The way to use podcasts to construct links

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it’s far expected that they exist extra than 2 million podcasts. Because of this no matter what industry you’re in, there are almost truely dozens of applicable podcasts in which you may be a guest.

many of those podcasts also present amazing opportunities to build connections.

on this guide, you will learn how to use podcasts to create a couple of links on your web site:

what’s podcast link building?

constructing podcast links is wherein you introduce yourself as a guest on enterprise podcasts and receive a hyperlink from an episode.

for example, i used to be a visitor podcast Mastermind.Fm some time ago and is a link to Ahrefs my episode web page:


so long as you pick out podcasts that you may accurately gift your self to, you have an nearly guaranteed connection to them.

What are the benefits of constructing podcast hyperlinks?

building podcast links has 3 important benefits:

  1. each episode lasts best approximately 60 mins.
  2. this is a first-rate manner to construct links to home pages and construct web site authority.
  3. you can promote your brand and content to a new audience.

a way to build podcast hyperlinks

constructing podcast links is fairly simple and entails four steps:

  1. discover business podcasts
  2. check out the indicates
  3. Hand them over
  4. record your episode

allow’s undergo these little by little.

1. Discover commercial podcasts

Your first name is to assemble a massive listing of ability podcasts. There are some methods to try this. I endorse growing a clean spreadsheet, reading all of those procedures, and adding podcasts to every other on a chunk of paper.

seek Google

Google is your first-class buddy with regards to finding podcasts in your area of interest. Simply look for the high-quality podcasts in the enterprise and you’ll see a lot of lists. You could also see a carousel podcast inside the seek consequences.


in case you see a podcast that appears promising, upload it for your sheet. Write down the name of the podcast and its website.

3-list of podcasts

find Apple Podcasts

Open the Apple Podcasts app and discover your theme. In shows, press “show all” to peer all of the podcasts associated with your topic.


Write down all the promising podcasts in your worksheet.

opposite engineering of prolific podcasters

in case you know a prolific podcast guest in your enterprise, plug inside the homepage of their website in Ahrefs’ internet site researcher. Then select “specific URL” from the drop-down menu, visit one-way links file and filter out the consequences with an “episode” within the identify of the referral web page.


View consequences and add all applicable podcasts in your spreadsheet.

2. Test out the suggests

not all podcasts to your listing will be well worth presenting, and a few could be extra desired than others. That’s why checking is so vital, as you don’t want to waste time on incorrect pronounces.

here is a easy verification method:


it is first-class initially connection information, as you may automate this system the use of Ahrefs’ Batch analysis device. Surely paste sites out of your list, export the information, then reproduction and paste the domain rating (DR) facts and merge it along with your current listing.


DR indicates the relative energy of the web site’s back links profile as compared to different websites in our database. Therefore, hyperlinks from sites on web sites with a high stage of DR have a tendency to go away greater “authority”.

Podcasts with low DR sites do no longer need to be excluded from the list, but it is usually better to offer desire to people with excessive DR websites if links are your desire. To do this, type the listing with the aid of DR from maximum to lowest.


Now this is absolutely an instance of breaking through the list and ensuring the podcast is:

  1. links to guests.
  2. it is still running.

facet be aware.

the answer to the primary question for the podcasts you observed the use of Ahrefs website researcher.

If both are genuine, hold the podcast at the list. If no longer, take away it.


keep in mind that connections aren’t the most effective benefit of podcast website hosting. If you come upon one that is not associated with visitors, however has a massive audience, it could be worth introducing yourself – truly for exposure.

3. Present the indicates

The presentation of the display is quite easy. Comply with his login process or contact us via email and introduce your self as a guest.

always observe the utility manner if the show has one, as those who examine the pitch will possibly ignore the pointers of individuals who don’t realize a way to comply with simple instructions.

for instance, the TechSEO podcast has a visitor submission shape:

9-podcast submission form

It may not make a good deal sense to contact Dana (the co-host of the podcast) by using e-mail here, due to the fact he manifestly doesn’t want to receive pointers this way – and he likely might not need a guest who would not know how to follow basic instructions.

If the podcast does not have a sign-up process, you’ll need to locate the host’s e-mail deal with and call them this way (right here are six approaches to locate e mail addresses).

As for the pitch itself, everybody’s advice here could be a touch unique. But basic you’ll want to cover three W:

  • WHO? provide an explanation for who you are, who you work for, and so on.
  • why explain why you would be a very good podcast guest. Sell ​​yourself.
  • What? provide an explanation for what you want to speak about.

Don’t rip your “what” out of the air. This should be some thing this is possibly to draw the target market of the display, which has no longer been pointed out but and is in keeping with your expertise.

How to find podcast themes

If feasible, gift some thing you have already written or mentioned. You can then use this as notes for a podcast episode.

as an instance, if I were to show to the TechSEO podcast, it might make experience to present an episode about replica content. That is because the topic obviously attracts the target audience of the display and it’s miles something i’ve already written approximately.

And while reviewing her episode records, i discovered that the show didn’t appear to cowl this topic but:


expert recommendation

post guidelines in batches, as most hosts will not respond. If you could ship five to ten per week, you then need to be capable of create a reasonably steady movement of podcast performances.

4. Record a podcast

Recording a podcast is the easy component, as the host normally does maximum of the difficult paintings. You just have to show up in time and answer their questions.

right here are a few guidelines to make certain things pass smoothly:

  • put money into a first rate microphone
  • make certain you have got a stable internet connection
  • find a quiet region (no cafes)

it will normally be some weeks earlier than your episode is released. The host will likely allow you to realize when it’ll.

are you able to create links by way of hosting your own podcast?

yes. Podcasts often entice listener connections that point out visitors in their content material. Due to this, hosting a podcast is every other manner to potentially attract one-way links.

as an instance, if we encompass Authority Hackers website researchervisit nice via hyperlinks document and clear out the page with “#” within the titles, we see that pretty a few of his podcast episodes have attracted one way links.


side notice.

We use “#” as a fingerprint due to the fact Authority Hacker makes use of the # 000 layout for the episode wide variety inside the page name.

but, website hosting a podcast is lots of labor, so we don’t propose it only for the cause of constructing hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are an added gain.

final mind

Podcasts are a remarkable way to benefit extra links and exposure on your emblem. You may additionally mention different relevant content material at some point of the podcast to focus on it to a wider target market, which can cause even greater oneway links.

Do you have questions? Name me on Twitter.

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