When to post on Instagram: a simple guide


How often you post on Instagram can affect your success in the app. Post too much and oversaturate your audience, post too little and you may lose followers (Marketers say this is the first reason to lose followers).

Given that your audience wants to hear from you on the platform, it’s important to create a post schedule that fits that desire. Read on to find out how often your business should post on Instagram.

How often should a company post on Instagram

During Instagram’s Creator Weekend 2021, Adam Mossieri (head of Instagram) was asked about the ideal number of posts companies would have to post to succeed in the app. He said there is no set formula, and the ideal strategy is to share a few posts in the feed per week and a few stories per day.

Recently HubSpot Blog Poll asked the same question, and here are the answers gathered from 500+ global B2B and B2C Instagram marketers.

Overall, 80% of marketers publish in their sources in their applications. When they publish

  • 45% publish several times a week,
  • 23% publish several times a day,
  • 23% publish once a day.

how often should a company post on instagram

The survey also asked marketers how often they publish stories and 43% publish them multiple times a week, 23% publish multiple times a day and 23% publish daily. Marketers also say that the ideal number of stories you have at once is 4 to 9.

how many stories on instagram should instagram marketers post

How to know the best frequency of posting for Instagram

Finding the best frequency for posting for your brand or company to post on Instagram involves using the insights above and experimenting, as followers will tell you what works.

For example, if attendance tends to decrease after a certain number of posts per week, your followers say you may be posting too much.

You also need to pay attention to when your followers are most active and in which time zones they are. If you’re posting when your most engaged audience is asleep, it doesn’t matter if you’re posting ten times a week because they won’t be online and willing to cooperate when you’re trying to reach them.

Experiment with your post schedule and use your insights and analytics to see what works and what doesn’t. Once you figure out the full number of posts, you can stick to it from week to week planning your content.

Back to you

You never want to miss an opportunity to reach your audience. Strive to maintain an in-app presence that helps them learn from your business and stay excited about what you’ll share with them next time.

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