Top 10 Free Project Management Budget Templates for Marketers


Let’s face it: implementing a successful marketing project takes time, energy and money.

And with so many different aspects of marketing to consider – brand and creativity, product marketing, hosting the eventand so on – your budget for managing marketing projects can quickly disappear.

Have you ever found yourself scratching your exhausted budget at the end of a month, quarter, or year? Are you ready to leave the days of ambiguous spending and disappearing budgets? We’ve covered you with an overview of the most important project budget proposals for marketing plans – plus a free download.

What makes a good budget template for marketing project management?

Before we delve into the details, it’s worth taking a minute and talking about how we chose our best choices. With so much marketing budget proposals now available, it hasn’t been an easy task – and when it comes to what we’ve chosen, you may have a favorite that isn’t on the list.

Depending on the number of options, this list could include 20, 30 or 50 templates, but to get the information you need to find the template that works best for you as soon as possible, we keep our list of only the best options. out there.

In terms of criteria, we opted for features such as usability, simplicity and flexibility. Our goal is to provide a list that offers you more options with similar value – all you have to do is choose the one that best suits your marketing needs.

When that’s over, let’s get started.

1. HubSpot [Excel, Google Sheets]

Draft budget for marketing project management: hubspot

HubSpot’s set of eight free budget templates offers everything you need to get started, from the main marketing template to more specific spreadsheets for content, products, and paid advertising. HubSpot is available as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets files, no matter how you choose to handle your marketing budget.

Which we like: With a simple, simplistic and colorful design, these templates are easy to use without sacrificing the details you need.

2. Spendesk [Excel]

draft budget for the management of marketing projects: proveesk

Spendesk offers marketing budget proposals for growing businesses to help manage the complexity that comes with annual marketing, subscriptions, one-off events, and upcoming costs. The templates are designed to suit your team, making them a great choice for start-ups and more experienced marketers looking to streamline their budgets.

Which we like: Spendesk free templates do the math for you in Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

3. Smartsheet [Excel]

Draft budget for marketing project management: smartsheetSmartsheet offers 12 free marketing budget proposals for social media efforts, product marketing, quarterly marketing and annual marketing. Although only available as Excel files, they are a great starting point if you want to pool spending resources and streamline marketing budgets.

Which we like: Smartsheet templates include itemized categories along with estimated costs for each item, subtotals, and totals combined with an easy-to-read pie chart.

4. Capterra [PDF]

Draft budget for the management of marketing projects: capterra

Capterra’s marketing budget proposal is based on simplicity. The free framework allows you to easily plan hard costs, campaign costs, and unexpected expenses to get an approximate amount that can help you with more specific budget efforts. Oh, and ignore “2019” in the title – the template is still equally useful in 2022.

Which we like: Simple is the name of the game here, making the Capterra a great choice for initial budget efforts.

5. Smart insights [Google Sheets]

draft budget for marketing project management: smartinsightsSmart Insights also offers an octet template with options for spending summaries, acquisition marketing costs, creative spending, and SEO activities that clearly define where you spend your money, how often, and how much it costs you over a period of time. Although there is no Excel option, these templates are still a good choice to simplify budget management.

Which we like: Smart Insights templates make it easy to determine your power level thanks to a simple and simplified design.

6. Monday [Built-In Template]

draft budget for marketing project management: Monday

Monday’s template provides a high-level overview of your current marketing budget in Monday’s user interface. Each quarter includes information on the owner of the projects, the target, the level of priority, the type of action taken, the total budget and the remaining budget. Just like the day of the week, Monday also allows you to start your quarterly budget planning on solid ground.

Which we like: Simple and high level are the key word here. At first glance, marketers can get the information they need to encourage budget decision-making. If you already use Monday for project managementit fits perfectly.

7. SwagDrop [Google Sheets]

Draft budget for project management for marketing: swagdropSwagDrop offers a quartet of budget templates to help balance marketing costs and revenues. They include an investment report, a salary report, an income report and a monthly balance sheet report. Make no mistake – they are not the best templates on the market, but they are free, functional, and offer a solid foundation for a marketing budget framework.

Which we like: The SwagDrop site also includes sample budgets on its own case templates to help companies set up and operate their budgets as soon as possible.

8. Project manager [Excel]

draft budget for project management for marketing: projectmanager

This free template is a simple spreadsheet in Excel that provides a quick overview of relevant budget data to help marketers see what they’re spending, where they’re spending it, and whether budgets are staying on track. Although it is best supported by other, more in-depth options, the simple layout is worth downloading.

Which we like: The template integrates with the larger ProjectManager collection paid project management softwarewhich is designed to manage hybrid teams in multiple locations.

9. Demand measurement [Excel]

draft budget for marketing project management: demand metrics

The budget for marketing demand metrics refers to content. It makes sense: in order to attract the interest of customers, companies are well served by spending on blog posts, video production and graphic design. This template helps keep track of the costs of these content initiatives over time to see how they align with return.

Which we like: Content is key to observing your brand. Demand measurement allows you to easily see how much you spend on this critical feature.

10. The result [Excel]

draft budget for marketing project management: evaluation

Score’s annual marketing budget template is designed to help marketers estimate their annual costs and align them with campaign goals. This template is easy to change and use, so it’s a great starting point for marketers who want to pinpoint exactly where they can save – and where they need to spend.

Which we like: A simple budget estimate is worth downloading for this marketing template.

Use your budget to manage projects

The better your budget is managed, the better your marketing results are. However, as marketing efforts become increasingly complex and far-reaching, spending details may be lost by accident.

Don’t get caught up in cost overruns – tap one of our best suggestions to make the most of your marketing budget, and download more below.

Editor’s Note: This publication was originally published in November 2014 and has been updated for completeness.

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