WordPress 6.0: Great edition with big improvements


It’s only been 4 months since the previous major release, but we’re already looking forward to welcoming WordPress 6.0. Of course, as with any other major release, you can expect a lot of improvements and exciting new features. This new version is no different. WordPress 6.0 continues to refine and replicate the tools and features introduced in previous releases. Let’s delve into what WordPress 6.0 brings to your desk!

For starters, this release will include all the great new features, enhancements and benefits Gutenberg 12.0 in 13.0. At the same time, developers and collaborators continue to work on bug fixes and improvements that significantly impact the overall user experience in WordPress. That means over 400 updates, 500 bug fixes and 91 new features in just one release, which is huge!

We’ve got an improved list view experience, style theme versions, additional templates, new blocks, new block editor improvements, and more. As there are many new things available in this release, we would like to draw your attention to some features and improvements that are likely to affect the way you use WordPress.

Complete site editing improvements and new features

Complete site editing there was talk in the city when this main feature was introduced in previous editions. WordPress 6.0 continues to upgrade the foundations laid in Version 5.9 and further improve what you can do with full site editing. To take advantage of full site editing, you’ll need to use a block-based theme like WordPress’s Twenty-Twenty-Two.

Style versions and global style switching

Many people in the WordPress community are enthusiastic about this feature in Website Editor. You will be able to use variations of the theme derived from a single theme, with different color and font combinations. It’s kind of like you have multiple children’s themes but integrated into a single theme. And it’s incredibly easy to apply a new version of the style throughout the site. From now on, you can change the look and feel of your site with one click.

Easily change the look and feel of your site using style versions

Possibility to export the theme

Another big improvement for the entire editing of websites and the WordPress platform as a whole is the ability to export block themes. All suggestions, layouts and style changes you have made can be saved and exported to you .zip map. This feature is huge because it paves the way for creating visual themes. You can only create a WordPress theme using Gutenberg blocks. And of course no coding knowledge required!

To export your theme, go to the site editor and click the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner. A menu with the option to download the theme should appear.

New suggestions

The ability to use and customize templates to create website content is great as it helps you save time. In previous versions of WordPress, we had suggestions for the work, but the possibilities were limited. WordPress 6.0 extends this and introduces several new templates for certain features. These include suggestions for displaying publications by a specific author, category, date, label, or taxonomy.

New template options in Website Editor

List view enhancements

When you open the list view in WordPress 6.0, you will see that your blocks are merged and consolidated, instead of showing everything as in previous versions. This will make navigating the list view much easier. In addition, when you work on a page with an open list view and click anywhere on the page, it will highlight where you are in the list view. Anyone who regularly works on complex sites should appreciate this improvement.

Improved list display experience in WordPress 6.0

Block editor improvements

New core blocks

WordPress 6.0 will come with several new blocks, including a biography of the author of the post, an avatar, no result in the query loop and read more. We want to direct you to the new comment query loop because it further ‘blocks’ the comments section of your post. With this new block, you will get many customization options to design the comments section as you wish.

The comment query loop allows you to customize the comments section

More features and enhancements

There are quite a few improvements and improvements in the block editor that cannot be covered in this post. Instead, we’ll mention a few that we think will be most beneficial to you.

The first new improvement in the block editor we want to introduce is block lock. If you move forward, you will be able to lock the block so that it cannot be moved and / or edited. A locked block will display a lock when you click on it. When you open the list view, you will also see a lock that indicates a locked block. This feature is especially useful if you work a lot with reusable blocks and don’t want anyone to mess with these blocks. It’s also useful for maintaining design layouts when creating templates or working with clients.

New user interface for locking blocks

In addition, in WordPress 6.0, when you customize a button and then add a new button with a plus button, it will have the same style as the one you just customized. You should repeat all the adjustments beforehand to add more buttons with the same style.

Another cool feature in this new version is style retention. It is now possible to maintain a block style when transforming certain blocks from one row to another and vice versa. It works with quite a few blocks, from quote, list, code, title, drag quote, verse, etc.

Finally, the title block can now dynamically grab your presented image and set it as the background for the title block. All you have to do is choose ‘use the image presented‘and WordPress will do the rest.

The cover block can now dynamically grab the presented image of your post and use it as a background

Writing improvements

You can expect several significant writing improvements in this new version of WordPress. They are by no means big changes, but you will definitely notice and appreciate the sophistication of your overall writing experience.

Have you ever tried to select text from 2 separate blocks and got angry because it automatically selected all the text from both blocks? Well, that won’t bother you anymore. From WordPress 6.0 onwards, you can easily select text from blocks and edit it to your liking. This is definitely an improvement in the quality of life.

In WordPress 6.0, you can conveniently choose text from blocks

There is also a new shortcut in front of you to complete the connections. You can access this shortcut at any time by entering “[[[[[[[[“And will show you a list of links on your site. This feature can be handy when, for example, making internal connections.

Finally, WordPress will remind you to add tags and categories as a last step before you can post. Once you post a lot of posts, you can easily forget this step, so it’s a very handy feature for forgetful people.

We won’t delve too deeply into improvements to the design and layout tools, but we think the following two features deserve a mention.

The first is transparency transparency for the background, which is very useful if you want to use a background with columns. You will definitely pick up the post format if you can take advantage of this feature. The next fun addition to WordPress 6.0 is support for gallery block gaps. It just means you have more control over the spacing between images, which gives you a little more freedom in how you want to display your image gallery. Anyone can take advantage of these two new features, but photographic and fashion runners probably appreciate them the most.


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