem scary, as changing the version of most things, such as a new cell phone model, usually means radical changes.

However, this does not apply to WordPress 6.0.

As with previous version updates, version 6.0 represents a gradual update that could be said to focus on making the site creation experience more intuitive and accessible.

Nevertheless, some users will be wary of updating, and not entirely without justification.

Advanced WordPress users

In the Advanced WordPress Facebook group, a group made up of members who are developers, the general tone of the discussion was a mostly pragmatic acceptance that Gutenberg was not ready yet, and some expressed that they would wait some more time. issue until Gutenberg becomes more robust and stable before adopting this platform for its customers.

V 107 publishing a discussion on WordPress 6.0one member commented on the lack of sufficient documentation, which is a well-founded criticism.

Of the more than 100 comments posted, Arturo’s opinion of WordPress in this Facebook group is a good step forward, acknowledging significant progress in 6.0.

One member of the group praised the block tree updates, while another said the editor generally feels smoother.

This last observation about the smoothness of the editor is interesting because one of the goals of WordPress 6.0 was to make it more intuitive to use.

Reaction to Reddit

The reaction on Reddit was more decisive than the conversations in the private Facebook group Advanced WordPress Users.

One member named sdenike announced that they are happy with the editor Gutenberg:

“I’ve been using Gutenberg for more than a year as the sole editor and I haven’t had some of the problems / reservations that other people have had on their sites …”

But that comment was met with responses expressing the opposite experience, with one member noticing that WordPress had deteriorated.

Why would anyone say that the new version of the WordPress kernel is worse than the previous version?

WP 6.0 was tested by many members of the WordPress community before it was released, so not because WordPress sent a worse product.

It is very likely that the perception that the update is worse is due to a conflict with an outdated plug-in or theme.

Although version 6.0 was made backward compatible, some conflicts with plug-ins and themes are almost inevitable.

Therefore, it may be helpful to make sure that all plug-ins and themes are updated before blaming the WordPress core.

Possible conflicts between plugins and themes

Redditor afr0flava posted a strange mistake which displayed a blank page for the edit screen.

“My” edit post “page has been empty in Chrome since the urgh update!”

Another Redditor, laserpoint, commented on how the justified harmonization was different after update.

“I just want a reasoned settlement for the text and paragraph. Why was he removed? “

In another discussion, Redditor asked a the question of reduced efficiency after updating to WordPress 6.0.

“Hello, I am using WordPress 6.0 and trying to explore why my site is not working very well. I enabled debugging in wp-config.php and found some (missing PHP libraries). “

This user explained that the client site works well, only it works slower, and that they need help figuring out which plugin is at odds with the new version of WordPress.

Possible bug in WordPress 6.0?

Another Redditor brought interesting (and apparently isolated) problem with content harmonization.

Member, StinkyWeezle, commented:

“It’s great, but all my column containers are now vertically centered by default with a 2nd spacing between them.

All alternate items have been changed if you do not set the vertical alignment, but they are still displayed in the editor as aligned above until you click each block.

Now I need to upgrade the locked 150 sites until I find a “no intrusion” fix to change the alternatives. “

Gutenberg is still facing the dismissal of a classic editor

As already mentioned, almost 20% of WordPress users still haven’t switched from 5.9 to 6.0.

A recent thread on Reddit may partly explain why.

A Redditor named prankster999 expressed his preference for the classic editor over Gutenberg. They did not explain why it is different from the classic editor what they are used to.

published by prankster999:

“Am I the only one who prefers“ Classic Editor ”to“ Block Editor ”?

I understand that “Block Editor” is trying to make WordPress look and work more like a medium.

But “Classic Editor” is more traditional in a number of sites like Reddit and forums (like Xenforo). “

Others, like rockycse21, I agreenoting that the classic editor was more “reliable”.

They did not explain what they meant by reliable, but could be understood as a comment on how a classic editor is the end product that behaves in the expected way, while Gutenberg is not yet complete and due to its novelty does not give a sense of familiarity. offers a classic editor.

A sense of comfort in using what they already have may explain some of the reluctance to upgrade. Why fix what is not broken, right?

Redditor picard102 gave his opinion that many users actively dislike Gutenberg:

‘You’re not alone. There are a lot of people who despise the block editor. “

This is a somewhat extreme, but not unusual opinion. There is still resistance to Gutenberg’s adoption.

Higgs-B noticed that editor Gutenberg is not quite ready yet, which is true.

“Unfortunately, the block editor / Gutenberg is not yet mature enough for non-coders.”

WordPress 6.0

The most important thing to keep in mind with the latest version of WordPress is that it is a gradual update and not a radical update. It is also designed to be backwards compatible. This means that it will still work with server environments that use versions of PHP smaller than 7.4 (up to PHP 5.6), even though the minimum recommended version is 7.4.

It is important to note that currently only WordPress is 6.0, just like 5.9 before it offers beta support for PHP 8.0.

Users who have updated PHP version 8.0 may have incompatibility issues.

Before updating, it may be wise to back up your entire WordPress site and database so that if something goes wrong, your site can be restored.

Knowing all of these things in advance can save you some of the mistakes and oddities that some users report.

Overall, the response of the WordPress community to WordPress 6.0 is that the update was smooth.


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