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What were the first steps to gain a foothold in the market when you started your business? You’ve probably come up with a name and created a logo that will be next to it. Who knows, you may have also created some social media accounts to introduce your business to potential customers right away. But like most businesses, both online and offline, you’ve probably also created a website to reach your audience. which is great. However, it’s also important to present your site to Google properly, even if your site has been live for some time. In this post, we will explain why and how you can do this with our new first configuration!

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From Yoast SEO 18.9, we replaced the configuration exercise with our new experience with the first configuration. The first configuration is available in both free and Premium versions of Yoast SEO. Update to the latest version of our plug-in to access the configuration! If you have completed our previous configuration workout or configured your site in previous versions, you will not see the new welcome screen for the first configuration.

Why present your site to Google?

There are many ways to promote your site and encourage your audience to visit you online. Investing in SEO and optimizing your pages for search engines is also well worth your effort. Which you may already be aware of. But did you also know that you can improve Google’s understanding of your website, which helps them make your site even better? Providing Google with some basic but important information about your business will increase your chances of Google showing your users the right information. It can also increase your chances of getting a knowledge board about your business, the block you sometimes see on the right side of search results.

However, it does not happen automatically if you provide this information to Google and verify that it is correct. You need to help Google better understand your site and business. With proper presentation. Because if not, Google may not understand what your site offers. Kind of like a store with no name on the front. This makes it less attractive for Google to direct people to your site, as they are not entirely sure what they will find there.

Structured data is the way forward

So how do you help Google better understand your site? Using structured data. Basically, structured data is a way of describing your site and its content in a way that search engines can easily understand. It turns your content into code that search engines can process right away. Search engines like Google read this code and use it to display your pages in a much better and richer way in search results. And adding this piece of code to your site is not something you have to do yourself. Yoast SEO automatically adds a lot of that structured data for you, help Google get a better idea of ​​what your pages are.

Yoast SEO makes it easy for you to add structured data to your pages by creating a structured data framework for your pages that allows you to set up different types of content and provides structured data blocks. However, it is important to start at the beginning and get the right basic information. So we created this first configuration. The configuration allows you to provide this information and provide Google with the first information it needs.

Make the most of Yoast SEO with the first configuration

This configuration only takes a few minutes, but allows you to provide some basic information about your site and business. This helps Google build understanding and display this information in a rich way. As we’ve said before, this information can help you gain your own board of knowledge that stands out from the usual search results.

In addition to this information that you provide to Google, the configuration also helps Yoast SEO to better understand your site. Why would I want that? Well, because it allows us to give you better SEO tips that will help you in your ranking. In addition, it allows us to improve technical SEO settings, such as automatically adding the right structured information to your pages. This way you can make sure that your SEO settings are set correctly. It helps you make the most of Yoast SEO.

The configuration has 5 steps that configure the essential settings of Yoast SEO and tell Google what kind of site you have. He will take you by the hand and explain exactly what is happening with each of your steps.

Preview the first steps in the first configuration

If you are interested in all the steps in this configuration and how to complete them, read our help article how to use yoast first configuration. And when you have completed all 5 steps, you are ready! You won’t have to repeat this configuration, as this is something you once set up for Yoast SEO and Google. This is unless you change the company name or logo! However, we do not recommend this too often.

To sum it all up, make sure you step on the right foot and make the first configuration! It doesn’t take much time and helps Google better understand your site.

Yoast SEO comes with SEO exercises to help you rank

While you’re at it, take a look SEO training which we added to Yoast SEO. Just as you need to practice to “practice” to stay fit and strong, you also need to make an effort to keep your site “SEO fit”. But SEO can be tricky and take you a lot of time. To make it easier and more manageable, we have created these SEO exercises that you can perform regularly to keep your website in shape.

In addition to the original configuration, we also have an exercise to help you rank with the content you want to rank with, and an exercise that you can use to make your unrelated content available to people.

Yoast SEO exercises help you rank among the articles you want and clean up unrelated content to maintain the SEO relevance of your site.
SEO Exercises in Yoast SEO

You need to access these two exercises go premium, but trust us when we say they are worth it! We will add new exercises to help you improve your SEO game.

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