What growth-oriented CMOs need to know about SEO today


Search engine optimization is one of the key drivers of sales and growth for (almost) every business today. Therefore, CMOs should fully appreciate the value of an SEO strategy. In this post, I will highlight the importance of SEO for strategic decision making, which will create tools for sustainable results.

How SEO strategy facilitates business growth

Many multi-channel marketing strategies rely heavily on the success of search engines.

According to the allegations reports65% of website traffic and 67% of website sales come from paid and organic searches.

Studies They also show that the conversion rate for unpaid search is 2.8%, making it the second best marketing channel, ahead of email and social media. Paid search alone is slightly better at 2.9%.

SEO strategy is also one of the best ways to gain new customers. Google records 3.5 billion search queries every day. More than 60 percent of the world’s population are active Internet users. They are increasingly dependent on information from search to make their short-term and long-term purchasing decisions.

Search data alone provides valuable insights for making better strategic decisions for your business. It helps you get more accurate answers to: Who exactly are your potential customers and what are they looking for? How are demand patterns changing? How are your competitors doing? Who are your real competitors?

5 aspects of SEO strategy understood by CMOs that are growth oriented

SEO is more than just Google rankings and traffic. It is at the heart of the work done by marketing teams. The growth-oriented CMO strategically considers the following elements of SEO:

1. Intuitive algorithms
In the past, SEO was often a mixture of creating landing pages for one keyword and building backlinks to those sites. Fortunately, these days are over because search engine-powered algorithms have become much smarter. Today, content comes first. User-friendliness, or EAT (professionalism, authority, trust) is what high-ranking content and SEO teams focus on.

2. Google searches
Everyone has heard horrifying stories about how Google updates they made businesses almost invisible overnight, resulting in a big drop in traffic, potential customers and revenue. Today, Google’s occasional basic updates are the ones that shake up search results. Although overall losses are becoming less common, not least because SEO marketing is now much more focused on developing user expectations based on content and pure optimization.

3. SEO built into content marketing
A modern SEO strategy must have a key focus on content marketing. Only content that is tailored to the needs and requirements of users will bring good rankings, strong backlinks and adequate traffic from the SEO channel in the long run. Users should have a seamless and memorable experience when they visit your site. After all, the competition is just a click away.

4. Multi-channel SEO
Regardless of your industry, you can improve your CRO strategy with marketing automation tools in SEO tactics. How can your team design landing pages so that they offer the best opportunities to increase volume and / or sales? Marketing automation also plays a key role in a winning SEO strategy. How often does your email team study the keywords and language of highly successful content to understand the messages that attract the most attention among your audience?

5. Realistic time frames
According to Google, it can take four to 12 months before you see the fruits of your SEO work. Developing organic traffic across the entire range of long-term business products is more of a marathon than a sprint. Even if you have implemented the foundations of your program, continuous optimization in line with your company’s goals and market requirements – such as user interests, demand patterns and competitors – will dictate your success.

The ideal SEO equation for businesses

Internal staff SEO + (external content + SEO consultants) = high ranking and business growth

In the Searchmetrics business client portfolio, it is becoming increasingly understandable that an external agency together with the work of internal SEO staff leads to better results than the efforts of the internal team alone.

These professionals are well versed in a variety of industries and business cases. Their structured workflows allow work to be completed in a more limited time. This means you will receive an unbiased view of your content and SEO performance with useful insights on how to improve. External consultants will conduct audits and develop strategies that can be used to better justify expanding SEO collaboration to your organization’s senior management team.

Want to learn more about how SEO consultants help create lasting growth? Chat with our people Digital Strategies Group.

Search data development

As already mentioned, Google conducts 3.5 billion searches a day, and the trend is only increasing. As a result, search data that can tell you more about users and what they want is crucial in making strategic business decisions. This market research, based on the search activities of online users, can help you adjust your supply and the development of your business to meet demand.

Searchmetrics offers business-based search proprietary solutions that help with market analysis and reporting. With Searchmetrics Insights, you can create custom on-demand reports that inform you about business decisions.

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