Yoast SEO 19.0: Optimize crawling and Bing detection


One of the most important aspects of SEO is search engine optimization for your site. Search engines have almost endless resources, so they have the power to search everything they find – and they will. But, this is not as it should be. Almost every CMS prints out URLs that make no sense and can be safely skipped by spiders. With Yoast SEO Premium 18.6, we start with a series of add-ons to clean up these unnecessary URLs, resources, and resources so that more critical things have a better chance of being searched.

Make it easy to search the content of your site

Google and other search engines are looking for just about anything they can find – as the founder of Yoast Joost de Valk proves it in a post on his website. However, it can be hard to convince them to crawl what you want them to crawl. In addition, spiders can come several times a day and still not pick up important things. Each party involved can gain a lot – from spiders, website owners and the environment – to make this process more meaningful. Yoast SEO Premium will help search engines search your site more effectively.

In Yoast SEO Premium 18.6, we are introducing the first add-on to our crawl settings, which allows you to better manage what search engines can skip on your site. In this issue, we start with those RSS feeds with comments on WordPress posts, but we have a long list of things we want to help you manage.

Go to our new one Crowding settings section in the General Settings of Yoast SEO Premium and activate the first add-on to prevent search engines from searching for post comment sources.

From Yoast SEO Premium 18.6 onwards, crawling settings will host additional controls that affect crawling

This feature is available to all Yoast SEO Premium subscribers in beta and we have chosen not to activate it for every site. In some cases, there may still be sites that use this in a way that we cannot anticipate. In future releases, we are introducing several crawling options – large and small.

Let’s start cleaning up crawling on our sites – it’s better for you, your visitors, search engines and the environment. All with a little help Yoast SEO Premium. Let’s go!

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Update Bing on your site

Yoast SEO 19.0 and Premium 18.6 also help Bing find your XML sitemaps. Last week, Bing has changed the way they used to handle XML sitemaps. Previously, we were able to send Sitemap URLs anonymously with an HTTP request, but Bing found that spammers abused this because of this anonymity. You have two options for submitting Sitemaps to Bing: a link in a robots.txt file or Bing Webmaster Tools.

To make your Sitemaps available to Bing, we’ve updated Yoast SEO to add a link to your XML Sitemap to your robots.txt file – if you like. This ensures that Bing can easily find your sitemap and keep track of everything you post or change on your site. If you did not create the robots.txt file yourself, we will now add it with a link to your sitemap.xml file. You can add the link yourself through the file editor in Yoast SEO, if you already have one.

We also updated robots.txt itself. We changed Disallow: /wp-admin/ line to Disallow:. Learn more in our update a guide to best practices for robots.txt on WordPress sites.

It can also be a great opportunity to see Bing webmaster tools – there are some great insights into the performance of your Bing site.

Example from the Bings home page showing the corresponding XML Sitemap links in a robots.txt file

Other improvements and fixes

Of course, we made another round of fixes and improvements. We would like to highlight two here. We have improved compatibility with Elementor to ensure that our SEO analysis works properly.

In addition, we improved the assessment of consecutive sentences in the readability analysis. This triggered alerts when you have multiple sentences on the list that start with the same word. We now treat the content on the lists differently and we should no longer be warned about different instances with the same word.

Update now on Yoast SEO 19.0 and Premium 18.6

In this release, we present several ways to control the search for content on your site. For Yoast SEO Premium, we’re starting with a small plugin to manage post comment resources, but we’ll be expanding it in future releases. The feature is in beta, so we look forward to hearing from you!

In addition, we’ve made sure that Bing can still find your XML Sitemap, and we’ve fixed some bugs with Elementor and our readability analyzes.


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