Meet Yoast’s new management team!


Today we are proud to present Yoast’s new leadership team. The past year has been quite successful at Yoast. Great things have happened in our beloved company. As the icing on the cake, we would like to introduce you to our new leaders. Say hello to Chayo, Marieke, Inge, Irene, Herre, Taco and me: a new management team that lives and breathes “SEO for all”!

The path to a new leadership team

Times are changing. After our remarkable growth in recent years, we are joined Newfold Digital in August 2021. Shortly afterwards, in November 2021, I (Thijs de Valk) picked myself up. my new role as CEO after Marieke decided to retire from that position. In March 2022, Joost announced he would transition to an advisory position within the company. In addition, my good friend and former CTO Omar recently decided to pursue another dream after 8 years of complete devotion to Yoast.

Omar has always been an essential part of Yoast and has helped shape our products into what they are today. He is responsible for the establishment and operation of our development team. Omar started at Yoast in 2014 with a lot of ambition, bold spirit and countless ideas on how to make improvements. And he certainly experienced it all. Omar is an incredibly creative thinker, strategist and believes in Yoast and our products. The whole Yoast family wishes him all the best!

With all these changes, the need for a new management team grew. That is why we are extremely pleased to present a great new management team – with some familiar and fresh faces – that will lead Yoast through these new and exciting times!

New Yoast Leaders

First, familiar faces: I will remain at the helm of Yoast, who will lead the company into this new era. But I will not be alone. Chaya, as Chief Operating Officer (COO), will continue to oversee day-to-day operations. It focuses on ongoing and optimized business processes to take Yoast to the next level and help everyone thrive. Marieke will be the leader of the strategy and focuses on the path we need to take, in our products and as a company. She will make sure we continue to grow and thrive in Yoast style.

But there are also many new faces in our management team! We want you to get to know each other Irene, our new head of research and development (R&D). At Yoast, she grew from a linguist to a head of engineering to a leadership position where she is now. She is very committed to continuing to provide people with a great experience with our products and build a more diverse development team. She will work closely with Here, our new head of technology. With our talented technical teams, it will strive for technical excellence and provide users with the best and most stable software in the industry.

in, Tacoa very a familiar face at Yoast and in the WordPress community he takes on the role of relationship leader. He knows our communities, customers and partners like no other. She loves nurturing and improving relationships with all the people we interact with. And last but not least, Ingeour new head of marketing is strongly driven to make Yoast grow, pass on our values ​​and build marketing teams that work seamlessly.

Want to get to know our leaders a little better? Take a look at ours side of the management team.

The way forward

So what does this change of leadership mean? Of course, our “SEO for All” mission will not change. With our software and educational materials, we are still committed to offering everyone the same opportunities in search results. We are still committed to making SEO accessible and easy for anyone, wherever or whoever you are.

I am 100% confident that this talented leadership team will not only keep our company on track, but will help Yoast and our Yoasters team succeed in every way possible!


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