8 Simple Social Media Marketing Tips For Introverts [+Best Apps]


Social media marketing it’s not easy, and for introverts it’s even more challenging.

Do 50 percent of people are considered introverts. The truth is that many introverts enjoy social activities, but sometimes find them antisocial, but find them exhausting – where an extrovert can gain energy if he is in a large crowd, introverts need time to recover and recharge.

For introverted entrepreneurs and small business owners, this presents a challenge: since social media is a key component in brand building, how do they manage the demands of social interaction with the need to take care of their own mental health?

In this part, we will offer eight simple tips to help you improve your social media marketing (without losing your mind) and four great apps to help you get the job done.

Social media tips for introverts

1. Create a social calendar.

Introverts can be overwhelmed with the large number of posts, responses, and activities needed to build a personal or business brand. But given that these links are key to boosting your public profile and helping to create new career opportunities, they can’t be ignored.

The best bet? Start by creating a social calendar that shows what you’re going to post, where, and when to help you understand social media efforts. Using a calendar also gives you more opportunities for social spontaneity if you have enough energy, as your posts are already inscribed on the calendar.

Not sure where to start? Check HubSpot’s social media content calendar template.

2. Choose your people.

The great thing about social media is that it offers connections to so many people – and the awful thing about social media is that it offers connections to so many people.

This is true for many introverts; what starts out as a great way to connect turns into a constant avalanche of opinions and ideas that are hard to navigate and even harder to manage. That’s why it’s worth regularly evaluating your resources on social media and curating who you’re following. While you don’t want to create a high-profile chamber that prevents you from creating brands outside of narrow circles, there’s nothing wrong with being picky about who you follow and why.

3. Schedule posts on social media.

Despite your best efforts, you will still be overwhelmed at times. That’s fine – and it’s important to take a break and recharge your batteries. A challenge? While introverts are resting, they are often still worried about what they are missing on social media.

To solve this problem, opt for an application that allows you to schedule posts on social networks at a time of your choice. This way, you can confidently take breaks, knowing that you are still delivering content.

4. Find the right platform.

Facebook is great for larger conversations, LinkedIn works well for connecting with certain people, Twitter offers space for quick interactions, and Instagram is for pictures.

You probably have an advantage: maybe you like the quieter atmosphere of LinkedIn, or posting pictures makes it easier to feel connected to your audience. While it’s important to keep your social paths open, there’s nothing wrong with investing more time in a platform that best suits your style, as you’ll be more productive over time.

5. Edit your content.

You don’t have to post everything on social media. While sharing details about yourself and your life can help increase social followers and consequently enhance your business efforts, you need to draw the line between personal and professional posts.

In practice, this means deciding what content you publish and what you keep privately. There is no right answer here – the key is to set boundaries that work for you to make you feel comfortable about what you share and safe in what you keep to yourself.

6. Follow social media measurements.

Social media measurements it helps you see what works and what doesn’t, and allows you to take a break from people. Instead of turning to find out why links don’t link to your brand or view your content, use tracking and analytics tools to see where you’re losing interest. These measurements help you build a better strategy and allow you to do so in peace and quiet.

7. Decide on one-on-one interactions.

Introverts are often incredibly attractive and sociable – when it comes to one-on-one interactions. Imagine a party where hundreds of people have a good time. Many introverts will look for a single individual or small group and set up camp instead of trying to socialize.

This approach also works for social media. When people comment on your posts, consider responding with an instant message to start a conversation. These one-on-one conversations can allow you to shine in the company without having to navigate multiple interactions at the same time.

8. Hire help if needed.

If social media marketing is simply not in your control room, consider hiring help. The complex and evolving nature of social platforms has created a market for social professionals who can target you directly key audience segments and editing your social calendar. Just like you could hire an accountant to manage your business finances, you can now touch on social media expertise to simplify the process.

The best social networking apps for introverts

1. Google Analytics

best social apps for introverts: google analytics

When it comes to metrics, you can’t go wrong with Google Analytics. The app allows you to track which of your posts have been shared and on which platform, helping you develop a more focused social media strategy.

You can also use Google Analytics to identify potential vulnerabilities in your current endeavors. Are there certain platforms where you do not achieve your engagement goals? Are certain types of posts better than others? This data lays the foundation for better interactions.

2. Bufferbest social apps for introverts: buffer

Buffer allows you to easily evaluate the performance of social media, schedule posts and respond to comments as soon as possible.

With just a few clicks, you can schedule posts on the platform you prefer the moment you choose, freeing up time to create new campaigns or create new content. Meanwhile, using tags and shortcuts, you can quickly identify comments on your posts that need immediate attention so you don’t miss customer concerns or new opportunities to link.

3. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

best social apps for introverts: adobe creative cloud expressFormerly Adobe Spark, Creative Cloud Express provides the power of images with thousands of pre-made content templates. Simply make stand-out graphics, logos and photo collages to present your brand or highlight your mission, then post these images on the platform of your choice.

Available for iOS, Android and desktops, you get 14 days of free full access to the app – after that you’ll need a Creative Cloud subscription.

5. REP

the best social applications for introverts: marketing representatives of influential representativesI like the impact influential marketing, but you don’t like the idea of ​​cold calling influential people to work with you? REP covers you. This influencer market allows you to post job opportunities, connect with potential influencers, and negotiate terms, all from the app.

This is a great choice for introverts who want to harness the power of social media but want to keep the number of unpleasant interactions to a minimum.

Coping with stress in social media marketing

This cannot be bypassed: introverts will always find social media stressful. However, it is still a powerful tool in your arsenal and with the right approach, a balance can be struck between building a public presence and protecting your privacy.

The best bet? Give priority to where and what you want to post, and take regular breaks. Push yourself to be better, but be aware that introversion is not a problem to be solved, but a different approach that allows you to cultivate more direct and in-depth one-on-one connections.

Editor’s note: This publication was originally published in April 2009 and has been updated for completeness.

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