Google’s basic updates in May 2022 continue, but we’re probably at the end


Google May 2022 kernel update is now only 13 days away, we expect Google to say that the update will be introduced sometime in the next 72 hours. But until then, the quake seems to be continuing with big peaks on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

I was offline from Friday night until very late last night, so I’m still playing overtime. But as far as I can tell, there were some big vibrations in Google search results on Sunday, June 5th. He caught both chatting about SEO and Google’s tracking tools. This seems to be the last end of this basic update in May 2022.

Quick facts about the wide central update of Google in May 2022

As a reminder, here are the quick facts we know about this basic update:

  • name: Google ‘s Wider Core Update in May 2022
  • Launched: May 25, 2022 around 11.30pm CET
  • Introduction: The deployment will take about one to two weeks
  • Goals: It studies all types of content
  • penalty: This is not a punishment, but it promotes or rewards great websites
  • Globally: It is a global update that affects all regions in all languages.
  • Impact: Google would not tell me what percentage of the queries or searches were affected by this update.
  • Discover: Basic updates affect Google Discover and other features, including feature snippets and more.
  • Restore: If this has affected you, you will need to look at your content and see if you can work better with it Google’s basic update tip.
  • Refresh: Google will update this algorithm regularly, but may not provide these updates in the future. Maybe that’s what we’ve seen in the last few weeks or all of those unconfirmed Google updates.

We have published many stories of some SEOs about this basic update here. The comments on all of these posts are outstanding, so check them out when you have time.

Google Tracking Tools Show Spike on June 5th

Here is what we see from the tools:


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Advanced online rankings:

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Cognitive SEO:

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So you can see that most of the tools, not all of them, picked up a lot of instability on or around June 5th – which is normal – we usually notice a shake after the kernel update release.

SEO Chat Spikes ~ 5. June

People on WebmasterWorld they have been chatting a lot since the basic update was released. But around June 5, chatting about the changes began, which began as early as June 4th. There is usually a chat about SEO before the tools accept the changes. Here is what we see in the chat:

This weekend promises to be a strong weekend I’m not used to. Usually the traffic slows down a bit from Friday afternoon to Saturday and intensifies again after Sunday noon. Today it looks like I would expect to see at any time in the middle of the week.

Saturday was right at the bottom of the weekend average with 56.7% and after 14 hours of my G Sunday it is so far abnormally low, plus if I look at the weekly, I have fallen by 30%. I need to check again, but the reduction in my most popular keyword products seems to be reduced in U.S. SERPs.

Financial Niche News Website: I didn’t notice much change last week (when this major update was released), but there has been a 30% drop in website traffic since Friday. However, the SERP has been hit by almost nothing, as it is still ranked high for hot keywords, which is why I suspect a sharp drop is justified primarily by Google news and / or news. In the last two years, all kernel updates have been neutral or positive for us, but this time it seems to have been very bad so far.

My traffic is blitzed … every day traffic in the US starts at -50% to -70% of the norm. Canada is at zero for most days, and the UK has fallen sharply, as has most traffic from Western Europe. Only Australia, Eastern Europe and the developing world is up … a lot of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Africa.

The Semrush sensor is 9.0 today in terms of volatility. It was last close to that value on Thursday, May 26, when the update began. The next closest was on June 1 at 8.1.

My traffic dropped for Sunday, which is abnormal and is undoubtedly part of the deck shuffling going on out there. I’ve fallen by about 50%, so everything they do is strong. Before today, traffic slipped between 10 and 20%.

So we have the rest of this week to really ride it off, and next week the dust settles. Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll find out more about where things will land.

We also notice some important changes for Sunday, according to the Semrush sensor.

This should be a turning point with the completion of the deployment, so the next few days should be very important for those affected.

My last days were much quieter than usual as Sunday is -50% compared to a normal day of the week, but this morning my traffic looks normal. its sources, its searches, etc. I was very surprised.

Last night my switch flipped around 11pm British time.

My site’s traffic has been increasing since the update, but has generally decreased by -20%. All snippets presented have disappeared for the entire site. The website still ranks first for most of these queries.

Traffic rose sharply today … the first strong day after 25. Search increased today by 43%, direct traffic also increased … English traffic increased from Canada. Let’s see if it will last or is it just a bouquet …

I also notice a slight increase in organic traffic, but this has only started to happen in the last 2 to 3 hours. It could still be anything.

Monday fell 33% for me on almost every website, and a quick benchmark from June 1st to 6th to January 1st to May 31st shows:

Pageviews -35.4% Unique visitors -24.2% First visitors -22.8% Repeat visitors 32.2%

For me, June is traditionally a good month, as many buyers in bulk replenish stocks for late summer and ensure they have the right balance in the fall / winter, my gadgets are not impulse purchases.

If traffic continues at this level, I’ve been hit by “something” and other than a few big losses of keyword money, it’s very hard to figure out exactly what, unless global disinterest in my gadgets happens to coincide with the G update!

Here are some newer ones comments in this post:

I notice signs of increased traffic at my (mostly) information site. I don’t think that means anything, but I still hope to be able to recoup some of my traffic.

This update is really very strange how it is possible that a whitehat site significantly reduces traffic by up to 90%. A lot of my keywords are missing and I’m afraid this will continue, which puts me in depression as this is hard work we’ve done over the last 3 years. I always said NO to pbn and the like because I thought whitehat would bring better results and it would be long term, but it disappeared in a few days, which is weird. I hope Google will take into account some of the contributions from friends and blog owners who have tried over the last few years.

Although the update was surprisingly good for me, the suffocation this week was poor. Sometimes you think the weather is to blame, as summer always brings a natural fall, but today’s traffic imbalance cannot be explained otherwise than by the end of the gas period.

Enako. The last 4 days I have experienced partial compensation for wealth, more traffic and conversions, but there is still a long way to go. SERPs are still everywhere with outstanding organic results and plenty of sponsored content.

Well, I hope the last 24 are some kind of mistake, as my top quality site has failed and I see a lot of spam for news

So, it seems like this may be the last big tremor to update the kernel in May 2022. I’m sure we’ll see more when Google confirms that the update is complete, but that will be hard to attribute to the base update.

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